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We are lending our good offices to the site in the hope of promoting community awareness in issues of common concern.

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  1. ok, i just need info as to helping out on the next Holiday Parade (formerly The Fairyland Parade). There were some nice, creative floats…a lot of effort was put into them and it showed. To me that is a part of the parade tradition.
    But where were the junior high school bands? The only fully uniformed band was Nampa High School and they looked great!
    But where was BSU – does everyone HAVE to be involved with football and football only?
    Personally, I like the old time cars and the tradional little cars with huge old men driving around, each with a fez on their head. But I was sorry to see the riding clubs not riding horses. I was not happy to have older cars reving their engines as my kids are sitting at tail pipe level breathing in their exhaust.

    To me, a parade should not have so many folks just driving around in their car club cars. It reminds me of corn syrup – filler.

    Besides the bands, the clowns and the kids, my hat is off to those EMTs and their great “Staying Alive” routine. It was great and they worked hard till the end!!!
    My hat is also off to the “Veterans of Foreign Peace” which was put on by the Peace Corps.

    It was a lot of work for a lot of people, but I still think that there were too many car clubs.

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  2. Great idea,guardian!!! you know, you have become the best ” guardian of the Community” in print on the internet in the area!!! You are demonstrating to People that ” A Free press creates a Free,healthy, community.”

    EDITOR NOTE–Aw shucks, Joe.

  3. Yes, the bands… I don’t know about -junior- high school bands, but high school bands seem to be absent in parades in recent years. Maybe they have “activities” that keep them from these activities? Maybe they don’t know that high school bands always appear in parades in America? Maybe they don’t know this is America? Maybe they don’t know what America is? Maybe they think America is something they hear about in the news, and is therefore a media concept? Maybe they don’t know what a parade is? Maybe they think that parades are illusions that are created in studios? Maybe they don’t know that there are some entertainment activities that people participate in? I mean people?

    Malls and media. What we’re all about..

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