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MAYOR HOTLINE November 20 to 24


Toni Breese
8050 Crestwood Drive
Boise, ID 83704
Support for Mayor: My comment is that Mayor Bieter, I would like to see you canonized right along with Mother Teresa. I just think you and your staff are doing such a terrific job. I noticed that during the holiday season how often you are the topic of conversation and the conversations always lack such good will and concern and compassion and fairness in this community. I just want to see that I think you are exemplary politician and what a stunning job you do to make this world a better place. Happy Holidays to you and your staff and peace be with you with you and your family. Thank you very, very much on behalf of the people of Boise.

Amy Bryant
1615 N. 9th Street
Boise, ID 83702
Pedestrians: She has a concern about pedestrians crossing at 10th and Front. The pedestrians run out in front of traffic because there is no crosswalk or light there for them to use. She stated it looks like they are coming from businesses downtown and parking across Front St. in the open parking lot. She’s worried there will be a terrible accident and would like to talk to someone about this.
Action Taken: contacted

Signs: This message is for the Mayor and City Council. I’m calling regarding sidewalk closures in downtown Boise, especially on Myrtle and 13th. They have a big giant sign from a condo project and they are hogging the whole sidewalk and there is no reason to have it closed. Then downtown across from the Owyhee Plaza on Main; I don’t understand why you guys can grant these people to close the sidewalks in the cities. It limits access to bike riders, skate boarders, people in wheelchairs. It is something that needs to be looked into. Also the busses don’t have anyone on them. I don’t understand why they are still running. But, otherwise I think Dave Bieter does a terrific job. Thank you and have a great holiday.

Phil Braun
10936W Bumblebee Drive
Boise, ID 83713
Salvation Army: He hopes the city will defend the right to have a religious service in the community house. The Constitution says there will be no law keeping us from the exercise of free religion. Where is the exercise? They should talk to the group American Center for Law and Justice. It may represent the City for free. The City shouldn’t be scared to stop religious freedom. 90% of the district report cases have been overturned at the Supreme Court level. He thinks we should appeal.

Taxis: There has been changes downtown with the taxi cabs not being able to pick up people and there have been cases of police harassment about being forced to leave downtown against your will. They used to force people to get in a cab but a lot of the violence is getting worse. The reason why it’s gotten worse is because police officers have to stop crime. They are now more focused on the people j-walking and have to play the babysitters for people trying to get cabs. I just see that the moving of taxi cabs down a block is very inconvenient for the people downtown. I understand the crowding problem but crowding doesn’t stop fights. It’s those individuals that are too drunk.

Matt Taplin
BPD/ACHD: The heavy use of semi trucks on Cloverdale is dangerous and frustrating. There is at any given time 4-5 semi’s between Columbia and Victory on Cloverdale. They drive too fast and without caution. Just saw one about sideswipe a school bus today. They don’t care about the rest of the people on the road and there are too many of them. There needs to be some sort of a truck route if the truck traffic is going to remain this heavy. It’s not a safe or pleasant place to be.
Action Taken: contacted

Joan Prigge
10712 Cruiser Drive
Boise, ID 83709
Complaint: There is a construction site and they are burning huge amounts of wood creating an open flame fire. The smoke is coming into the house and their neighbors filling the house with smoke. The fire department says that’s ok. Her husband is having trouble breathing with all of this. She wants a response back. She will not put up with this.

Irene Victory
6809 Baron Ave
Boise, ID 83714
Complaint: BSU tells her that Boise City is the one that names the streets in the University complex. One of the streets has been named Caesar Chavez Lane. She wants to complain about the name and find out who is responsible and ask them to change that. Her reason for complaint is there are many Idaho names that could be put to the Morrison Center. Caesar Chavez doesn’t relate to it. In the newspaper it’s advertising the address and it doesn’t make sense to put it near the Morrison Center.

David Countryman
3101 Ridgeway
Boise, ID 83702
Abandoned Vehicles: This is regarding the Britney Apartments, which is at the bottom of the hill where I live. They are again pushing cars out onto the road to be abandoned. There are two new vehicles. This time they are in the bike lane on Hill Road and this appears to be a common practice by this facility. The facility appears to have one entirely empty building from a fire that will probably never be rebuilt. Another building appears to be empty and non-inhabitable since they re roofed it a year or so ago. I’m concerned that this facility continues to be a general declining nemesis. I’m wondering if the city ever intends to do anything to negotiate some change there. Thank you.

Nicole Burdeck
Homeless Grants: I’m calling about the homeless grants for the homeless housing and if I can get a response back on that. I was told to call the Mayor’s Hotline through the Channel 12 news. If you can get back to me, that’d be great. Thanks, bye.
Action Taken: contacted

Sara Bonner
City Ordinance Comment: I’m calling in regard to the Boise City Council’s decision to move the vendors and cab drivers across the street, which I feel is a threat to all of us patrons walking across the street. It requires us to get in the line of traffic. This is something that’s a big concern to me and a lot of our friends. If you have any questions, we’d like to discuss that with you. Thank you.

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  1. Toni Breese must lead a very sheltered life and read very little. It is not that I have anything against Mayor Bieter, but “canonized right along with Mother Teresa”? Perhaps you would do well to read up on the life and deeds of Mother Teresa or go talk to Rick Harvey who met her in India and spent time working with her untouchables (Rick can be found at Artsmith Jewelers on Vista Ave.)

    Dave is a nice fellow. He does his job, etc. but canonize? It’s his JOB. He gets PAID to do it. How well he does it is up to the beholder.

    I do not recall that Mother Teresa was paid. And Mr. Bieter, please do not let the comment of Ms. Breese go to your head. It would not be good for you.

  2. Toni Breese’s comment is hilarious. Yes, Toni, there has been a lot of negative talk concerning the Mayor from Boise Citizens. I wonder why? Could it be that they’re unhappy with the job he’s not doing?

    As for the Mother Theresa comparison, well I’m sure that Good Woman would forgive you!

    We elect our political representatives to improve our Community, not to lease it out to property and real estate developers. Here’s some of the outstanding problems ,still occuring, since Team Dave took over.

    1-No De-Tox center. 2- More questionable police shootings 3- no definitive action on relief for the homeless 4- More traffic congestion,more serious auto accidents, more pollution,bigger parking lots all because of a road system built for the 1950’s.

    CCDC ( City gov.’s creation) , with all it’s taxpayer largesse, has done nothing to solve this. 5- One of the most poorly funded and administered Bus systems in the USA ( the bus drivers and customers are great.) That’s enough to tick off Mother Theresa –or the Pope !!

  3. I thought canonized meant with a real cannon and the associated balls….until the Mother Theresa part and then I was lost!

  4. “Salvation Army: He hopes the city will defend the right to have a religious service in the community house. The Constitution says there will be no law keeping us from the exercise of free religion. Where is the exercise?”

    Have as many religious services as you want to pay for (out of your own pocket). But when you start using my money to have them, at that point I expect you to have one that represents my religious views as well. I am a Pastafarian, and I find that most of you religious types end up discriminating against me or making fun of my religion. You want religious tolerance? Well… then you should first learn how to PRACTICE religious tolerance, and not simply dismiss other religions.

    Here is our church’s letter to the Kansas City school board. Most of what it says applies to Boise and the Ten Comandments Coalition as well:

    Remember, if you want religious tolerance, you had best learn to walk the walk.


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