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MAYOR HOTLINE August 28 to 31

Mosquito Spraying: Hi, I am a concerned citizen of Boise Idaho. Recently moving here from the state of Ohio, I had more confidence in the wisdom of the people of Boise than to spray a dangerous chemical to kill the mosquito population around people and animals where it can be deadly. I surely hope that we the people of Idaho would learn from the mistakes of Louisiana and Florida before the environmental deterrent takes place from the long term exposure of this chemical. If you would look at the MSBS sheet of the particular chemical that is going to be sprayed you will see how dangerous it really is. I just wanted to express my concern, that’s all. Thank you, and have a great day.
M/CC Ada County

Jennifer Evans
5796 N. Brooklet
Billboard Complaint: I’ve noticed that a big billboard went up on the connector. I had heard that they were revamping the sign code. I was thinking that if they revamp the sign code that this kind of stuff would not be allowed. As you come in on the connector into Boise you used to be able to have a beautiful view of the Capital dome. That billboard now totally infringes on that view. I’ve noticed it earlier in the summer and when I came down to the City Market this morning, the Farmers Market, and I noticed that it is now electric and so I wondered, I just thought it was a shame that this is kind of a gateway into the city and this big huge billboard is there. So I wondered how the sign code has changed and how that was allowed to go up. I noticed on the other side that the lottery billboard was there, and the lottery billboard used to be up against a building where it didn’t really infringe on anything from the other side and it was kind of nice you could always get your information, but it was up against that climbing business as you are headed west on the right side of the connector. So, anyway, my question was how that gets approved with the new sign code. I was under the impression that it was getting revamped. So, that just really shocked me that a billboard that high and electric would be allowed and in the place where it was allowed. If someone would get back to me I’m happy to follow up in any way, I’d appreciate it very much. Thank you.
Action Taken: sent letter

1306 N 26th
BPR: Has an overhanging limb over her house. She’s had two bouts of cancer and it’s been a concern to her. It’s my understanding that if you call in that the city can do something about that overhang. It’s a stress point with her, she had a tree in the back yard that cracked and hit the house next door. I’m sure that any time a tree hits a building that creates a problem in peoples’ minds. The limb overhanging her house is a concern to. My name is Miles, my address 1306 N. 26th. I’d like to see something done with that limb over Barbara’s house. Thank you very much. M/CC BPR
Action Taken: Forestry

Kristine Wilson
3318 N. Cole Road
Boise, ID 83704

PDS: I own the property at 3318 N. Cole Rd. It is a home that has been converted into an office. I am a counselor with a private practice. My neighbor to the north side of me has chosen to put a sign up on his side of the fence that reflects only into my parking lot and his backyard. It’s a campaign sign and in my business we are to be non-partisan because of our fear of influence over our patients. I would appreciate it if you would call me on this matter. Thank you very much.

Jay Pease
11969 W. Bronte Way
Walden Pond Subdivision
PDS: I’m calling about Rivendell subdivision which is in progress right now which lies geographically between Brook Hollow and present Walden Pond subdivision. This Rivendell will be Walden Pond size. The fifth phase of this construction process. I have a great concern about the plat and the arrangement of housing in this new Rivendale subdivision. The developer is Ron Blazer. We have had numerous go rounds with him in the city council and we’ve had litigation also. He has proposed a subdivision which Brook Hollow and Walden Pond have opposed his layout of this proposed subdivision. Right now he is scheduled to be building 75 single family dwellings. And that has been approved by compromise and mutual consent between Brook Hollow and Walden Pond. What he’s doing also is adding 5 new duplexes in the northwest subdivision. This was not a part of the agreement between Walden Pond, Blazer, and Brook Hollow the common agreement did not include these new duplexes. It’s also in direct opposition to what the Boise city council has approved. He is sneaking them in and Boise city council needs to know about this because it’s not legal and he’s not following the dictates or the instructions of the city council of what he can and can’t do on his property. So this is my major concern and it’s a concern of many, many others here in the Walden Pond subdivision because his traffic density is going to become horrendous the main route into Walden Pond 5 Rivendale will be Bronte Dr. and it will turn a residential street into a freeway. That is our major concern because of children on the street and pets and what have you. Anyway that’s all I have to say. This man, this Ron Blazer if flying in the face of city council directives and I think the council needs to know about that. Thank you for listening.
Action Taken: contacted

BPD: This is a neighborhood traffic concern. I do wish to remain anonymous on this call but I have contacted the area police department and the University of Boise parking enforcement regarding this matter. I reside at the apartments on campus just at the end of W. Boise Ave, the Village Apartments. Coming into the entrance of the apartment building on the right hand side, there is a sign posted up there that says no parking beyond this spot, and there are continuously three four cars at a time parked on this corner, which blocks the view of traffic coming down West Boise Ave. Towards the Vista, University exits. We have tried calling the Boise Police Dept; they have sent us over to BSU parking enforcement. BSU Parking has told us that this is not a BSU matter that it is a city matter because it is city property. We have gotten nothing but the runaround while continuously having these cars parked out there blocking our view of oncoming traffic coming down the street. I really think that something needs to be done. This is an extreme traffic hazard. I’ve almost gotten into an accident twice myself regarding this incident, and have actually had a friend of mine involved in a minor traffic accident while pulling out of here, because she could not see the oncoming traffic coming down West Boise Ave. toward University. Once again I would like to remain anonymous but I would like this issue looked into either by BSU parking enforcement or by the City Police Dept. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day.
Action Taken: BPD

Karen Lockhart
PDS: I’m calling concerning the runoff from the Crescent Rim condos to the Ann Morrison Park. I ‘m calling to say that I think that the Crescent Rim Condos should be required to have the water collected on sight. And not allow it to go down into the park. Thank you.

H. Scott Brown
9340 Bienapfl Drive.
BPD: Yes Mayor and city councilmen, very specifically Jim Tibbs and Vern Bisterfeldt. I have witnessed over the last three years as the City of Boise has taken over the enforcement of law at BSU football games. The parking on University Drive, North side especially, has been increasingly worse and they’ve been parking there for three days and four days, especially during the Idaho game. I don’t believe that it’s within the law to park there for two or three days. Then they turn around and they take our space, the little space we have, on University grounds, and I paid $450 for my R.V. space there and have since they raised it from $50 dollars to $450. I would like you to please enforce the law and maybe even look at how much of an emergency it would be like it was at the Idaho game when fire trucks and ambulances couldn’t get thru there very easily because of those vehicles parked on University Dr. Especially on the North side, where they infringe on my rights which we have paid for. Thank you very much Mayor and City Council members.

Mary Murphy
4806 W. Victory Rd.
Wrecking Yard: My complaint is we are within city limits we have got some people that have moved in across the street from us. There are about a dozen cars, they don’t run half the time, they’ve got a bunch out front and a bunch out back. There are renting a place that belongs to the city. We were wondering who we could call to complain to. We are not able to have any wrecked or disabled cars. They’re supposed to be working on them and selling them or something. This is not a wrecking yard. We’ve had them out here before but then the state took them out. Then now the people have moved into the house, they have about 8 cars, there’s a moving van out in front of their house and we want it taken care of. They have to move. The house belongs to the city and we don’t know who to contact. If you could call us back or get a hold of somebody we’d like to get it taken care of right away. Thank you, bye, bye.
Action Taken: contacted for address

Jodi Sutterfield
2124 Grant Ave.
Graffiti: This morning and yesterday morning I noticed that there was what appeared to be graffiti and red spray paint on the water box at the Dirty Harry’s car wash on the corner of Dundee and Broadway. So if maybe they haven’t noticed it yet or what the deal is but I thought I’d let you know.
M/CC Graffiti

Chris Bolton
3512 N. Tumbleweed
Boise, ID 83713
Graffiti: About a week ago, the big green electrical box on the side of our house was tagged with graffiti. One of the graffiti letters were “QA”. I noticed down the street a neighbor of mine has QA on his yellow garage door or side door, whatever it is. But we have a couple of taggers out here on Tumbleweed. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Jan and Andy Peterson
3361 Forsythia
Graffiti: Hello, We’ve noticed some graffiti at 28th and Hill Rd that needs to be painted out, it’s in stencil and it reads my…. Stolen…. pride …. We’d appreciate it back in gray color again. We also noticed some graffiti outside the new apartment today at 13th and River St. on the N. W. side of the intersection, of a tree trunk. We’d appreciate you painting that over too. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

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  1. Motorcycles today were well over the state limits of 94 db, they now think its ok to drive 80-100 MPH down 28th. Look, we have all made investments in our homes and we have the right to be protected from abuse like this. We ask our officials to set the stage – make it public and go after every offender that thinks it cool to break the law. We love scooters and even big bikes as long as they are used in a sensible way. There are many more voters on the quiet side who would like to see some change, some action – proactive.

    Give us a little support – give us a break and we promise to keep our neighborhoods in good shape.


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