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Two Wheeler Parking To Stay

Congratulations to GUARDIAN reader Hillary Haymond for her two wheeler PARKING IDEA. Insiders tell us the two parking experimental spots will become permanent and Team Dave may even expand with more.
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She sent a letter to Mayor Dave Bieter on May 2 and two months later Team Dave had the signs in place and had created a “pilot program” to allow motorcycles and scooters to park abreast in corner parking spots at 5th and Main and 8th and Bannock. The idea was to encourage fuel efficient transportation and not force two wheelers to take up an entire parking space which was the law.

Congratulations to Team Dave as well for listening to a citizen and acting quickly.

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  1. Two wheelers may or may not save fuel relative to a fuel pinching car. In the bigger picture, including medical/death cost from injurys, I must wonder if they save money at all.

    The law should be: all yellow paint and clothing, with a stobe on the top of the required helmet, with reflective tape on the required body armor…no kids allowed!

    Furthermore, now that we have the government encoraging the use of these dangerous little things, lets also make them emmission complient, currently they are exempt. Nothing polutes more that a 2-cycle engine (scooters)….and the big 4-cycle v-twins are fuel hogs.

    What dangerouse stupid joke.

  2. GEEZ. That’s the spirit “i said”! Write some more laws restricting freedom of people you don’t agree with. That’s great, you probably want to take my guns too. Thank goodness you opinion means squat!

  3. Mandatory full-face crash helmets for all automobile occupants! (I can GUARANTEE it would save lives!) How about NASCAR-style roll bars and harnesses, too? Fireproof Nomex suits?

    (Knee-jerk reaction to the first comment posted.)

    Responding to the Guardian post: Hat-tip to HH! She got Team Dave’s attention, and made a difference! Two-wheelers may or may not be more fuel-efficient (my “big 4-cycle V-twin” gets about 45mpg on the open road), but NOBODY can argue that they take less parking space and road-surface. (Even that beautiful pink scooter I see from time to time… you could park 4 of ’em in the space occupied by a Prius, and probably 10 in a Hummer-sized space.)

  4. It helps with Bieter when your a babe too!

  5. Great idea ,team dave! Save on gas, save on space,reduce pollution,all winners! Now ,when is the City, County and state going to cooperate in creating a de-tox center that all can use, free of charge?

    Mayor Beiter, we have a drug epidemic in our own back yard. Good People,who want to get help, are dying because they don’t have insurance or money to get help! Boise is the only city I’ve lived in that does not have a de-tox center available for all. How terribly sad! I ask our City,county and state politicians to correct this insult to their citizens which shows a terrible lack of concern for basic Human values.

  6. bb, Great idea for cars too. Have personally used a helmet and rollbar to good effect in a Baja truck… Will also cut down on all the facial makeup application enroute to work.

    I love motor bikes, find them a great substitute for a horse…but they don’t mix with traffic very well. Those who have and those who will wreck. We have lots of laws preventing injury…such as the law against jumping from or climbing bridges. Sorry folks, geuss I’ve seen too many sploches on the road.

  7. I think everybody has missed the main point. This is Bieter’s first and only decision that will cost taxpayers nothing to implement. Yes, it only applies to a small majority but a victory as our goverment is showing some flexibility in making simple, smart decisions. This is a story about a politician actually listening to the public.

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