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New Pilot At Airport Control Stick

Mayor Dave Bieter named assistant Airport Director Garry Fraise as the interim director of Boise’s airport Tuesday following the sudden resignation of John Anderson.

The GUARDIAN posted a story and comment from a reader saying John Anderson had been grounded by Mayor Dave Bieter and Airport Police Chief Mike Johnson was also “taxiing to a tiedown location at a hangar off the field.”

Anderson–and all department heads–serve at the pleasure ofthe Mayor and it looks like the pleasure had turned to pain, but you wouldn’t know if from the press release sent out by Team Dave.

Bieter praised Anderson for positive accomplishments and thanked him for his long service and contributions and wished him all the best in future endeavors.

Bieter said, “We are fortunate to have one of the finest airports of its size, or any size, in the nation.”

If Anderson was so damned good and gave us such a wonderful airport, why did Team Dave want him gone? You gotta love politics!

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  1. Looks like the Guardian is an advocate of the “one awe s*** wipes out 100 attaboys” approach to dealing with people. Don’t know Anderson’s grievous error, but perhaps the Mayor thought he would give him some recognition for more than just whatever item caused his demise as the head pilot. That and, of course, the possibility that ripping Anderson publicly would have fit right into today’s litiguous environment by opening the door to a law suit against the city. Like it or or not (which I’d expect the Guardian doesn’t), Bieter said the right thing to close this out quickly — although I doubt it’ll actually end that way.

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