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In the realm of meaningless political trivia, backhanded compliments, and dirty tricks we note Andy Hedden-Nicely sent a letter to KTVB Channel 7 with glowing compliments about the congressional debate the station lured away from Public Television.

United Party candidate Hedden-Nicely tossed out a zinger asking why Bill Sali was allowed to stand on a box. “Isn’t that a type of deception to viewers.”

Republican Sali, and Dem Larry Grant are after the seat being vacated by Butch Otter with Heddon-Nicely and his United Party viewed by some as splitting voters away from Grant.

Heddon-Nicely’s little revelation prompts the GUARDIAN to ponder some questions:

–Was there a “behind the podium” deal struck by Sali and Seven?
–Did KTVB provide a “platform for Sali”?
–Were his opponents forced to “look up” to him even though they “look down” on him?
–Was the “level playing field” tilted about 6 inches?
–Did Sali “step up” to the challenge?
–Did Sali get a “soap box” not offered to his opponents?
–Are all men “created equal” for TV?
–Did the step preclude the opponents from “lowering themselves” to the debate?
–Was Sali a “step up” on his competition?
–Does this “ramp up” the rhetoric?

Not likely we will hear much from Channel 7 on the platform issue, but you can see the performances on their Cable One station 24/7. It will run in rotation with the rest of the debates.

We have never met Sali, but given what Hedden-Nicely says, he is apparently a short guy.

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  1. Sali may be a little person like me but I don’t use stature as a qualification for office, either direction. If he wins I may be forced to move to another state, or at least to another district because I don’t want him representing me in Congress. The late Helen had some goofy ideas, in my opinion, but at least she had style. What qualifications Sali has are not apparent to me.

  2. Speaking of coming up short (either the paper or the candidate):
    The Emmett Messenger Index (that’s a weekly newspaper, for those who don’t know) ran an article in the Wednesday, Oct. 11, paper saying Andy Hedden-Nicely “will be” in the city park on Monday, Oct., 9, to meet with the press and public, answer questions …
    So, just hop in your time machines, folks and meet the candidate two days ago.

  3. I think we should listen to the candidates. That is why I certainely choose not to vote for Bill Sali. His rough comments and inappropriate ones said in heat as reported in the legislature turn me off for sure. As to Grant I think we have heard a little and it is interesting, and with Hedden-Nicely the little I have heard is interesting and a nice departure from party line politics.

    The press though seems to treat him with a lack off concern in their covering of his and Grants ideas. I think we are owed more in depth information on the candidates that we havent seen so far. I agree that Hedden-Nicely will probably take away a few of Mr. Grants votes, but that is why he is running for the office.

  4. I should think that Sali’s lack of height is well reflected in his lack of knowledge – after all he did claim (on the floor of the State Senate) that abortions cause breast cancer. Anyone who can invent something so utter stupid is bound to come up short in a lot of other areas – a whole lot of them.

  5. Since I’m in the other district, I’m only a spectator to this particular race. But if I were in the district, I’d DEFINITELY be leaning toward Andy. Why?

    1) He’s running an ad (and stating, every chance he gets) that the two major candidates are both attorneys. Their lives are all about arguing with other attorneys, and we’ve already got 200+ in Congress.

    2) He’s not a Democrat. He’s not a Republican. I’m kinda sick of ALL of those partisan clowns!

    If that weren’t enough…

    3) I LOVE Andy’s “Camper One” campaign vehicle… I see it somewhat regularly, parked on 15th Street near Grove. (Looks to be a mid-70s, beat-up motor home, with a couple hand-stenciled “Hedden-Nicely” signs duct-taped to it. That has STYLE!!!)

    4) He looks to be taller than Sali, and possibly Grant, too! (Issues, Schmissues!!!)

    Does that make me a shallow person?

  6. bert farber
    Oct 16, 2006, 9:17 am

    I don’t see what the big deal is about a platform for somebody to stand on during a debate. I remember a few years back when the Queen of England was visiting the United States and she was speaking at a podium with a bunch of microphones. You couldn’t see her face at all, just the little hat she was wearing as she talked on and on. I thought somebody should have put a few phone books out there or something for her to stand on. Am I wrong?

    EDITOR NOTE–This came from Heddon-Nicely who apparently seeks a height advantage in the race.

  7. I was impressed with what Dave Olson had to say. He seems like he would make an excellent representative for Idaho.

    EDITOR NOTE–Consider the Guardian guilty of not mentioning him. We are almost mainstream on that one. Sorry.

  8. What Sali lacks in stature he makes up for in girth. Did he mandate a wider podium? As for his “platform” I assume the box was as hollow as his knowledge of pressing national issues upon which he chooses to campaign. He seems to focus on divisive issues more suited for a pulpit than coming up with solutions to important issues like the millions of Americans without health care. His agenda is not my agenda.

    Andy, I implore you, please get out of this race. You and I agree on many issues but your campaign has zero chance of success and Grant needs every vote you will surely take from him.

  9. bert farber
    Oct 16, 2006, 4:13 pm

    I am NOT that Hedonism Nicely guy. Oh, and Mr. Sisyphus, it doesn’t become you to make fun of a person’s physical appearance. One of history’s greatest politicians, Mr. Churchill of England, was a bit broad in the beam. Am I wrong?

  10. Andy (not that one)
    Oct 16, 2006, 4:27 pm

    Andy suprised me. He made Grant look like milquetoast (to me, anyways). I still think he’s making a bad decision, though. He’s only helping Sali, but if I was in ID-01, I’d feel lousy about not voting for him.

    Why doesn’t he try to get into the Statehouse instead?

  11. Well Bert it seemed that the point of the post is that Mr. Sali was endeavoring to hide his physical shortcomings from the voters by mandating a box to stand on during the debate. And I took a liberty with that line of thought and Mr. Sali’s own feelings of inadequacy. You’re right I should have taken the high road. But don’t you think twisting Mr. Hedden Nicely’s name in an effort to demonize him is equally egregious. Or is this part of your cover?

    Andy, I agree the other Andy would make a great candidate. But his efforts in this campaign only assure that none of his, nor Mr. Grant’s, proposals will be enacted in Congress. This could assure the election of a marginalized arrogant leader, paid for by out of state narrow minded interests seeking to impose their brand of morality on all of us, who is unable to play well with others even within his own party, and will assuredly be another rubber stamp to this administration’s failed policies. There is just too much at stake for Mr. Hedden Nicely to try and buck the two party system in this race. Its nothing personal, I’d be asking the same of Mr. Grant if the tables were turned.

  12. Dear Mr. Sisyphus:
    Again you refer to somebody’s physical appearance as a “shortcoming.” But you dismiss it as only taking a “liberty.” Small people are human, too, and strong men also cry. These are not shortcomings. Am I wrong?

  13. If Andy H-N ran in CD2, we *could* vote for him.
    Come to think of it, he lives there. Why isn’t he running there?

  14. This is gonna be fun! I’m going to call Mr. Armstrong at Ch. 7 and offer him a deal on their purchase of used milk crates from the local dairy ,AKA ” soap boxes” along with a local store that specializes in ” used rugs” and cosmetic restorations for local politicians running themselves hagard too get elected.

    Of course , once in office, they forget all about their constituents, so they won’t need the Avon lady anymore. I think a ” soap box” is very appropos for Mr. Sali because it symbolizes the content of his program for Idaho. He prefers to hide behind all the emotional issues ( a typical republican trick) such as gay marriage, the ten commandments monument, emigration, birth control while ” hiding” from the real issues such as a poverty creating minimum wage,tens of thousands of Idahoans unable to get basic health care,a state legislature catering to big business as it cuts the majority of programs designed to help low-income people. Mr. Sali,Mr. Risch and Miss fields, stick with Ch. 7 and their soap box presentations ; you need their help!

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