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Poop Hits The Propeller At Airport

Looks like the proverbial poop has hit the propeller at the airport.

Confidential GUARDIAN sources tell us Airport Police Chief Mike Johnson is “retiring” and we hear not only will he not be replaced–the airport police agency he commanded is being DISSOLVED. For some reason the airport had its own police agency apart from BPD.

We’re told the Boise Police Department under Boise Chief Mike Masterson will assume control of police activities at the airport. Johnson refused to talk to the GUARDIAN about the matter. He had previously told colleagues it was time to move on and noted his elderly parents needed care.

Word on the street and from other news sources is that cops didn’t like the way things were going and signed some sort of letter or petition to the city council seeking changes and union representation. There is supposedly also a second letter from another faction of who are supporters of Johnson.

A GUARDIAN reader has told us airport manager John Anderson was asked to resign and it appears the two “personnel actions” are related in some manner. Another source tells us both Johnson and Anderson have retained private legal counsel, but at this point no allegations of illegal actions have been made.

It appears Team Dave didn’t do any of this without the advice and consent of the City Council. Between conferences with council leaders and closed door “executive sessions,” the COLUMBUS DAY MASSACRE was not a surprise to insiders.

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  1. I’m plesed with the service from the BOI airport Police…I don’t know what their internal situation has been. However the airport policing is managed going forward; Police at the airport need to be very familiar with all the airport/airplane special considerations. Probably how it got to be a separate unit.

    Most bigger places have somewhat independant airport/port authority units…

    Speaking of bigger places….why doesn’t Boise have a Police chopper?? We have our first news chopper…so we need a Police chopper for the news chopper to follow around right?

  2. I saw the reporter Michelle with this story on channel six earlier today… She had some letters showing the nasty back and forth between the city & airport folks. Pretty interesting stuff.

  3. The Airport Police came into being a long time ago. The Channel 6 story was off mark in many ways. Too bad Hanion isn’t around to tell this story. He would do the hard work to get the truth out to the public.

    Don’t turn off the fan (propeller) yet…there will be at least two more rounds of “poop” to hit it before all is done and over.

  4. APOs were part of Boise Police Dept. until Master Years ago, Anderson complained long enough and loud enough and obnoxiously enough about his “lack of control”. Someone caved, gave him his own dept and they are now lucky to get him or Johnson out of the terminal without major renovation to accommodate their heads. My only question is “What will happen to the White APO trucks with all the custom chrome, paid for with Homeland Security $$”? Hope they go to surplus. Uh, yeah, probably not.

  5. I must agree about the headsize thing… Happy Team Dave is taking action. Outside control of the future port authority is an absolute must. ABSOLUTE MUST!!!

    Problem with something as specialized as an airport is that much like the workings of a newer car, if one doesn’t know all the details, one is dependant on others who can take advantage of your lack of specialized knowledge…perhaps use consultants and roll them over often.

  6. Let the speculation begin. Here’s one, they were Republican operative holdovers and the City Council is cleaning house of people that could have motive to potentially sabotage City directives for partisan gain.

  7. I thought the 6 reporter did a solid job with the story. Too bad there wasn’t more time though… I’m sure they rushed it to be first with the news.

    Speaking of which… i haven’t seen this story anywhere except 6 and the gaurdian… what the heck are all the other stations doing?

  8. I heard something about it first on KIDO Monday at noon.

    (Ray posted it on the GUARDIAN Sunday night. See post on earlier story)

  9. KTVB used this as their lead in last night. But, then they didn’t ever cover the story. We waited, but nothing on the airport. I wonder why they pulled it.

  10. Airport security is a big joke. Just last week I drove onto the tarmack with a van. I was waved through by the “security” guy. No check of the van or my name, rank, number etc. I was parked not more than 30 yds from a Fed X aircraft. I was picking up some air freight. The security cop looked to be 85 yrs. old and obviously had Parkinsons. Says a lot about our country that a gentleman that age has to work that kind of job in that condition. Airport security is a sad political joke. Guess it’s better than sending the poor guy to Iraq.

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