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MAYOR HOTLINE November 6-10

John Harrison
5800 W. Northview
Boise, ID 83704
BPR: Wants the City to install a waste bin on the corner of Northview and Curtis. People come to Winsted Park, walk their dogs, use the plastic bags but toss it over his fence into his yard. He wants a resolution and for a trash bin to be put in that area so he doesn’t have to deal with this anymore.

Robert J. Kellerman
Homelessness in Boise: I was calling to ask what the mayor’s viewpoint of homelessness in Boise is. On whether or not it has increased with population or decreased with the abilities of the sanctuaries, rescue mission, and other social services and if they have helped in reducing the amount of homeless people in the City of Boise. Thank you.

Jennifer Whitewing
1450 W. Highland View Dr #8104
Boise, ID 83702
PW: I wanted to encourage the Mayor’s Office to look into getting a program on gardens and even turfs on the tops of office buildings downtown. It saves a tremendous amount of energy costs and it’s not very expensive to implement it. It’s done a lot in other cities. For example, Seattle, Washington has a lot of that. It makes it incredibly beautiful, increases property values and it also cuts down dramatically on heating and cooling costs of the building. I’ll look into it and see if I can get more information for your office. Thank you.

Robert Hanson
2005 E. Beach
Caldwell, ID
Legal: I’m calling in regards to Chuck Winder and the way they blackballed him before the election 2 years ago. Also, someone called back saying something is being done but there is nothing that I have heard of on the news about Dave Leroy and Litster. They were part of it and nothing has happened…

Holmes Lundt
720 Park Blvd
Boise, ID 83712

Airport: My question is whether there is any plan to provide more parking someday at the airport. I’ve been here almost an hour now. I thought I had plenty of time for my flight but because of the poor IT systems, the lack of up to date information on parking, and bad information on part of the airport staff, it’s taken almost an hour to find parking. I would like to know the mayor and council’s position on actually fixing the parking since we briefly spent a hundred million dollars for a new airport that includes no new gates and no new parking.

Skip Nakashima
PO Box 190234
Boise, ID 83719
Mayor:The reason I was calling is because I just read the article about the determination for how to handle or what to do about the airport police when Mike Johnson retires. I have 33 1/2 years experience working with BPD and 4 years experience working with the airport police department on a part time basis. My suggestion is that it goes under the BPD as a separate division or section, perhaps a section of the bench or division of the entire department. The officers already there can remain to work there as Boise Police Officers. If they want to transfer from the airport into the patrol division to cover the rest of the town, they would be required to go through the FDO process.

They are already certified officers but they need to go through the FDO process and procedures for the BPD just as any officer coming to Boise would have to do. Also, if a BPD officer wants to transfer out to the airport, he would be able to do so. But I would suggest in the contract, he agree to a 2 or 3 year tour out there just as some of the specialized units in the police dept. are required to do because there is an extensive amount of specialized training for airport regulations, federal regulations handling out at the airport that a regular officer does not get involved in. I have promoted this idea for the last 4 years myself suggesting the officers try to do that. I’ve talked to Mike Johnson about that. It needs to be out from under the private mindset of the airport director and operating directly for the Mayor or for the Chief. We saw too much abuse by John Anderson favoring the businesses out there. So, feel free to give me a call. I’d like to discuss this with you or whoever is in the decision making process.

Don Waddell
7702 Valley Heights Dr.
Boise 09
Towing: He sold a car to a friend of his son for parts. The car was not a running car so he didn’t think it necessary to transfer the title. The youth left the car on the street. It got cited and towed. Mr. Waddell was shown as the owner and was recently contacted by Action Collections for a towing and storage bill in excess of $1000.00. When he contacted the tow company they said tough. So did the collection agency. He stated he was never notified that the car had been towed but the collection agency said he should have received registered letters stating this fact and he will just have to pay up. The car wasn’t worth anything. He doesn’t believe this could happen.
BPD Legal

Pamela Walton
5135 W.Camas Lane
Boise 05
PDS: She called to state that the business signs along the following streets are too numerous and too tall: Curtis & Franklin, Fairview & Cole, Overland & Orchard, and between Kootenai & Overland and in the Hillcrest Shopping Center She has seen a lot of car accidents because of them.

Terry Pentacosta
2717 S. Vista Ave #103
Boise City Housing
PDS:My suggestion is that we get some new sinks up here. They are 12 inches by 12 inches; you can’t wash any dishes in there. According to the maintenance guy down there, he says they can’t because of the cabinets. We can’t wash any more dishes in these things they are so dang small. Please excuse my speech impediment. I enjoy living here but these sinks are too small. Maybe we could work something out. Thank you very much.

Calvin Osborn
3015 Hillway Dr
Boise, ID 83702
ACHD: This evening I left Asiagos on Main St after dinner, was walking to my car, and in front of the Blues Bouquet. In front of the Bouquet, I was not aware there was a hole where I believe a planter at one time covered it up. I noticed they were doing some construction at Franks Shoes, or where it used to be. But anyway, I’m a senior, 78 years old, and I found myself fallen down on the sidewalk. I could have really hurt myself but I think I’m ok. I’m calling you in the evening at 9:41. I went into the Bouquet and talked to one of the individuals there. I think his name was Dean. He said he would tell his manager. He didn’t know who was responsible. Then I asked him to put a plastic chair over the hole on the sidewalk. Again, I believe this was covered by a planter. Anyway, it’s very dangerous. I’m 78 and have a very difficult time getting up. I hurt my knee and my elbow but I’m sure nothing is broken. The purpose of the call is I don’t know who is responsible, whether it is a merchant or the City as it relates to that sidewalk. But if I fell, others could fall too. Thank you very much. If you need to contact me, you know how to do that. Thank you.
Action Taken: ACHD
EDITOR NOTE–The lawyers will be glad to explain it to you Cal.

Rachel Stoianov
972 S. Library Ave
Kuna, ID 83634
I was just curious how these homeowners associations work. I just got fined $750 dollars for leaving my garbage can out front. You can’t even get a traffic ticket for that and how can garbage cans hurt anyone? I’m just wondering what I can do about this because I can’t afford to pay them this much and they are threatening to take me to small claims court. Thank you.
Action Taken:called and voice mail not yet setup

Carlyn Larson
Thanks: She called to thank you for getting a fire hydrant put in at 31st St. and Moore.

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  1. Wow! The Neighbor Nazis rule with an iron fist in Kuna! $750 fine for leaving your garbage can out front??? (What would they do if you parked an RV in your driveway – firing squad?)

    (2nd to last call listed, from Rachel Stoianov)

  2. Once again, us independent Idahoians want government to fix all of our problems. What’s up with the calls from other cities. We have our own problems. Let Kuna’s mayor earn his money and fix his own problems.

  3. Sounds like Mr. Harrison with the poop problem ought to deliver about a weeks worth of his deposits to the city council or the mayors office. I’m pretty sure they would jail him for the act, so why not they enforce the same law in his behalf?

  4. Mr. kellerman’s message to the mayor hit a nerve with me. We have a severe homeless problem in this country and in Boise. The mark of a healthy community is how well it confronts and handles such problems. Many of these people are suffering severe financial,family or other problems that this money-oriented society has saddled them with. They need and deserve help from the haves in this community; look at it this way-when you help one of these people you are helping yourself.

    The Mayor, county commissioners and state legislators need to get off their greedy duffs and do something about this problem instead of relying on the churches ” to make it go away.” Problems like unaddressed homelessness, the lack of a de-tox center,people unable to get basic health care, abuse of the aged, are multiplying Mr.Mayor. Why not choose to make your reputation as a ” Citizens mayor” by trying to solve them.

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