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MAYOR HOTLINE July 31 to Aug. 4th

Cat Rescue: My daughter rescued a cat from the pound. She was told that she had to reunite the pets with their owners when they’re lost. Well, come to find out the pound doesn’t check cats for chips so what’s the deal. Is this for the money? Hello, what’s wrong with this problem? Why con people to chipping their cats if they don’t check them when they come in?
Action Taken: HS checks all animals for chips

Daniel Evans
Vehicle Vandalism: I’ve got temporary housing at which the police are now filing a police report regarding vandalism against our California car. I don’t know if you have that problem in Boise with anti-California sentiments but I’m concerned. The crime took place on 1608 N. 12th St. near the Hyde Park area. We are in the process of escrow on a house here and we may have acted too soon. We are concerned for our safety here. We’ve heard things about Idaho anti-California attitudes and I don’t know how much of a problem it is but you ought to know about this one since it’s so current. The phone number over there is . Our California number is. Just thought you ought to know.
Action Taken: left msj

Kim Ackenerny
2007 N. 28th Street
Boise, ID 83703
Global Warming: My comment is that the Mayor signs the Seattle Mayor’s challenge to take local action to reduce global warming pollution. My question is has the Mayor seen the film an Inconvenient Truth? In an article I read in the Statesman he says he is unsure and thinks there is science on both sides. Maybe I’m confusing him with what Governor Jim Risch said. But my question is has he seen the movie an Inconvenient Truth? Hopefully as a public official he would have taken the time to do that; especially if he’s making a decision on something as crucial as agreeing to help reduce local pollution. In face of this heat wave we’ve gone through I’d think he would be motivated. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: sent response

Bob Crews
1357 E. Regatta St.
Boise, ID 83706
Cable One: Yes, first of all let me apologize for sending this to the Mayor when it probably doesn’t need to go to the Mayor. However, I don’t see any other channel readily available. So if whoever gets this could direct it to the appropriate party, I’d appreciate it. I have a complaint with Cable One television. Apparently they placed temporary cable at several homes in my neighborhood down here at the east end of Boise two or three months ago. A month or so ago I complained about them being there and they said they would be gone in 3 weeks. They are still there. I just spoke to another representative who basically told me under temporary rule they could leave it there as long as they wanted to. It’s a large orange cable running through my back yard, my neighbor’s back yard and several other houses in the neighborhood. I need someone I can talk to since the FCC doesn’t handle it, nor does the PUC. Is there an appropriate party within the City government that handles such things to ensure that property owners don’t have to stare at an orange ugly cable in their back yard for the entire summer while we are enjoying the summer? Give me a call at your earliest convenience or whatever department is responsible for that sort of thing, I’d appreciate it. Thank you for having at least a number available. Bye.
Action Taken: CableOne

Eleanor Jacobson
2819 Tamarack Drive
Boise, ID 83703
CE Address: I’m calling to get the address of the code enforcement and whoever is in charge of CE. I tried to call them and simply get a recording. I would like to get the address as soon as possible. Thank you.
Action Taken: Contacted

Danny Seamons
Floto Pharmacy
Robbery: He wanted to compliment two police officers for their perseverance in capturing the robber and acting so professional.

Anonymous: She’s been in many big cities and never seen them as dirty as Boise. There is trash everywhere. Especially on Overland between Orchard and Phillippi there is a lot of trash on the hillside. Aren’t there any laws about throwing trash out your windows? How about how many junk cars are allowed. Boise is a trashy city.

Jeanne Strozier-Wagner
1004 Glen Haven Place
Boise, ID 83705
Global Warming: I have read all there is about global warming and I’ve gone to the movie and the lecture that was at the Boise City club. I have been very concerned about this and feel we should be pro-active and do something. I was thinking the city could have its own. I know there are certain states and cities that are doing things to try to decrease the carbon dioxide level. I was hoping maybe the paper could run every week on a section to how you can help or the city could have a committee to work on global warming. Also, I would like to know if there is some sort of organization that I could join and be an active member to fight global warming and to disseminate more information about it. I think we could challenge the companies in town and which company has done the most for fighting global warming. I see tremendous amounts of what the City could do. I would hope that the city would take an active part. Please let me know if you will consider this and let me know where I can join and help out. Thank you.

Lori Tarte
Parking: She received a $100 ticket for parking in an on-street handicapped parking spot without a permit. She is from out of town and added money to the wrong meter, thinking it was for her spot. The ticket was received on Bannock between 8th and 9th Streets. She was upset to think she parked in a handicapped spot, and kept saying she has never done that before. She is in town until the 18th working at the Hampton Inn at Bodo. She would like to know if there is any leniency in this situation.

Micheline Bruyninckx
Graffiti: I’m calling to report graffiti at the corner of Park center and Beacon by the bridge. It’s on a big box that houses the electrical switches for the traffic light. There is some again on the same big box on the corner of Linden and Geckler in southeast Boise. It’s right by the preschool there. There’s another tagging on Boise Avenue and Geckler on the big electrical box. It says “SAB” over and over again. It’s so frustrating to see this happen in our neighborhood. I’ve lived here since 94’ and I’ve never seen graffiti but this summer I’ve seen more than I ever have. Thank you, goodbye.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Tracy Hoff
Graffiti: There is quite a lot of new graffiti under the Curtis Bridge near the Curtis and Ustick road intersection where the irrigation ditch goes under the Curtis road. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

John Surline
3312 Snowflake Way
Boise, ID 83706
Graffiti: I’m calling to report graffiti in the neighborhood. There is a large display of graffiti at Geckler and Linder and also on the stop sign at Geckler and Chickory Way. I think there is also some more by White Pine Elementary. If you have any questions, best way to reach me is at work. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Ken Blake
State Parks and Recreation
5657 Warm Springs Avenue
Graffiti: We take care of the greenbelt bathroom and there is graffiti that I wanted to report and a small amount of damage to the bathroom. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team BPR

Carol Kill Kenny
2794 S. Armada Place
Graffiti: This is ridiculous. I should be able to talk to a human being. You people in this fine state that we just moved into better get your act together. You’ve got graffiti going on in at least in Southeast Boise and I haven’t seen that for awhile. No one is doing anything about it. It’s been there for weeks. One of them is on Beacon and Park Center. The other one is over on Riverside School. Give me a spray can of white paint. I will go in and obliterate it. I see cops driving past it all the time and nobody does anything about anything around here. You people are out in la la land. I would like to speak to a human being. I see the crime going on and feel sorry for anyone who’s up here.
M/CC Graffiti Team

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  1. With all the big issues …and poor Carol Kill Kenny (sounds like a character from South Park) wants to talk to a “REAL PERSON” to report graffiti. Makes you scratch your head some.

  2. I’ve had a question for a long time. Why don’t any of these people get that can of white paint and cover the graffiti? You could do it about as fast as it took to chew out the mayor’s hotline. We all need to get involved in our neighborhoods. Don’t just stand back and complain. DO SOMETHING!

  3. I’ve taken upon myself to paint over some graffiti in my local area 3 times now this summer. However, I can’t do it all myself.

    What is this “graffiti team” listed as the forwarding recipient at the end of every transcripted graffiti complaint?

    I’ve offered up some solutions several times now and I’ll do it again:

    1) Look at the Reno program and copy it

    2) Pass an ordinance requiring property owners to clean it up within 72 hours or else a fine. Now that will raise some hackles, won’t it?

  4. Wow! I LOVE the Mayor’s Hotline! What a great public service the Guardian is providing!

    My favorites this week are the Gollyfornia transplant dude who’s thinking about going back due to the vandalism of his vehicle. While I’d encourage him to return to Gollyfornia, I can reassure him that like vandals everywhere, Boise’s vandals aren’t smart enough to distinguish between different license plates. (Besides, half the cars with Idaho plates are driven by people who moved here from Gollyfornia in the last 5 years or so.)

    Lori Tarte – the gal who got a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot – is prolly from Gollyfornia, too.

    And – I’m 100% with the people who want Team Dave to do something about Global Warming!!! Criminy – most of it originates within Boise’s city limits. (Particularly the hot air eminating from City Hall and the Courthouse.) If he’d just sign the paper, the problem would go away! (But seriously… do the hand-wringers realize that IF humans are contributing to global warming, it’s mostly caused by driving internal-combustion vehicles and manufacturing stuff? Are they ready to give that up? Are they willing to pay the price? I’m betting 95% of the people who went to see “An Inconvenient Truth” arrived in their gas-burning automobiles.)

  5. Perpetrators of graffiti must be dealt with severely. Graffiti is the best indicator there is that society is sliding into chaos. A small segment of society is telling the rest of us that they have no respect for anything.

  6. Rod said:

    Perpetrators of graffiti must be dealt with severely. Graffiti is the best indicator there is that society is sliding into chaos. A small segment of society is telling the rest of us that they have no respect for anything.

    Wow Rod, if graffiti is the best indicator that society is sliding into chaos, than what about teen pregnancy? How about the fact that people don’t care about one another anymore? You guys are all against graffiti and getting it taken care of, but have you gone out of your way to do anything about it? boisecynic has, but I bet you haven’t done a single thing other than complain on this forum. I don’t know about you guys, wait yeah I do, but some graffiti are beautiful works of art. Society isn’t crumbling because of someone spraypainting a wall. Society is crumbling because people don’t care, as well as people care about too much stupid stuff to see what’s really important.

  7. I liked the one where the lady complained that Boise is so “trashy” as in litter. She said she’s been in a lot of cities and never saw one as trashy as Boise.

  8. Daniel: No, I think it was just the usual anti-human sentiment that crops up from time to time. Or a night of heavy drinking around Hyde Park, as some other poster mentioned in another hotline article.

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