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Another Year At The GUARDIAN

Time for the look back at 2006 and look forward to 2007.

The GUARDIAN realizes the majority of stories tend to be on the subject of growth, but that single topic tends to consume the local mainstream media and government. There is no end to it. Funding, construction, jobs, economy, environment, traffic, schools, planning, zoning, air quality–everything is linked to GROWTH.

That said, instead of tooting our tiny horn with a list of dubious accomplishments, we would like to hear from you.

What were your favorite stories and your least favorites? Go through the monthly archive links at the right to refresh your memory. In addition to comments, we would like to see more reader generated stories and photos.

Got a complaint about signs, code violations, or just want to share something of interest? Send it to the GUARDIAN and if we think it is appropriate, we will post it.

It has been difficult to keep our sense of humor (something we like to share) with all the sins of local government and developers surrounding us on a daily basis.

However, one humor highlight of the year has to be the dudes who drove a Zamboni to Burger King for a midnight lunch break. The BOISE GUARDIAN was even quoted in the GUARDIAN of LONDON on that one! The story truly went around the world.

We find the weekly “Mayor Hotline” transcript to be a rich source of material. The GUARDIAN stopped including the graffiti calls and rearranges the entries according to interest or importance. That has improved the feature quite a bit.

We wish you all the best for the holidays regardless of the God you choose to worship or ignore. The world will ba a better place only through the efforts of people like YOU. Please share your thoughts and respect those who may think differently.

Comments & Discussion

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  1. Thanks for your continued work. I have been reading your blog for about 9 months now. I don’t agree with every article, but I agree with most and appreciate the rest. Keep it up for the next year!

  2. I would like to thank you for you openness to other ideas and points of view. That is what is wrong with the political scene these days. No one can have a civilized discussion anymore without acting like a little kid and getting upset. I must say that I usually disagree with what you have to say and more importantly what everyone else has to say, but……… we can all have a fairly civilized discussion about it and at the very least get a different point of view. There are always things I may have not thought about that are brought up and it makes me stop and think…. but just for a minute.

    Anyways, I am rambling on right now, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all!

  3. Thanks Guardian for acting as a watchdog over local government. Since most recent and notable government missteps have been taken where growth is concerned, it makes sense that your articles focus on this issue. Keep up the good work!

  4. Congratulations, Guardian, on surviving another year of trying to guard us from our maseters — er, I mean servants … our numerous layers of government (also know as flunkies for developers). Keep up the good work — maybe, someday, on a small scale at least , your work will help us reinstate the government of, by and for the people that Abe envisioned, instead of of, by and for the big-money folks.

    An aside to Snoop: Hey, we can easily have civilized discussions when you disagree with all of us, cuz we know we’re right and you’re wrong. 🙂

    Actually, the only thing that worries me about your disagreement is when you say some of these things make you stop and think … but just for a minute.

    Some of them are well worth thinking about for a whole lot more than a minute. Try it, you might like it. And you might get a better understanding of the “other side.”
    Or not.
    Or, keep giving only a minute to each important decision, and you probably will get elected to a county commission or city council … maybe even Congress.

    Either way, it’s nice to know someone who disagrees is interested enough to read The Guardian and us nasty folks who add our opinions.
    — Gordon

  5. I appreciate the Guardian more than any other site on the Internet. G-man is the only person I can think of in media willing to put feet to fire. I just hope that big advertising bucks won’t make the G-man go soft on content like the daily sheet and the tube pseudo news. He could go over to the soft pedal/pablum news with a few big advertisers. But hey, he’d win the Boise popularity test hands down. Isn’t that what most Idahoans want?

    My fave articles are the ones with the word “poop” in them. Keep up the good work G-man!

  6. The best of the holiday season to The Guardian and it’s contributors!!! Your all doing a great job! The local politicians will probly try to sic some grinches on you but you won’t be afraid!!! We’ve got the whole New Year to set them straight!

  7. Thanks to the Guardian for saving us so much time. Without your efforts we would all have to spend much more time “digging” to be as informed.
    You do an excellent job of providing a forum that promotes such “lively” discussion.
    Thank you for your commitment.
    Merry Christmas and a very “lively” New Year to all.

  8. First, I love the spam filter question. Probably the only question I have answered correctly in the last year. Second, congrats on a successful year. To all those that post here, congrats on having an opinion. Right or wrong, my opinion is the only reason I am in politics. I second the Pirate in saying thanks G-Man for being a watch dog. All of us in local politics need a strong dose of reality as often as we can get it. It is real easy to create a vacuum to sit in and ignore what is taking place around you.

    To Snoop and Gorden, Amen to ya. Disagreement is how good decisions get made. If we can’t have good debate, lets go home. Gordon…not to be critical but the whole “of the people, by the people, and for the people” came about four score and seven years before Abe. John…how can you not love a story about “poop”. If you’ve got any, now would be the time to fling it. And finally to Joe Moran and the G-man…here is one local politico that won’t try and send the Grinch in to steal Christmas. I might send a hairy little chimp in to poke the 800 pound gorilla in the ass…but no Grinch. Thanks for a great forum.

    Still Team Nate

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