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Bob Lally
Boise Senior Center: Previously I talked to a lady named Heather at the Mayor’s Office about a broken T.V. at the Boise Senior Center. I needed to make that call because the manager would not have it fixed or have another one put in. Within days, a new one was put in. Previous to that, I asked the manager to remove an object from in front of the door that endangered senior citizens if there was a fire there. The manager said he could care less. I called the Boise Fire Marshall. He went down and looked at the situation and he had the item removed. I have had a running situation with the administration of the Boise Senior Solutions office and the administration of the Senior Center. I have been a volunteer there for 10 or 12 years.

Another situation, I was singing a song with the piano player, Margaret Harrison. She pointed out the words as we sang and she played for the lunch group. I commented to her on how she looked that day and someone heard and thought it was inconsiderate, sexual abuse and complained to the manager of the senior center. I was never interviewed or told whose complaint it was and the only way I found out was when they called in Margaret Harrison and she laughed. We have been friends for 10 years and there was nothing ever done. This has been going on for several years and I received a letter today from the Boise Senior Solutions director, Jan Rader, that if I made another complaint or threatened anyone in any form, I would be asked not to do it again, and if I did, they would take legal action to keep me from coming to the center for lunch or other activities.

I understand the City has a budget for the center that amounts to $280,000 as I was told by that director, Jan Rader, several years ago. I feel that my civil rights are being denied and as a tax payer, I would like to know if there are any conditions that go along with treating the citizens of Boise as they do at the center.
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Police Needed
At the corner of 10th and Franklin behind Boise High, we in the neighborhood appreciate the most recent officers presence but as is often the case, it’s a short lived endeavor. The SRO made a big show about how he went over there to pick up the slack after the officer had left. That lasted about four days and now there’s no one out there again and once again students and faculty are treating the four way stop signs as mere suggestions and Franklin between 13th and 9th as Daytona 500. Speaking with Principal Ken Anderson is pretty much worthless since he set this off by rolling through a 4 way stop talking on his cell phone and juggling a cup of coffee one way. You will find that a good number ticketed were teachers and staff at the high school. Nice example they set. So, in short, we need police presence ongoing at 10th and Franklin, especially pre zero hour at 6 in the morning. But basically anytime the kids are coming to and from school is when you need cops. I’m sure statistics will show from the number of tickets written that it’s needed and if it’s a question of cost, I think the tickets pay for the officer being there. Thank you.


Lyle Andrews
984 East Holly
ValleyRide: You got to do something about this bus service. These bus drivers are rude and they would better serve as prison guards. I just called the bus service and had the supervisor of the bus drivers be rude and hang up without giving me his name. If we are going to give them tax payer money, then you need to tell them what to do. I’ve called you about this before and it’s getting old. You have to do something about this bus service. It stinks.

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  1. I’d like to back up Mr. Lally on the problems of abuse of the elderly at the Boise Senior center. Fixing the facilities ( such as a broken TV or a safety hazard by the entrance /Egress) should be attended to immediately by the staff who operate the center. Both are dangerous and are fire hazards.

    As for the sexual harassment baloney, Lally needs to realize that the favorite game of Boise and state bureaucrats when you point out dangerous things their doing , is to accuse you of something that they ” take out of their own book of behavior!”
    As for Mr. Jan Rader, I’ll be sending the mayor and council an e-mail ( I’ll keep a copy) asking them why they keep such a bureaucrat in charge of senior activities in Boise and where exactly is that quarter of a million going? I’ll bet not to the seniors of this lovely city!

    I urge F&A legal and friends to contact the mayor,council and their state reps. ( some state and federal money is used often for city projects) and let them know how dissatisified they are with the current staff at the senior center and the city politicians who refuse to correct the situation.

  2. Throw all the bums out!

    (It is an old saying and it doesn’t mean the homeless so don’t complain!)

  3. Council President Maryanne Jordan and Councilman Bistfeldt who hires the employees of the Boise Senior Solutions, Inc and three years ago budgeted $280,000. to that quai-governemnt agency?

    Several years ago a Mile Dulton was the Director and he was fired after fighting with District Health about the lunches at the Boise Senior Center. One period went on for eight months about the lunches and he seems to be set on one piece of meat that was several monthly.

    It came to a point when Angles Spain faced up to “big” Mike at a Senior Center Board meeting.
    He had a look that I’ve only seem on the faces of
    losers after a ball game that a female would stand face-to-face with him.

    Anyway He was fired by whom I do not know only
    to be replaced by a Jan Raeder who two weeks ago accused me of intimidating, bulling and threatening patrons at the same Senior Center .
    and never naming one of my accusers.

    President Jordan it was a pleasure speaking to
    you last week when you asked for a copy of the
    certified letter from Raeder. With the holidays
    here I do hope this does not became lost in the
    mill of business as usual.

    As I mentioned “big” Mike lasted two years… one more than needed and there seems to be a shortage of individuals to fill the Director of Solutions for Seniors because neither met the solutions that I pointed out to Mike Dulton or Jan Raeder.

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