Anger In North Idaho

Folks in Bonner County were a little smug when the Commishes rolled back property values to the previous year’s rates following big value hikes issued by the local assesor.
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In short, the Commishes simply overruled the assessor on appraised values for the ENTIRE COUNTY–not just individual parcels while sitting in their capacity as Board of Equalization to rule on any complaints.

In the realm of unforseen consequences, the Idaho Tax Commission stepped in and applied a blanket tax hike using a TRENDING system that jumped the rates right back up and then some, but with NO APPEAL.

Owners can appeal their local assessment hikes, but there is no appeal of taxable values set by the state in this unusual case.

From a personal standpopint, here is how it played for GUARDIAN READER “GMan.”

So here in the “rich” north, we have this wonderful thing happening to our property values and our taxes. I came home today, and after the County screwing up the annual assesment they took it to Boise, then the State assessors wave their magic wand and assess our houses and say that we are stuck with the assessment for the next year….from $140, 493 to $265, 888 in one year…I don’t give a crap if my property even were worth that (which is isn’t, not by a long shot). HOW THE HELL CAN ANY #$%&* ASSESSOR OR POLITICIAN IN HIS RIGHT MIND THINK THIS IS OKAY? We are trying to stay and live here, not flip our property.

The reality of this is that my taxes just went up more than double even with the increase in the homeowners exemption. Oh look, AND I get to pay more when shopping. I don’t mind paying my fair share, but this is just BS! I’m sick of watching my neighbors on fixed income FORCED to move out of the area because of the @#$&* money grabbing SOBs that are running this State, yah that means BOTH the Dems and the Reps.

Schools mean nothing in this state, the roads suck so I have A Jeep– let the roads go further to hell, what else are you providing me? I’m out in the boonies, I never see a cop, I was told that if there were a fire out here the forest service would put out the trees but not my house, anything medical…I PAY FOR IT.

Come Monday, I’ll be looking for a class action lawyer and finding out what it will take to duplicate what they did in CA with Prop 13.

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  1. BoiseCitizen
    Sep 10, 2006, 1:25 pm

    Nothing will happen without a change of the political landscape. Like it or not, the Republicans have been in control of this state for over 10 years. As long as people refuse to send the legislators packing, there is NO incentive for them to change the laws regarding property taxes. Or anything else for that matter. Will Idahoans wake up to that fact or will they keep the status quo? It will be interesting to see what happens in November.

  2. GMan’s got it exactly right.

    Now if a few thousand of the more apathetic Idahoans who put up with whatever crap the politicos feed us would just get as angry as GMan, maybe we could finally dump all the SOBs who don’t give a damn about average folks so long as they and their rich friends keep getting more, more more!

    And what kind of a moron Legilsature ever passed a law that lets the state overrule the county on county taxes?

    I guess it’s still illegal to lynch politicians (though I can’t figure out why), so let’s recall ’em all — dump ’em out and start over.

    EDITOR NOTE– Gordon is moderating his views. Previously he advocated tar and feathers.

  3. The apathetic Idahoans Gordon refers to, are the ones willing to put up with this bunch year after year. They are the core voters the Republicans count on. Watch, the R,s will roll out the “Democrats are going to take your guns” lie, “prayer in the schools” lie, “abortion on demand” lie, “terrorists invading our streets” lie, “gays doing whatever” lie, ” environmentalists causing the recession” lie, and then they will drop the price of gas to $2.25 just before the election so we can all jump on our ATVees and drive our SUVees all we want if we keep them in office. G-man, prepare for more of the same because we like it that way.

  4. Dearest BC, A change of political parties is like changing from one cheap beer to another. Both taste like crap and cause upset. Who you trying to fool?

    I once sat on a plane next to a political leader who thought I was from out of town. She told me in as many words that “many of the people in her district need her because they are too simple to know what’s good for themselves.”

    I think if one can buy a car or a house over the internet, I sure as heck don’t need her making choices for me. Representative govenment was invented at a time when information traveled at the speed of a horse. Time for a shakeout. Even Jefferson indicated this was needed every few years.

    The problem, my dear well intended friend, is the empty character of too many of the people in power, not their party affiliation. A good religious man is a good religious man no matter the book he holds.

  5. We need to listen EXACTLY what gman said. Not just the snippets of what we choose to use that reinforces our point. He speaks of BOTH republicans and democrats!
    I have realized that when the oath of office is administered, there is some secret potion given to the newly elected.

    I call it the “AOEO” virus. It stands for the “Arrogance of Elected Office” Some how these jerks automatically believe that they know what is “best” for us poor uninformed citizens.
    Until we, as an electorate really examine the candidates qualifications and the drive they have for elected office, we will continue to have these types of inept office holders

  6. BoiseCitizen
    Sep 11, 2006, 9:22 am

    I am not trying to fool anyone. Since there is no other alternative to the two main parties something needs to be done. Voting incumbents out of office is what is necessary. Failure to do that means nothing changes. After 12 years of GOP dominance and the arrogance that goes with it, the time has come to see what the other side can do.

  7. It looks to me like the fix is in. In lieu of the higher imposed assessment (Bonner) county could have proportionally reduced the levy, but they didn’t. They could have sued the state tax commission, but they didn’t. They could issue refund checks, but they won’t. They could resign in protest, ah, but I am dreaming.

    If the (Bonner)commissioners really believed in their cause, there is a lot they could do. But, there is nothing they will do when the fix is in.

  8. I must agree with Gordon, now is the time for action. Becoming aware is crucial, know the players and what they are about. Boise City Councilman Jerome Mapp is a good example of the AOEO virus and he got himself removed…. You can only last so long before people start to figure out what you’re all about, and they get tired of you. Now comes the time for a couple other Council folk to get gone so we can stop this train wreck, and get this city back on track.

  9. I lived here in the State of Idaho for 62 years and I’m telling you folks. The people in this State will never dump the rascal’s. Been going on forever and will never change. The people of this state are proud to support the wealthy. They will give and give and their kids can starve as long as they can support the wealthy. Sorry, but history will repeat it self again.

  10. I agree with all of the above. For years I have been the average Idahoan supporting the rich Repubs with my vote of support at the election booth. I have been feeling my opinions lately as I hope getting wiser with also getting older. My feelings are we are and have been getting screwed by those in power. A turning point today was in realizing the opinion of the Republican Sali and his approach to civil rights or whatever. Mr. Sali makes as much sense as listening to “pig latin.” Mr. Risch and the Republican boys seem speak the same language.

  11. Hey!! I just heard a great idea on the radio…
    A watchdog group, sometimes just an excuse for a tax-free, but this time had a great suggestion.

    The primary thing that reminds folks that they are employees is they get a check and have to keep a schedule. The problem we have with representative govenment is they write their own checks and benifits, plus they also don’t have a published schedule. In short they are no longer beholden to the people.

    I suggest a new use for the spaceman would be to publish the pay and benifits of each elected employee and also what they did with their time the week prior. Additionally, what they expect to do with thier time the week going forward.

  12. Me again,

    Thanks for the encouragement, and the words from those that are discouraged.

    Man was I upset when I wrote that, still am, but coming back to my senses.

    I got a couple of points wrong in the beginning. My taxes will not increase the same as the property value did, at least not yet. Apparently the repeal of the M&O levy is supposed to lessen the blow. But I did find out that the M&O levy is on the docket for the fall, to determine if it needs to brought back (uh yah, sure, why wouldn’t they) or not. It actually isn’t the amount (yes that is important) so much as it is that I don’t even have a right of appeal.

    I have already contacted one lawyer about a class action and he referred me to a strong property tax lawyer in Boise. I was told that the class action route would be weak. Only because the judges who now preside in the Supreme Court would not want to rehash the 1982 ruling “Staker VS State of Idaho” which gave the state the right to assess without appeal. I believe the reasoning was that there would have to be substantial evidence for a reason to revisit the ruling. We’ll see what happens, we’ll see if anyone’s listening.

    Here is my take. It was up to the County to provide for a proper and fair value assesment back to the state. The county screwed up once, then twice, then on the third round it was given/taken to/by the state. Once that happened, I had no appeal rights, by no fault of my own. I don’t care if the county doesn’t get the right of an appeal, but what about me right to appeal? Isn’t taxation without representation a major no no anymore?

    *tapping mic…check one, check two…hello?….is this thing on?…can anyone in the Boise legislature hear me?*

    I will be putting a call into the Boise lawyer this week. Keep y’all posted, there may come a time when it could be helpful for all of us to jump onto that same bandwagon

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