Oregon Trail Pit Stop

The “Oregon Trail Trailhead” at the Highway 21 Bridge near Diversion Dam will soon be the site of a $317,000 imported people poop RV dump facility–thanks to a grant to Ada County from the Idaho Parks Department.

The site already has an $80,000 interpretive sign donated 12 years ago by the J.R. Simplot Company. Soon the RV sanitary waste disposal will be constructed to capture what the motor home crowd took to the hills and brought back in a different form. It is intended to serve the recreational corridor from Stanley to Boise that apparently has no facility to off load toilet tanks.

The grant is to also cover rest rooms for domestic deposits and a “day use” area. Today’s covered wagons are much faster than the original models, but when it comes to the occupants, it’s all the same in the end.

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  1. I think it’s a great idea for two reasons and a bad idea for one reason: 1) Tourist friendly is a good thing as we do make some bank off these folks here in Ideho. 2) Where do you think they’ve been dumping up until now? (hint, have you ever noticed when you find a nice quaint spot to stop along the roadside….it smells like poop right?) The bad is it’s an over-priced government operation that could be contracted to the private sector with some operational mandates. Gotta wonder if it’s a dry flush type?? HeeHee

  2. junkyard dog
    Sep 10, 2006, 8:26 am

    I was waiting for some bad puns to start rolling in….

    but truthfully, with the cost of things the way they are these days, I’m not surprised at the price tag. After all, it’s not just an RV dump going in, but includes surface work for a day use area and some restrooms.

    Without trying to sound crude, I lost my appetite for picking wild berries years ago after discovering that people were using the Elderberry bushes overlooking the Old Toll Road as porta potties. I would say this project was way overdue.

    EDITOR NOTE–We agree. We even chided the county spin meister for his lenghty and serious account and asked, “how can we work in, “imported people poop” in that story, but as usual we did!

  3. I wasn’t sure how to respond to this at first but I’ve accepted it. Realistically, a good portion of the folks using this are locals, myself being one of them. As much as I like to bash tourists, particularly those from the silly state, locals spend just as much time in them thar hills. I think it’s a good idea. I for one will use the facility.

  4. I love it when The government spends gobs of money so rich people can get rid of their waste.

    Is RVee use going up so fast in Idaho that it requires a new “state of the art” or is it “world class”, cess pool to be built? Ever check out what one of those motorized RVees cost? What does it cost per night to stay in a RVee if you calculate cost of ownership, gas, storage, repair etc. Who will use it when gas is $4.00/gal? Are they going to charge to dump your pee and poo? Who are we going to name it after? I don’t think RVeers spend that much money in small town Idaho.

    They stock up at Wal-Mart and head out so they don’t have to spend money in Council and Challis. Last time I had breakfast at a small town cafe I saw no RVees. Parking them makes it too far to walk. That’s why they usually pull another car behind them. I’ve lived in Idaho almost my whole life and I don’t pick berries by the side of the road. My grandma taught me that. She did let me pee on the nearest bush on road trips. I’ll try and be more thoughtful of the roadside berry pickers now.

    EDITOR NOTE–The $312,000 from Idaho Parks and Rec is from RV tax, so they paid in advance.

  5. We should appreciate these people and welcome them here with open arms.
    Whether they are in a tent trailer, truck camper, towable, or one of those huge motor homes, they spend a lot of money here. The cost, when you compare it to a nice hotel and eating all your meals out, is about 1/2 the cost plus they get to see our beautiful state. Now for the most important part.

    They come here, enjoy the scenery, and hopefully the people, then they go home to the silly states. If all we have to do is supply a spot for them to leave their “poop” we are much better off. Financially and socially!

  6. Cyclops–Not only should we appreciate these people, for the most part they are us. The Guardian hinted at that when he said they take stuff to the fills and bring it back in a different form.

    Also, the Guardian was just “directing us to the restrooms,” not looking for a vote as far as I could tell. He does seem preoccupied with poo, however.

  7. Thanks Guardian,
    I feel better about the poo pit knowing the pooers are paying for it instead of us non RVeers getting pooed on. Will the effluent go directly into the river or will it go the the sewer before going into the river? Poo farm?
    I still say most RV owners are dropping their $$ at Wal-Mart.

    EDITOR NOTE–You may not be aware, but Wal-Mart offers FREE PARKING to homeless and RVers in their parking lots nationwide. I had a friend who was simply going from point A to B and stgayed at Wal-Mart each night.

  8. John asks a good question: Where does the poo go?

    Currently the sewer line does not extend that far. Is the county going to extend it?

    In the absence of a sewer line, and to get a better deal from Ada County than they would from Boise City, the developer for “The Cliffs” on the plateau above the poo station intends to build their own treatment plant. They will then dump their effluent into the Boise River a mile or so upstream of Barber Park! Lucky floaters.

    If they extend the line for one, wouldn’t it make sense to the participation of the other? Is it too much to ask for a little consistency? Or, do we set a lower standard for the development community?

    EDITOR NOTE–Poo station is on the other side of the river (south) and there may have been big a coincidence between an $80,000 donation for a Kiosk and new development in that area 12 years ago.

  9. Plus the fact that rich peoples poo doesn’t stink.
    The Barber Park floaters will actually be getting more for their money. Lets all welcome another great Boise improvement.

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