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Undercover Work On Cop Shop?

Word on the street has it that Boise PD and Team Dave are working–once again–at acquiring the old K-Mart building on Americana for a cop shop.

For those who don’t remember–and that may be half of you–the big flat building with a parking lot at Americana and Shoreline was formerly an office, US Post Office facility, and K-Mart.

Three years ago at the end of Carolyn Terteling-Payne’s administration the Council voted to pay “up to $80,000” to a real estate agent (who still does work for the parks department) to acquire the property using revenues from sale city-owned land at 25th and Fairview and 2900 Fairview. He was paid something, but no deals ever resulted. We haven’t heard who is involved in the current undercover sting.

The GUARDIAN has been critical of the city’s handling of land speculation deals all in the name of a new police station. Editor David R. Frazier even went to court and won a land mark decision which resulted in a court order to have an election for long term debt. Despite the court ruling, voters are still out of the loop as the mayor and council have been taxing citizens and creating a slush fund for a future police facility.

We posted an item about COUNCIL INDECISION on November 25–perhaps that has caused the latest rumors about renewed interest in the Americana property. We don’t question the need for police facilities, but if Team Dave and the Councilors ever want support of the taxpayers it would be smart to ASK before spending their money.

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  1. Boise City government is no different from Ada County government in this regard. For example, did you know…?:

    • Ada County is in the process of purchasing the commercial space on the Courthouse Corridor property for a purported $1.8 million. There will be yet an additional cost to taxpayers because developer Civic Partners will get a reduction in their payments to CCDC that were supposed to “offset” a portion of the lease/bond payments for the Courthouse. There has been no public hearing on this issue.
    • Ada County has received about eight proposals from developers for developing the Western Idaho Fairgrounds (now called “Expo Idaho”) and moving the fairgrounds elsewhere in the County. I do not recall a single public hearing on this major issue.
    • The EMS ordinance at least received a public hearing, but little notice or public involvement beforehand, despite the fact that the proposal was a complete rewrite and overhaul of the County’s previous ambulance ordinance.

    It seems that Ada County government largely operates in a vacuum these days. Even the Idaho Legislature’s Republican caucuses are held behind closed doors. I’m not making excuses for Boise City government, but rather suggesting that there is room for improvement at all levels.

  2. Land speculation by the Mayor and city council is the real problem! Of course we need better police facilities but not to enrich a someone with property to sell.

  3. I thought they were going to build on the property at 30th and Main? That weed infested property has been off the tax rolls for how long now?

  4. Get This...
    Dec 17, 2006, 6:04 pm

    Looks like the City of Boise is also in the business of using the Airport as a shopping mall. You can put a car there and advertise your auto business. You can put a tractor there too.

    But this next one is really goofy. Now there is a “model. full size hotel room” that has been built next to the baggage claim. The room has been built by a motel that is not even open yet but wants to get travelers ready.

    So did they bid out the space to the highest bidder? Why this hotel? Maybe this is how they plan to pay for the new cop shop.

    Pretty soon the airport will be more mall than airport.

    EDITOR NOTE–Don’t forget, the airport is under “new management.”

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