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Bronco Motorcade If Not A Parade

The Boise State Championship football team will be leaving for the Fiesta Bowl at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning the day after Christmas–December 26.

The GUARDIAN noticed a caller to the Mayor’s Hotline (see below) begged for a team sendoff parade. We contacted the caller–a Bronco fan and ex-state trooper so devoted he has volunteered his time as “security officer” for the past nine years. He got a call from Team Dave’s office telling him it was a great idea, but it just wouldn’t fly with such short notice. Bad Move by Team Dave.

Well, sports fans the GUARDIAN is here to show city hall a send off WILL fly and it can be a heart warming send off on a cold winter morning. We may not have a parade, but it will be hard to prevent a MOTORCADE and thousands of fans waving orange and blue the full length of Broadway.

The three BSU team buses will be leaving the stadium as early as 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday the 26th for the brief trip to the airport. Cars with Bronco flags and ribbons of orange and blue could easily find themselves cruising Broadway at that hour and just by chance get caught up with busloads of champion football players headed to the biggest game of their lives.

Just a thought in case anyone had a notion to join in a little local sporting history. Wouldn’t put it past some of the restaurants along the route to offer up either breakfast of at least snacks at that early hour.

Let’s see the politicos put a damper on this one!!

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  1. I’ll bet you can even talk a lot of Vandals to come out dressed in Gold and Silver. Maybe our soon to be ex gov. will be leading the Vandal parade!

  2. I’ll second that with a ” free beer” courtesy of all those long time, forever ,BSU fans restaurants that line the parade route. I mean we wanna keep the fans happy,right?

  3. Porkypine raises a valid point… the Honorable Mayor Bieter is… a VANDAL! Could that have some bearing on his reluctance to get behind the ticker-tape parade idea on “short notice”? (Let’s not forget this when election time comes around. The local elections may be “non-partisan” – nudge-nudge, wink-wink – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some spirited Bronco-Vandal repartee.)

    Ah, c’mon, Joe! Free beer… at 6:30 in the A.M.? Normally that might be a reasonable idea, but remember – this is the day after Christmas! How many sports-fans will still be up partying at 6:30am the day after Christmas?!!?

    I like the idea of the Fan Motorcade. Once we get to the airport, many of those fans/ticket-holders can just head on down I-84 for that road-trip to the Valley of the Sun. (The scenery between Boise and Phoenix is BREATHTAKING this time of year!)

  4. Turns out the Mayor’s office was spot on and your lame motorcade idea will only provide a proper send off of some football equipment and staff when they leave on the 26th. The players in fact are going home for Christmas and will meet in Arizona.

    Idaho Statesman | Edition Date: 12/16/06

    The Boise State football team departs Dec. 23 for holiday break before gathering again the following week in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl.
    We want to send the Broncos off in style — with your help. You can send us your well-wishes in one of two ways:

    * A short written message.

    * A picture of yourself, family or friends sending a special sendoff to the team. Be creative!

    For verification purposes, please include your name and phone number.

  5. Osprey–What have you got against Coach Pete and all the staff who worked so hard to give us a championship team? I like the motorcadeidea myself. I bet the TV and radio people will be there too. You seem to endorse the publicity stunt of the Daily Paper and the shabby treatment the mayor’s office gave the FAN who wanted a parade. What city department do you work in anyway? We need better cheerleaders than you!

  6. Haha! Good job moving the goal posts, Fan. Read the top line of Guardian’s story: it was a parade idea for the TEAM. Well, now it’s apparant the team won’t all be there. Sure, Pete’s great and so are the other top brass. And I’m sure that some of the local talent like Colt, Tad and Korry will be part of the group too. But it’s not what it was first advertised nor wished. But go ahead and knock yourself out. The MSM will be there to cover it if they can get up that early. Lord knows there will not be any other news (though by then the MPC Bowl organizers will be in full panic mode over weak ticket sales). Me? I’m no city employee. But I regularly scan the Boise Guardian and hoist him on his petard when need be. And, on occasion, I’ve also been a source and given him some tips.

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