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Stop The Presses! Use Up Existing Supplies

The printers still aren’t going to be making much money from the state of Idaho.

Guv Jim Risch’s staff cut out paper dolls of former Guv Dirk Kempthorne from a self guiding State Capitol history tour brochure rather than print new copies without Dirk’s photo. (see UNKIND CUT).

Now, New Guv Butch Otter has quietly made it known (we hear there was a memo) that he wants to see existing supplies of printed matter exhausted –including stationary–before new supplies are ordered.

What is he going to do with all those nice glossy photos of Guv Jim? It would be wise to keep them handy because we probably haven’t seen the last of Jim and Miss Vicki.

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  1. Setting the ego aside and doing what’s in the best interest of the taxpayers? Way to go, Butch! Now THAT’s the kind of decision-making I would like to routinely see from Republicans!!!

  2. Why not simply discontinue the inclusion of any office holder’s photos or unique information on all printed materials? Use generic letterheads that can be printed with the office holders info, and photos of our beautiful state, rather than photos of individuals. A template can be created for correspondence that includes the pertinent information so it needn’t be typed every time. Now that’s the kind of policies I’d like to see from ALL public officials that operate on tax revenues.

    Doesn’t take a Republican to be frugal.

  3. Yep, Idagreen, you are correct on all counts.

    My point about Republicans is the CLAIM so many make about being fiscally responsible, but more often than not, they do not seem to act that way when public funds are involved. Gotta give kudos when someone actually does, with the hope of encouraging more to follow!

  4. True indeed. You know the Boise Weekly used to do a spuds and duds (or something) that showcased the best and worst of the previous year in Idaho. Perhaps Butch should be nominated for a small budget spud for not printing new materials. It’s probably not a huge savings compared to the overall budget, but its’ something.

    I’m wondering, what other expenditures could be modified in the same way?

  5. Having the reputation for enjoying his own “good looks”, causes me to ponder just how many of his (Dirk) portraits were printed up before he left office. Perhaps the number would cause us to think that Gov.
    Risch is being very thrifty in this matter. Now other matters could be a different story altogether……

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