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I Wanna See Flames

Reader JOHN offers up a dope award nomination for Channel 7 reporter Ysabel Bilbao.

“I have a nomination for a new category of dope award–The Golden Dope. Go to KTVB.COM. Search for Bilbao under the video on demand.

Watch ‘Fire crews work to save Silver Creek Plunge’.

Yep, She actually says she hopes the flames flare back up while she was on the air.

And this after she did an emotional interview with the owner of the Silver Creek Plunge. How insensitive!”

Don’t know about insensitive. We suspect she was more concerned about “good video” than thinking about what she was saying. She even said it was “a pity” the flames died down. Nonetheless she is the latest winner of the coveted GUARDIAN Dope Reporter award–our first in several months.

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  1. I am glad someone else saw that and agreed with me that she was WRONG! I screamed at the tv!

    Me thinks she has MANY more MORON awards in her future 🙂

  2. Local woman or Evil Californian? I’ll go for the latter. Either way, she is the Golden Dope winner in my book.

  3. Local girl…

  4. I just wanna hear the conversation that took place in her earpiece immediately after uttering that she hoped the flames would flare back up. I expect it was worth the price of admission!

  5. Was just that she was airing a live shot of nothing…..probably had producer jumping up and down because of bad location….. a live shot of a non event. Ever have a bad day anyone?

  6. J–
    “She was airing a live shot of nothing…a live shot of a non event.”
    Does the opening of yet another retailer in the valley qualify as a non event?

  7. Mr. L – no, the opening of yet another retailer in the valley is a “let’s please a potential advertiser” event . To the public it does not appear to be an event, but is to the media dogs who really just want the advertising dollars.
    I guess we need to define the term “event” …
    1. something that happens or is perceived as happening.

    PERCEIVED appears to be the key word here.

  8. Re Slim Jim’s comment:
    Well, he’s probably right, but my reaction as I read The Spaceman’s massive output on Cabela’s was: Well, that outfit’s not going to have to by any ads for a *long* time. No ad budget in the world could get them the publicity they got for free.

    Guess we’ll see.

  9. Have lived near and enjoyed Cabela’s in the past…. The Disiney World of “Man Stores” is now right down the street!!! Real first class outfit folks, but bring your checkbook and it’s bad news for the mom & pop.

  10. There’s some fun to be had here. Maybe Bilbao just enjoys fires and was disappointed that ” hers” went out. Maybe she got mad because she was losing her chance to be a channel 7 ” talking head” regardlesss of how much misery that fire might have caused other people.maybe she figured well ” I’m such an important reporter people will ignore my irrational commments ” that darn the fire went out before I got here.Either way ” Golden Dope” it is, and most well deserved Bilboa..

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