Chicago A Long Way From Hawaii

The Ada Commishes are headed for Chicago Aug. 4 for the annual NACO conference.

That national county government group is the same one that met in Hawaii last year, causing a nationwide stir among indignant journalists and bloggers.

Justice will prevail this year as anyone who has been in the hot humid midwest city can attest. We don’t have the details of which local commishes and county officials are attending or how much it will cost.

After reading the GUARDIAN you can bet the mainstreamers will jump on this one–or county spinmeister Rich Wright will make a full disclosure through a press release.

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  1. Oh gasp. The Ada County Commissioners are getting some professional development time.

    Not news.

  2. Ohhh if only Boise had a quality convention center they could have brought people here…. But because of you Guardian that will probably never happen…. Next year they will probably have to Key West to their convention.

    I hear there is a great restaurant in Key West called… La Te Da… now where have I heard that name before????… This is all your fault Guardian

  3. Not really news, but what would be is that Judy Peavey Derr is a lame duck, why would she need to go to this?

  4. Porky, you give the Guardian more credit than it (he? she? it!) deserves. The issue isn’t about whether to have a convention center here, it’s about how to finance it. Why should the taxpayers foot any of the expense of a convention center, or any other business for that matter? Yeah, there might be some benefit to the community. You can say that about a thousand other businesses that want your money.

    If investors want to build a convention center in Boise, using their OWN money, they can. If it were a “sure thing”, they would have done so already. So why are they playing all these schmooze games with the politicians? Obviously because they aren’t all that confident a convention center would be profitable. So they want the taxpayers to take the risk.

    After all, who wants to go to a convention in Boise, when there are first tier cities like Chicago and Honolulu with more attractions?

  5. What you don’t think Judy needs a good vacation?

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