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(In the interests of space and reader interest, we have eliminated the graffiti calls.)

Sandy Shields
Street Sweeping Concern: We just had the city street sweepers come by and my request is there is so many people that work there during the day and this is garbage day in this neighborhood and the garbage men put the garbage cans and the recycle bins out in the road so it’s really pointless to have the street sweepers come on garbage day. Because so many people work, the garbage cans don’t go in until when people get home so it seems like a waste of tax payer’s dollars to have the street sweepers come. If there are garbage cans in front of the house, they basically skip that whole house. Also, there is so much street parking. If there is a car parked in front of the house, that whole house gets missed. It’d be nice if there was a website or a number to get a schedule of when the street sweepers will be there and somehow homeowners could be notified to take their trailers and vehicles off the road. We live in an old neighborhood and everyone parks clunkers, trailers, and cars on the street. Most of the time we have the street sweeper going down in the middle of the road. Anyway I was just hoping that could be resolved. I’d really like to know if we could get on the internet and find out when the street sweepers will be there. Thank you.
Action Taken: ACHD and PW

Carrie Spencer
BPD: I have a citizen complaint about the Boise Police Dept. They are harassing a homeowner and have filed a couple disorderly house complaints on him and I think it has to do with some religion circumstances. I definitely have a complaint. They are harassing him, he’s done nothing wrong. He’s going to college, the house is cleaned up, quiet, and he gets complained upon. I think that the police department is harassing him. They have broken his fence, they have broken his door. 884-4677. I think that the Police Dept. has been very irresponsible and I think they are harassing. I would appreciate if you would address this. Call me back.
Action Taken: Ombud and BPD

Airport: I’ve received a call from Kris in the past; I have called the hotline before, thank you for letting me know when the mayor was in. I did not make it down because of the women’s race but if you can let me know when he’ll be in again I will try and make that. Also I need to know who I need to get in contact with about these helicopters, one just flew by and they aren’t even five hundred feet off the ground. This is the second one today and between July tenth and Sept. 20, about two months there have been about thirty helicopters near my house. Either right over it, or very near it. That is just when I’ve been home. Something needs to change here if you could just let me know what I need to do. I’m going to call and follow up with the FAA in Seattle too because apparently that’s the regional office. Thanks.
Action Taken: left msj

Mica Holloway
804 S. Orchard Rd
Ok Mayor Bieter and City Council you have been given ample amount of time to contact me. I’m the old woman that lives 804 S. Orchard Road who has no heat. No one called me to verify my side of the story. Nobody called me at all last winter when I had no heat. Now I’m living in a house with dangerous levels of mold that my landlord John Bishop won’t fix. I have called adult protective services, now I’m calling Six On Your Side because you guys don’t want to investigate my problem. I’m a disabled person social security disability, I’m a veteran, and you don’t care. I still have no heat, the furnace is broke, it’s winter again and no one has contacted me. No one has contacted me for over a year, now there are dangerous levels of mold, and feces, and urine in the basement of the house of which I live and you don’t care. Obviously, you don’t care. Well I care. I’m leaving this house and I will have it condemned and I will lobby against you Dave Bieter, for no Mayor. We can re-call your ass. How about that? How bout that? Yeah I said it, Expletive…Expletive….Expletive. I am so angry and disappointed that you would treat one of your citizens this way. I won’t take it other people might but not me and I will lobby against you David Bieter and I will help the city of the people in the same shape I’m in. Disability. I have a physical disability, not a mental one, not an emotional one. And I can speak on behalf of people like me. That you don’t care, good Bye. 804 S. Orchard Rd. will be condemned as well as you and your city council. Good Bye 713-8441 again if anyone should care to call me and find out my side of the story. But you know what I’m done; I’m done with you and your city council because they don’t care.
Action Taken: contacted

Yes I would like to complain about a house at 215 N. Atlantic. I think it might be a fire hazard. He’s running a business out of his house and I think he may have chemicals he’s using and I don’t think that if a fire truck tried to get back there, they couldn’t because his driveway is blocked. Thank you.

Barbara Anderson
3720 N. 36th St.
Boise 83702
PDS: Junk in the yard at 3710 N. 36th St. old tires, kitchen table, tall weeds, tree limbs from their tree falling on her house, they placed chicken wire on her fence to keep their pit bulls from running at large. Although she wants the pits contained, she doesn’t like the chicken wire on her fence, nor does she think it would be any good.

Robert Friedley
8111 Crestwood
Boise 04
Air Quality: His neighbor at 8120 Brynwood burns his wood stove year round. The problem is that there is a large sycamore tree that towers over the house and the chimney and doesn’t allow the smoke to dissipate. In turn, the smoke absolutely chokes out the neighbors. If he opens his windows, his smoke alarm will go off! Can something be done? This neighbor is good about not burning when there is a ban.

Jenny McGee
6430 Morris Hill 04
Valleyride and BPD: When is the police department going to be able to enact lateral transfers from state to state? Second question, why does the bus stop running at 6:45PM? A city this size needs a system that runs longer.
M/CC BPD ValleyRide
Action Taken: BPD

Mike Schumacher
1020 S. Curtis 05
PDS: Renters living at 1014 S.Curtis Rd. have lots of junk in front yard, paper, garbage, furniture and misc. They have lived there for 6 months. Two small pre-school children are living there as well. He is concerned for the children and their living condition inside as well as the junk on the outside.

Jan Peterson
3361 Forsythia Drive
Boise, ID 83703
BPD: I have an issue regarding high speed Boise police pursuits in neighborhoods. On August 25th of this year, a high speed pursuit happened in our neighborhood in the afternoon. It ended by the grace of God at 33rd and Bellamy when a Mustang crashed through a chain link fence and onto the property of a lady living on Bellamy St. The driver ran one way, the passenger the other. Had this pursuit carried on a few more blocks to Gerrard Street, which would have been its normal path, someone would have run over a 6 year old boy standing in the middle of Gerard Street at 33rd holding a giant stick in the air aimlessly playing by himself. I noticed this little boy when I went to see what all the police noise was about in my vehicle. It scares me to think that a high speed pursuit is basically no consequence other than to give the passenger a ticket for possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct would end in the death of a child. It isn’t worth it in my view. Thank you.

Chelli Bradshaw
1115 N. 17th St 02
Library; I just wanted to call and say that I really don’t want Bodo expanded any further than it is. I’ve been down there several times in the old buildings and the new and I really like the fact that the old buildings are still there and in use and the new buildings are just boxes like any mall or other place. They’re fine and I’m sure that’s a nice area but I certainly don’t want the library torn down and a huge building put there with no parking. I have little children and different times of the year trying to drag my kids and possibly a car seat really would discourage me from going to the library and we use it a lot. I would rather see neighborhood libraries than to see the main one torn down to be enlarged. I think it’s quite nice the way it is. I’d really like to see some of those old warehouses on 9th along there reused. Not to have everything torn down and new stuff put up there. Let’s try to maintain some of the character of the district as we’re moving ahead to try and capitalize on the success that we have had. Thanks very much.

Michael Miller
BPD:I’m working in the Linen District with several of the building owners and I work with one specific building owner over on the corner of 15th and Front right now. We’ve started making phone calls regarding the vandalism problem in the Linen District. A lot of us are trying to fix their buildings up and remodel up and have fairly extensive plans to change the face of the Linen District. It’s frustrating because we’re getting hit constantly with taggers and vandalism with broken windows and broken light fixtures. It seems every night there’s new damage. We don’t blame this on the skateboard park but people are starting to look in that direction and pointing fingers and I’m afraid the tide is turning on the support there. Feel free to give me a call back. I’ve been in touch with BPR and they gave me several numbers to call and talk to and this is where I got this number. So, thanks for your help if I get any. Thanks.

PDS: It just blows my mind to read the paper Friday. The Cliffs have been approved by the city council. Once again the city council ignored the people of Boise. I’m not rant and raver but Morley Nelson, who was the most retarded falconer in the world regarded the cliffs area as a bird sanctuary. The Hammer Flat area has always been a deer and elk sanctuary crossing. The Indians talked about it. The tribes have ancestral ties to that area. But yet you ignore the people of Boise, the people that elected you, and you just rant and rave about everything that goes on. I’m pissed off. It’s one area you should not have built. I’m really surprised and disgusted at the City of Boise.

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  1. junkyard dog
    Oct 12, 2006, 8:57 am

    what a grab bag of problems!

    Hey Carrie, your boyfriend’s getting served with complaints because he’s letting his friends use his place to party. God and the rest of the universe are tired of it….

  2. Wowzah! Boy howdy! A few more calls from folks like Mica Holloway, the foul-mouthed (apparently) disabled person, and Mayor Dave might decide not to seek a second term!

    I realized the mayor’s office had a Graffiti Team… do they also have a Urine-and-Feces Team? (No wonder taxes are so high! You’re not gonna find people – outside of illegal immigrants, anyway – willing to clean up that kinda stuff from moldy basements for minimum wage!)

  3. Too bad you removed the graffiti comments, understand your space constraints, but the real story here is graffiti is on the rise, I see more every day in SouthEast Boise. Boise needs to double their efforts on removing it or it will increase. Also graffiti is not just punks, it is frequently gangs, so graffiti can be an indicator of more severe crime to come if not addressed.

    EDITOR NOTE–You are correct on all counts. It just didn’t seem to serve a purpose to have all the “repeat customer” entries. City still does their thing and responds.

  4. “Morley Nelson was the most retarded falconer”…..what? After I picked myself off the floor I think I decided someone either can’t spell or this was an innocent typo. This person must work for the Statesman.

  5. heavenstomurgatroyd
    Oct 14, 2006, 1:24 pm

    See 10/06/06

    LMAO Morley Nelson was “the most retarded falconer in the world” !!???

    Do you think the caller meant “regarded”? Doh!

  6. Guardian; you should leave the graffiti comments in. I know that we have a common goal of a better Boise and graffiti is one problem we absolutely cannot ignore—–it’s on an equal footing with bad development, and shady tax deals, in my opinion. Sure, we regular readers of your Mayor’s hotline transcripts know about the numerous complaints, but, and this may come as a shock to you, not everyone knows about or reads

    My point is, in a word, google. Anyone doing searches related to Boise may eventually come across your site. AFAIK there are no other online transcripts of the Mayor’s hotline. Thus, by deleting the graffiti complaints, one might assume there is no graffiti problem in Boise.

    BTW, Channel 6’s top story Sunday night at 10pm was about graffiti, did anyone catch it? Funny, because I just painted over some more today. All by myself. The one place that I’ve been trying to keep free of graffiti is quite a few blocks from my home, but in a very visible location. The useless neighbors sure don’t do anything.

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