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Dirk Gets Unkind Cut

Taxes aren’t the only thing the Risch Administration has cut in state government.

The GUARDIAN has learned that hundreds of multi-page brochures for self guided tours of the Idaho Capitol building are available in the rotunda–with part of the cover missing.

Seems it was cheaper to make a final cut and sever any identification with former Guv Dirk Kempthorne with scissors. Someone has cut hundreds of Dirk pictures from the brochure cover while neatly leaving the title intact.

Rather than accuse–or credit–the Risch administration we have to acknowledge the culprit could have been rabid Dirk groupies wanting free photos of the ex-Guv and now Interior Secretary.

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  1. Wow.


    Kinda creepy in that weird sorta way.

    Like that time that one weird Uncle revealed that really icky secret after he had too many wine coolers at the family reunion.

    Right after he said it, there was a whole bunch of strained silence and then some other Uncle bursts out with a, “WELL NOW…How ’bout them Broncos?!?”

  2. Hey, temporary gov, who cares? Saving my tax dollars, priceless. I guess that brother of mine at the Capital is looking out for me.

  3. Reminds me of the time an employee at my office went on vacation. She and her husband were in the process of separation but she still had a picture of him, their daughter and herself on her desk. While this employee was gone another employee took the picture out of the frame, copied it, whited out the husband, and put the newly revised picture back in the frame in front of the original picture. The new black and white version showed just Mom and baby. It took a few days back at the job before she noticed. She was a good sport about it and all the rest of us fell on the floor laughing.

    I did something similar with my paper cutter and all pictures of myself with people I no longer like. It is very liberating. Good for you, short timer Risch. Now go back to your old unimportant job and take lots of naps. Collect your check.

  4. My prediction:

    Risch is trying to positions himself as a maverick, illustrated by his pushing the food sales tax reduction (his secret plan) without the support of Otter, and campaigning like crazy against LaRocco even though an upset was very unlikely.

    Dirk’s photo disappeared from every State website almost the moment Risch was sworn in as interim Governor. The cut and no paste method seems a bit crude but I’m not surprised. Risch is making sure that he gets as much face time as Governor as possible. Anyone else receive the glossy invitation to a Thanksgiving event featuring a fine photo of Governor and First Lady Risch?

    Larry Craig will choose not to run for reelection, citing a desire to spend more time with his family. Jim Risch will run against Robert Vasquez, who has already declared his candidacy, for Craig’s open seat.

    Everyone up for another nasty primary?

  5. I stopped at the Commerce Dept. (“hall of mirrors”) a few weeks back and picked up a couple highway maps. I complained to the lady that they still had Dirk’s photo. She apologetically said they only get printed once a year. (So… will next year’s have Jimmy’s photo, or Butch’s?)

    I’ll have to go with the Guardian’s “Dirk groupie” theory. Ask ANY woman in Idaho or any other state – Hollywood Dirk is the dreamiest governor ever!!!

  6. Not bloody likely, Idagreen. You couldn’t pay Jim to go to Washington, unless he was running to occupy the White House. He’ll be waiting for his old job back and will advertise to all that he is the once and future Governor. And I didn’t notice Risch spending any money campaigning and rarely saw even a yard sign. But he did get lots of media attention for official acts while Governor.

    Also I’ll be shocked if Craig cashes out but he might with all the efforts to out him this time. If you’re right I agree it may be a nasty crowded primary. But Risch won’t be part of it. More likely Simpson.

  7. So, Sisyphus, you think he will run against Otter in the next go ’round, or later down the road? He definitely hasn’t been sitting around eating bonbons. I’m just speculating what he will do with all that political capital.

    You’re right that he didn’t campaign directly for Lt. Gov., but was making the most a bully pulpit and attendant media attention doesn’t hurt. Didn’t know he had a DC aversion. I know I’d rather be in Idaho any day.

    Look deeper into your crystal ball Sis, and tell me who will run in the 2nd district to replace Simpson. Perhaps one of the recently unemployed Ada county Republican legislators?

    As for Craig, even if he does run, I can’t see Vasquez playing nice. I don’t think that story is over quite yet.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I’m grateful for all who participate in the discussion here, and for the Guardian for giving us a forum to do so.

  8. Considering that Dirk’s strong point was his photo-ops I’d say this is definetly a slap in the face to the former gov’s photogenic ,egomaniacal, do nothing for the People style of government!

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget that headline pic where thorny is ridin a lawn-mower on the capitol grounds with his knees at 180 degree angles as they stick out from his $2000 dollar( tax-payer financed) camel-hair overcoat. I ‘m a guessin’ he just wanted to show those lowly state workers what a great guy he was.

    Remember that ” trimed down cowboy hat” that LBJ used to wear? well as dirk’s hairline receeded ( or was his head just gettin’ bigger) he tried that LBJ look as he toured his new governor’s digs ( he always wanted a real castle!) It kind of gave him that Elmer Fudd finesse that important politicos like to avoid ( Bush has combined that chic with a type of idiot’s sneer that you got to admit will at least keep you laughing!)
    Anyway, whoever cut that hirsute, sneering macho face from our beautiful states tour guides probably didn’t want to let folks know how bad it can get now that he’s posin’ with the beltway crowd…

  9. I was told the clipping was the second choice for the Capitol Building tour guides. Risch wanted an entirely new batch printed for the six months he was in office, but the money and time wasn’t there to get the job done. He did, however, manage to send out a portrait of himself to all state agencies within days of his move to Governor with the request that Dirk’s photo be replaced with his on all offices walls ASAP.

  10. You know…as much as I appreciate the State of Idaho being rid of many Kempthorne’s mug…this is nothing more than Risch’s ego…I am curious to what taxpayers dollars were used for the “salaries” for these State paper-doll clippers? Surely..there was more pressing State business to take care of..and if not…THERE SHOULD BE!

  11. chet parker
    Nov 23, 2006, 6:10 pm

    It would be interesting to know how many thousands of those Idaho Corps of Discovery Passports with Dirk’s picture, were destroyed because Jimmy ordered new ones printed with his photo, even though the program expires in December. Talk about wise use of the taxpayers dollar!

  12. Another short fellow with an inferiority complex.
    “I’m King for a Day”!
    “I’m King”!
    “I’m du Man”!

  13. Hi Idagreen, I think Risch just might run against Otter for the top job, depending on Otter’s performance. When Jim decided not to run this time he sat down with Otter, told him his decision and that the race was Otter’s to lose. I’m sure there was more than one occasion during the campaign Risch felt his prognostication was hitting too close to home and wished that he’d made a different choice.

    But defeating an incumbent in a primary is a tough row to hoe and while Risch’s ambition may at times overpower his better judgment, everyone will agree the man ain’t stupid. You are definitely right that Risch got that political capital for a reason and I’m just as curious as you how he’ll spend it. I’ll be shocked if he takes it to Washington however.

    As for District 2, hard to say. For the Ds Jim Hansen could build on the groundwork he’s laid. Also Clint Stennett is talked about but carries the baggage of where he’s from. The Rs in District 2 would probably look to legislative leaders again, like Bart Davis, Bob Geddes, or dragging Bruce Newcomb out of retirement. I doubt that an Ada County moderate would try for it but Debbie Field would have a good shot.

    District 1 is far more interesting. I’d look for another primary battle there between the moderates and the wingnuts. My pick there is Brad Little. I’m very much looking forward to the primary between Vasquez and Craig for the same reasons you are. I’m thinking May 2008 might be more exciting than the general as it often is in this state.

  14. I heard today that the Idaho Department of Commerce and Labor has just printed up a shiny new pamphlet featuring Governor Risch. Does that mean that when Governor Otter takes office, the first Monday in January, the taxpayers will again be paying an employee to cut the previous governor’s photo out?

    I admit I haven’t seen these pamphlets myself. But, if the story is true, where are the fiscally conservative Republicans when we need them?!

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