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Body Language In Cyberspace


I am sitting here at the BSU SUB.
Next to me is a girl with a guy.
He is looking at computer stuff… pictures, whatever.

She is sitting in front of another computer, just sitting there, not speaking, not looking at anything.

Every so often he grunts to her, and she nods.
She’s just sitting there, looking at the keyboard of her computer, not blinking or anything.

This has been going on for 20 minutes or so.
It’s bugging me.

Now she’s picked up her cell phone. A call. She says “it’s not too sore today,
thanks,” and hangs up.

Meanwhile, he’s looking at his cell phone. He closes it.

He closes the browser and clears his throat.
He stands and picks up his jacket.
She stands. They leave. Not a word.

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  1. Brave new world. Almost makes me glad to be old.

  2. This is our world. Guardian readers of all people should recognize that there is a certain comfort as voyeurs hiding behind pseudonyms choosing to interact in cyberspace to the exclusion of personal interaction. People feel safer here. Cell phones, Ipods, laptops, seemingly would provide more opportunity to reach out when in fact it only serves to isolate us to the people with whom we already have a relationship. And while we are interacting with each other on this site on matters of mutual interest it lacks substance and does little to further genuine human interaction. Linguists say that communication is only 10% verbal so I wonder what it is we are missing and how society may be harmed as the increase in technology further exludes personal interchange. For some of us it allows us the excuse to nurture our otherwise hidden misanthropic tendencies. But I think people recognize that something is missing which ironically explains the popularity of this video:

    I have often wondered about the human characterisitics of many of the posters here on the site. But I also wonder that should the Guardian ever posit the idea of meeting at a local establishment for the purpose of meeting each other how many people would take the time and cast aside those fears to actually show. Great post Razzbar. You allowed us to be voyeurs through your eyes.

  3. Sisyphus and Razzbar have introduced us to a new torment from Hades that is part of good ole’ american society.

    Almost a total lack of real personal communication from people, in a dog eat dog atmosphere, that offers multiple high-tech ( expensive) ways to stay in instant,constant communication.

    The couple that Razzbar cites ,Airhead and Macho,reflect perfectly the new age lovers taking over america. Don’t think,talk,or express,just ” grunt & nod.” A friend of mine decided to change their image recently and went out and bought dish TV,the latest c-phone gadgetry,a PC with fax capabilities, and I-pods and 5″ DVD players.

    Two weeks later they were seeing a shrink bi-weekly because they had become suicidal from desperate lonliness and lack of communication ( from anyone?) the society producing the above laughs at personal honesty, openess or group sharing… missing the point that they’re really laughing at themselves.

    They worship themselves, by ignoring the other person, showing a paranoid defense mechanism with their devotion to expressing themselves through their gadgets and toys.Yes, it’s a greedy, self-loving, and expensive ” New Age” living … or should I say dying, ever so slowly, while other’s watch, do nothing, and talk about it on their Toys!

  4. There are lots of volunteer jobs looking for people with time on their hands. You get to meet people of all classes, education levels, and work experiences. There is an opportunity to relate to the needs of the community and take your mind off your personal problems.

    Look in the paper, or go to, or talk to your friends and neighbors and find out where you can help. I will bet that you won’t have to worry about a shrink – you will be too busy worrying about your neighbors and your community.

    Check out the Veteran’s Hospital or any hospital – there are people who need to be visited, or have help for their families. There is no reason for anyone to be feeling sorry for him/her self – there are so many people who need just basic help. Go give it to them. You will be glad you did what needs to be done.

    I have learned over the years that the best way of getting over depression is to take an interest in helping other people. Yes, I know that sounds really sappy, but it is true.

  5. ….gee, and I thought they were just practicing for middle aged married life. :>)

  6. check out page 41 of this week’s Boise Weekly. A review of a book of poetry that goes along with Razzbar’s prose.

  7. “She says ‘it’s not too sore today, thanks’ and hangs up.”

    She probably downloaded some(thing)l from an online pharmacy.

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