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Fiesta Pre-Game Media Blitz

Just about everyone jumped on the pre-game Fiesta Bowl blitz. On Channel 7 we saw Mark Johnson leading cheers at the same time Channel 6 was doing a live report saying the pep rally had just finished.

How did GUARDIAN readers see all the contests of local TV reports? Did KBCI even have a crew in Arizona at all? What will the media kids do with no football…always the legislature to predict and explain to us.

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  1. First, I always love seeing elected (and appointed) officials– like a Secretary of the Interior, a Governor, and a Mayor– talk about football in interviews. Why does anybody think Idaho’s political actors are authorities on football? But they are all there, including officials that regulate education.

    Second, being a Utah Ute, I’ve enjoyed the hype of a BCS game. (I know BSU creamed us this year, but lets see how Boise does in two years when the coach is sucked away by big money, seniors graduate, and the good players end up the first round draft pick in the NFL. I am for Boise in this one however.)

    The truth is, the hype will be forgotten as soon as the game is over. If Boise wins, the media will forget that there is any other news in the State for a few days. That’s what happened in Utah anyway.

    (Even though you creamed us), go Boise.

  2. A lot of Fiesta Bowl hype, yes, but the players, the coach, and supporting staff lived up to it and then some. I’m guessing this game isn’t one that will soon be forgotten!

    This BSU football team also gave us all a lot more to cheer about than the legislature is ever likely to.

  3. Fiesta Bowl puts Idaho on the map. This must be the first major bowl game for any Idaho team. What a thrill. Wish I could say I saw the entire game but gave up at 10:30 pm.

    EDITOR NOTE–Never give up on the Broncos!

  4. As an outsider, I do have to say that it was great to watch your guys play on actual green grass!

    Go Bucks!

  5. We watched the game with about 35 of our closest friends! What a treat! I’m not one who minds hype to begin with, but in this case, I’m not sure there was enough hype, when all was said and done.

    I don’t care about putting Boise on any more “maps”. I do think its about time that a group of guys who work hard and have the hearts of lions get their due. Not for the faint of heart, this game was the best I’ve seen. Go Broncos!

  6. Sharon makes the best point of all: “This BSU football team also gave us all a lot more to cheer about than the legislature is ever likely to.”

  7. Jon Q Publique
    Jan 2, 2007, 10:33 pm

    KBCI had a presence at the Fiesta Bowl – Natalie Hurst and Andrew Marden – at least at evening news time on game day. Was it more than a one day appearance? Anyone know?

    I’ll give more credit to Channel 6 for their coverage – both (the week) before and after the game. Channel 6 carried the press conference after the game with Coach Pete. Snooze Channel 7 seemed more enamored with showing off their star personality – Mark Johnson – and his supporting cast than covering the post game press conference. And yes, Guardian, I too noticed the disparity between Channel 6 and Channel 7 reporting on the pep rally. Was Snooze 7 in a time warp?

    While I am constantly amazed at the number of geographically challenged people in this county, at least when it comes to where Idaho is (let alone Boise), put me in the group that feels we don’t need to be “put on the map” anymore than we have been.

    Sharon, great comment!

    Nice job Broncos!


  8. No — you missed the point there JQP — KIVI LIED to its audience – because they didn’t want to acknowledge the ass-kicking the 7 folks handed them.

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