Historical Exhibit Could Multiply?


Long a favorite with Idaho Historical Museum visitors, the real two headed calf is so unique the gift shop sells stuffed doll versions like the one(s) shown. The headline in the Daily Paper have prompted some to ask if more are possible.

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  1. Anybody think Cecil still has enough pull to get the State cops to set up a roadblock and stop this guy from entering Idaho?

  2. I’m wondering if this press release is another piece of manufactured news, cooked up to scare people into decreasing opposition to a coal fired facility. Sounds like this company is not really in a position to move forward with this project. Very few Idahoans would support such a project and also question the supposed need for such a facility.

    There is a long thread with many comments, from Idaho and elsewhere, on this topic at Red State Rebels, a Democratic blog. Check it out here:


  3. How is the Gubmint going to treat grazing permits for all the two headed cows in Owyhee and Elmore counties as a result of leaked radiation from the nuke plant? Somebody, quick, notify John Marvel.

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