Ballot Confusing, Not Devious

For Boise voters the last page of the ballot proved to be a bit confusing.

At the end of the “NO” explanation on the issue of the 10 commandments was the hole for a “YES” vote. The formatting was poorly handled and should have been changed.

If the measure forcing the city to replace the monument is passed, there will probably be another chapter in the never ending controversy.

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  1. 1. I agree.
    2. People have to learn to read and follow directions.
    3. If all else fails, read the directions.

  2. This is the first time in a long time that I can remember that I am actually interested in the election results!

  3. Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw on more than one car in the sixties:


  4. Why does the county coroner have to be affiliated with a political party? I will rest easier tonight knowing if I die in the next few years a republican will investigate it. Those democrats certianly know nothing about death….

  5. And I for one will look forward to that ” New Chapter” on the un-ending Boise Soap ” As the wing -nuts turn,” which will provide me reading on the throne. How can any group of responsible adults live in a state that endorses wage-slavery, no health care for tens of thousands of it’s citizens, none- to subtle ” social bigotry,” give-aways of the most beautiful federal wilderness to local fat cats, etc. and ignore all of the above , rambling on and on about a large stone monument ?That’s insanity, pure and simple, but like I said, Hollywood always needs another ” As the World loses it.”

  6. Well Guardian
    Its time to judge you at this late hour of the night.

    Lets remind you what you said..

    “IDAHO GUV—Brady will squeak through and take the race. The shift in demographics is demanding more specifics and less hearty good fellow.” WRONG

    “LT. GUV—Risch has it pretty well sewed up, especially outside Ada County. LaRocco was gone a long time and will be perceived as a “new guy” trying to get in line. Weird race with the Guv. running for Lt. Guv!” RIGHT

    “1ST DIST CONGRESS—Grant will slip through in a close race as thinking Republicans quietly admit they can’t go with dogma espoused by Sali.” PROBABLY WRONG

    “2nd DIST CONGRESS—Simpson has it sewed up despite the Hansen pledge to stay away from big business and PACS. Simpson hasn’t screwed up enough to get ousted.” RIGHT

    “ADA COMMISH—Tilman over Ames. Ames offers a pompous demeanor and just doesn’t communicate well.” RIGHT

    “In the three way with Kimball, Ullman, and Woods we pick Ullman in a close run with Woods. She has name, Woods has money, and Kimball was elected as protest against Peavey-Derr in primary.” WRONG

    “PROP 1—School issue is a dead heat, but will probably go down because it lacks specific funding and Risch cut them off at the knees with the sales tax increase.” RIGHT

    “PROP 2—Eminent domain is a red herring. Most candidates and informed voters see it as a chance for developers to tie up the courts. There really is no issue and all stripes in the political spectrum see it.” RIGHT

    “MARRIAGE DEFINITION—The constitutional amendment will probably fail. Again, the shifting demographic is more diverse and tolerant. There is a sentiment to keep government out of the bedroom.” WRONG

    Mr Guardian
    out of 9 races you called 5 right and 4 wrong. In school that is 55% or a F.

    You had better keep your day job, not sure you are in touch with the voters!

  7. I am just stunned that so many people voted for Sali. It seems to me like a lot of people were voting how they were told to from the pulpits of their places of worship, by the religions that like their women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

    While I am pleased that the national elections have repudiated the phonies in Washington D.C., it is just sickening that Idaho continues to hold the Republicans in such favor.

    And what is with the anti-gay amendment? Do all these religious people think homosexuality is contagious? It is apparent to me that the human race is getting dumber and dumber – guess we could call that de-volution or un-creationism.

  8. Treva, you sound as though you’ve got issues with “religious people.” Should they not be allowed to vote their consciences, just like you? Are they inherently stupider? (If you have any proof to support allegations that they were directed to vote for Sali by their religious leaders, you should make it known, as those religious institutions could lose their tax-exempt status.)

    Also, I’m thinking it’s premature to declare that the phonies have been driven from D.C. (Most of ’em got re-elected, and the ones who didn’t will be replaced with a new crop of equally-phonies. Sorry to wax so cynical.)

    Most of my candidates lost. Since I tend to hold the Mastodons and the Jackasses equally responsible for the current state of affairs, I leaned toward Libertarians, Constitutionists, Independents, etc. The missus says I threw my votes away. I wish a bunch of my fellow citizens would throw THEIR votes away in a similar manner.

    I’m now represented by 100% Democrats at the Statehouse. (I’m in District 17.) I’m waiting to see how they do.

  9. Michael Devitt
    Nov 8, 2006, 8:49 pm

    Well, we might as well all run for the hills. Bryan Fischer has proclaimed that a moral and spiritual darkness has taken over Boise since we refused to use the strong arm of government to clear up that nasty confusion about which religion is the right one.

    Yep, the Almighty is ready to strike us all dead for not only moving His monument, but also because we elected 12 “secularists” to the Statehouse. Now, I am no genius, but I know some of those “secularists” and they worship every week and live their faith in their words and actions, so I am confused.

    I guess Bryan knows more than God does about what God wants. Forget faith, hope and charity, it is really guns, tax cuts and monuments that warm the cockles of God’s heart.

    We owe Bryan a BIG thank you, and apparently God a BIG apology. Or is it the other way around. I always get those two mixed up.

  10. Bikeboy: You are right that I have issues about religious people. You have probably noticed, like I have, that two of the major causes of war are money and religion. It is too late to check out what message is being promoted by local religious leaders since the election is a done deal. I personally don’t think religions should be tax exempt anyway.

    The rest of your message indicated to me that we probably voted for the same people. As usual, pretty much every person I voted for lost. My husband also thinks most of my votes are wasted.

    On a more cheerful note, I love elections, regardless of who wins, because it is fun to see how people think about issues. Yes, I know a lot of people just vote the R or the D, but at least these folks went to the trouble to cast a ballot. I am not sure Idaho should follow Oregon’s practice of voting by mail.

  11. I see Bryan Fisher as Boise`s Fred Phillips.
    just another radical who keeps stirring the pot.
    What I say is, Mr Fisher the people of Boise have spoken, now shut up and go to your corner.

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