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Mayor Hotline August 7-11


Nancy Shallat
1417 N. 12 Street
BPD: This is the 6th time this summer that I have had damage from drinkers at Hyde Park who come back at midnight drunk. My vehicle has $3,000 damage. It’s not a misdemeanor; it’s not vandalism, a felony! I had the crime unit down here. Someone stomped the roof, kicked the windshield in, and took a claw hammer to the door. My neighbors this summer threw a brick in the truck, rammed in the back end in of the truck, damaged another truck, and killed this guy’s cat across the street. I have lived here for 20 years, 10 years ago no damage at all on 12th and Alturas. This has been consistently, since the drinking is open to way past midnight and they are coming down with bottles of beer. The bottom line is they should be shut at 11:00pm. It is not serving our neighborhood. This commercial district is in the service of our neighborhood and it is no longer serving us. When I have $3,000 worth of damage on my vehicle and there is no way they can find out who did it. I am a minimum wage worker. I have two minimum wage jobs. I’m a single parent and I cannot afford to dish out $3,000 for my son to get back and forth to work so he can help support himself. This is outrageous. There is no reason that we should have to put up this damage on 12th and Alturas because down where Elaine Clegg lives on the 100 district of 12th street, nothing happens. They do not have that damage. We have people drunk out of Hyde Park just for the hell of it. They didn’t steal the speakers or cd players. They just went and stomped the hell out of my car so no, this district, Hyde Park, Parilla Grill, the Garage, where you just go and get slammed drunk, which is not serving my neighborhood. This is not serving my house, my house across the street. I have talked to our neighborhood officers, and there’s no way they can be here after midnight until 3am and watch the drunks leave. They have targeted Parilla Grill and that has not worked. I have talked to them twice and they have targeted them watching for people who are drunk leaving. That doesn’t work having the police sit there and using a neighborhood task force. What works is lets close down. There is no reason someone should be in my neighborhood drunk after 11pm. Because then at 11 I can still be awake and watch for the safety of my house and my son.
Action Taken: BPD

Mike Tanfield
Brittany Place
Loss of Power: Mr.Tanfield is a tenant at the apartment that caught on fire. At that time power was cut to the apartment. He has been told by the fire department that it can be turned back on but the power company has not done so. He has tried contacting the property manager, Northwest Equity but has been unsuccessful he is desperate to get power restored.
M/CC Fire
Action Taken: BFD

Truman Keith
1006 E. Jefferson St.
Boise 02
ACHD: He contacted the Mayor’s office concerned about the deterioration of the alley behind his house. Due to remodels and infill it is a dustbowl. He contends ACHD is supposed to require the contractors to be bonded for this type of thing. ACHD has told him that true but they don’t follow up or enforce this requirement. He was also told that although ACHD used to maintain the alleys w/ leftover road mix etc. they have discontinued this practice and the alley is full of potholes etc. He wants the City of Boise to talk to ACHD about maintenance.
Action Taken: ACHD

Dallas Turner
3312 Crescent Rim Dr
Boise, ID 83702
Billboard: I’m calling to complain about this sign on the connector on 15th. It’s a big billboard that changes pictures about every 10-20 seconds. It must have just gone up last week. I can sit up here in my living room and at night all you see is this huge billboard with flashing colors. I’d like to know how that got by when a couple years ago that car wash on Front St was taken down because they said it was dangerous. People were reading the advertisements and this is the exact same thing. How did that get in? It’s quite obnoxious. From my viewpoint you’ll see a few lights after dark and then this huge bright billboard that changes colors. I’m just curious about that. Thank you.

Anonymous: Gentleman came in to complain that there seems to be vagrants and homeless people camping on the dirt strip between 11th St. and Myrtle and Miller. They are living in their cars and campers and it seems more pronounced during the weekend.

Stillman Anderson
11337 Aldershot Drive
Boise, ID 83709
Dust: It’s now 25 past seven on 8/8/06 and we have had a windstorm. We are not able to see 15 ft from the back wall of our house to the fence outside from all the dust flying out of Rivendell Estates. When that subdivision was approved there was some verbage about maintaining dust control. The owner is not taking care of that. I would appreciate a call back and some assistance from the City. Thanks.
Called hotline twice
Action Taken: PDS

Bryce Peppard
PO Box 3392
Nampa, ID 83653
PDS: I would like to address the code enforcement policy. The ordinance states that all obnoxious weeds are supposed to be referred to Ada County Weed and Gopher. So I called the gal at Boise City CE to talk to them about some goat heads. I thought it was crazy that the CE Officer for the City of Boise was not qualified to enforce the weeds law within the City of Boise. I think it’s crazy that there’s a separation there. I know trash, old cars, and appliances are enforced by the officers but they can also encompass the weed problem. There are a lot of goat heads this year and it seems there is a lot of it on city owned property and you can get that taken care of by the City Code Enforcement Officers. But, get it done City! There’s no reason why your city enforcement officers shouldn’t be able to deal with these problems. It’s an inefficient use of tax base. Thanks for your time.
sent M/CC postcard

Carolyn Klein
11114 Hickory Dr.
Boise 83713
ACHD support: This is a short message for the Mayor. I think he does not live in West Boise. It’s too bad that ACHD is going to have to sue the city in order to get 5 lanes on Ustick. Try driving there. Perhaps at 2am it’s ok but other than that if you’d like to wait for three signals to get through Ustick and Maple Grove then fantastic. You’ve got the right road. I really think you ought to think ahead. I’m sorry for the folks that live on Ustick but when they opened 5 Mile, we had more traffic. Its takes more time to get out of the subdivision. But that’s growth. I wish you would reconsider. Let ACHD do their job. Thank you.
sent M/CC postcard

Helen Wasson
4601 Shirley Ave
Boise 06
Neighbor: She called to say the neighbor living behind her is a Mr. Christopher Mitchell at 4614 Collister. He owns some type of landscaping business and is running heavy equipment and “scrapers” day and night on his property and the dust he kicks up and the noise he makes are bad. Several of the neighbors have complained as well.
Action Taken: M/O contacted her as well as CE

Eve McAnany
4800 Franklin
Boise, ID 83705
Suggestion: She lives on Franklin where they have 3 lanes and it seems to be working very well with traffic. She suggested that we use a monitoring system out on Ustick to monitor traffic. That way we could gather the amount of traffic and see if 3 lanes would be sufficient. (EDITOR NOTE–This has been done.)
sent M/CC Postcard

Bike Suggestion: Riding a bicycle has got to be a big help with Boise air quality. There are herds of us out there going to work, running errands, just plain exercising on our bicycles. My biggest problem while biking is not vehicle traffic but sprinklers. Not the small homeowner type either. This morning there was the park behind the Boise West Y, the entire Boise Research Center and two schools. I never see any lawn personnel around which leads me to believe all this water is turned on automatically. Why can’t the city encourage all business and public agencies to water at 4 or 5 in the morning? This would be a more bicycle friendly approach. Thank You

Mr. Ken Wieneke
Marcliff Ave
Mosquitoes: He is very concerned about the road work that is occurring on Chinden Blvd. ITD has plastic sheeting over some of the roadwork. It has turned into a green slime pond. With the outbreak of West Nile he would like
someone to drain it.
Action Taken: ITD

Pam Wells
Malad 05
Mosquitoes: She owns a daycare on an acre of property. The reason she is successful is because she has plenty of room for the children to play. She doesn’t want to just keep them inside all the time nor does she want to use DEET if there are other alternatives. She wants to know what the Mayor is doing about this West Nile outbreak. There has been no information released about what is being done besides the media information about it being in the area.
Action Taken: contacted her

Teresa Lewis
5537 N. Rivulet Way
Bright Lights: There is a Money Tree being built on the corner of Glenwood and State St. There are now lights in their parking lot. They are so bright they shine through her curtained windows. She has not been able to speak with the owners because it is still being built. Can something be done to contain the light?

Norma Ellison
9390 Ustick Road, #52
Boise, ID
Ustick Widening: I’m calling to protest the widening of Ustick Road. We’ve lived here 31 years and it’s been mostly a homeowner’s neighborhood. I’m sorry these people have such a long commute west of town but that’s their problem. They moved out there. We do not need another Fairview Avenue which it would turn out to be. I just wonder how the ACHD people would like a Fairview Avenue past their home. I just want to oppose this widening. Thank you.
M/CC sent postcard

Wayne Crawford
11832 W. Alford Street
Boise, ID 83716
Ustick Widening: I am calling in regards to the Ustick Road expansion. I think the Mayor and City Council need to stay out of ACHD’s business. The other day I went from my house to the corner of Ustick and Cole and back and it took me over an hour to travel that short distance. We need that road and you are just barking up the wrong tree. Thank you.

Bill Heath
361 Charlwood Court
Boise, ID 83706
Street Lights: I’m a Neighborhood Watch Chairman in Lakewood and we’re having trouble getting the people that manage the street lights to fix one of them in our neighborhood. Who do I complain to? They tell me the light is working perfectly and I know better. The light is just outside my front door and I know it’s been off at least a week, maybe longer. They tell me it’s working perfectly. The number I called is 384-3744 and the pole number is 21468B. I’d appreciate some action please. Thank you.

Ustick Widening: I’m appalled that ACHD filed a lawsuit. It is costing the city legal fees to stick up for the citizens of this neighborhood who don’t want Ustick Rd. widened. I apologize that it is costing so much but thank you for sticking up for us.

PDS: Isn’t the planning and zoning department getting paid enough that they have to be paid under the table by these stinking developers. We don’t need another library downtown, we’ve already got one. How much are the developers paying planning and zoning anyway?

Janice Kirkpatrick
3350 Collister Dr
Apt 309
Boise, ID 83703
Noise Complaint: I have a complaint for a noise that is going on. I live in a very sophisticated complex on Collister across from Terry’s bar here on Collister and State St. There are people that come there and leave between 12 and 3am driving their motorcycles and revving their motors waking up the people who live here. We have 50 people in this building. Some are very disabled and I have called the police twice and called the bar 3 times. No one seems to want to do anything about it and I thought there was a noise ordinance in Boise. I don’t believe that having some one sit out and rev their motor on a motorcycle from different hours of the night from 12 into 3 at night. It’s that way three of four times a week. I can’t seem to get anyone to do anything about it. I realize the police are busy and I don’t expect them to sit there and wait but they have told me if I wanted to go out and sit and wait until the person comes out of the bar with a license number and give it to them, they would approach the person. If that person gave them any problem then I could file a complaint against them. I don’t feel at my age that it is my duty to do this. There are many people here that complain but they won’t complain to the police. I’m going to tell them I have given this complaint to you. I would really appreciate some help with this to see if you could do anything about getting this stopped over here. I don’t want to cause problems but I just want to have them be considerate enough of the old people in this apartment building to have this stopped as soon as possible. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Bob Stewart
1326 Broadway
Graffiti: I own Busters Restaurant on Broadway. I’d like to report graffiti in the Alley of Del Taco next to Busters. It’s all over the fence. I’ve reported this before and I’ve never heard back if it’s gotten done. Now there is a lot back there. Let me know if I can do anything. I appreciate your help. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

1736 Broadway
Boise, ID 83706
Graffiti: We’ve had some graffiti twice on the back of our building. It happened last week and this weekend it was all over on the back of the building. It’s in the alley. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Lyle Fisher
350 E. Elwood Lane
Boise, ID
Graffiti: I went out for my walk this morning and in between White Pine School and Timberline there is a lighted crosswalk and some scum decided to paint the signal box there with a bunch of graffiti and I didn’t know who else to get a hold of. If I had the paint they use on that, I’d do it myself but anyway, it’s on Linden Street. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Ruth Neal
Graffiti: I’m a volunteer for the BPD on the greenbelt and I had called once before about graffiti that was on a bridge. If there’s a number that’s better for me to call, let me know. But in the meantime this is what I have. There are two different graffiti taggings that have appeared on the greenbelt on the north side. The first one is under the capitol street underpass and it says “Dillinger” in black paint with a heart and “SA”. The next one is heading west under the 9th street bridge on the north side of the greenbelt was just the heart and “SA”. Like I said, if there was number that would be better to call, let me know. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

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  1. When I read the Hotline, I feel sorry for people.

    I feel sorry for the poor lady who’s car gets damaged by drunken idiots in the Hyde Park area.

    I feel sorry for the poor folks who get awakened by punks on loud motorcycles at 3am. (Most likely the same juvenile delinquents who vandalize cars and leave their foul graffiti all over creation.) Who can’t identify with THAT?!!

    But I also feel a twinge of sympathy for the mayor and his staff. I s’pose they’re asking for it, though, since they have a hotline. I mean… he gets calls for every person’s every woe! If ACHD doesn’t do their job (or if they DO, obviously, in some cases), Team Dave takes heat. If a light is burned out, Team Dave. Graffiti? Team Dave. If the skeeters are bitin’? Team Dave. IS THERE ANY PROBLEM THAT TEAM DAVE CAN’T SOLVE????

  2. Bikeboy- Maybe Team Dave is trying to please more and more people to offset the constitiuents that he pissed off in the first half of his administration.

    6,000 from the SE Boise annexation and 10,000 plus from the 10 Commandment issue. Add in another couple of thousand for various other issues and Team Dave has some catchin up to do.

    So one spray can or one appeasement at a time, Dave will get it done. I sure appreciate the Guardian for publishing the Hotline. Just another way for all of us native Idahoan’s to get a chuckle.

  3. junkyard dog
    Aug 18, 2006, 9:09 am

    Publishing the hotline IS a terrific public service…and it’s pretty obvious that we are seeing a breakdown of civility in Boise. Trashy properties and trashy behavior; it’s time for Boise to shelve that “anything goes” mentality and starting enforcing the ordinances that protect its citizens from this kind of impact.

    I myself am fed up with the grafitti that doesn’t get covered up, fed up with my neighbors that have let their weeds grow waist high, fed up with the junked cars, exposed dumpsters or the lack of ’em, littered streets, illegal parking, noxious weeds, blocked streets & sidewalks, and overoccupied rentals. I’m also tired of calling the police every weekend because yet another neighbor is having a party at 2am that I can hear INSIDE my house with the windows SHUT.
    And the city wonders why we don’t like infill?

    Personally I think more people should call that hotline. The Mayor and his staff need to hear how the citizens of Boise feel about the lack of enforcement.

  4. What a mess… When you deal with the public you’re going to get everything. But then, that goes with the job of being Mayor.

    It isn’t that the Mayor gets problems to deal with, it’s how well he and his team deal with them. That’s when they begin to earn their money.

    It’s when they forget who they are working for that worries me and we’ve seen some of that too.

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