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MAYOR HOTLINE December 25-29

Jeff Erwin
430 Summit Ridge Rd
Boise, ID 83702
ACHD: Two weeks ago we had a sign show up on our street showing our road was closed. Nobody knew what was going on. We got down to the end of our cul-de-sac and some people were digging up our street and over the last two weeks they have dug up our whole cul-de-sac. Now it’s mud. Yesterday we had relatives coming through and you can’t even pull in our driveway because it’s mud. It is 2 inches of mud. I’m carrying my kids to my car. ACHD has a recording on their machine. No one calls you back or anything. I’m out here talking to these construction workers working on this house next door and they say they have no plans to pave it anytime soon. I’m wondering how long I have to walk through mud to get to my car and carry my kids to the car. If someone has an answer, I’d appreciate it, thanks.
Action Taken: left msj

Fran Stofford
3306 Hillcrest Lane
Cab driver complaint: I just had a cab bring me from the airport to my home. I was just released by a cab driver and it just makes me mad thinking that out of town people could experience the same thing. I’m sorry I don’t have his name but I think I’ll take my car and drive out and see if I see his cab waiting in line. Maybe I can find out. What he did is he had no change to give back from my twenty dollar bill and I live by the canal, within a mile almost of the airport and it cost me $12 for the fare. The fare was $8.50 but $3.50 for his tip for one suitcase and one person. He was just mad because I lived so close. Anyway, that’s my complaint.

Deb Hampton
Ada County: She called to complain about a Jason or John at Boise City Dispatch. She wanted to talk to the sergeant on duty and the person on Dispatch said he couldn’t transfer the call without knowing the nature of the call. She stated she was stuck behind traffic on the interstate because the traffic is horrendous and wanted to get a reserve officer out on the interstate to direct traffic so the possibility of accidents was minimized. She stated he was very rude and said that her issue was not an emergency. She thought that was extremely unprofessional and careless. She lives in Ontario and commutes.
everyday to work. She has never been so rudely treated. She would like a response back as soon as possible.
Ada County

Joe Moen
BPD: Joe called regarding a robbery in his neighborhood on 27th and Stewart Street. There was a van full of people stealing this morning. He called the police dispatch two hours ago and no one showed up. The person on the phone said the police were, “too busy.” He thinks this is ridiculous and that this is a serious matter. He is getting the idea that the police are too lazy to protect the citizens of Boise.

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  1. Deb Hampton commutes every day from Ontario… and calls 9-1-1 to request that a cop direct traffic? On the Interstate?

    Maybe she forgot to leave some details, but isn’t the traffic horrendous pretty much every day?

    Maybe she should consider either finding a job in Ontario, or moving to Boise.

  2. Could someone explain how an officer could “direct” traffic on the Interstate? Am I missing something?

  3. Joe’s call reminds me of a case I heard of:
    Guy called dispatch with burglar report; dispatch said all the cops were busy on other stuff; nobody available.

    Guy called back a few minutes later, said, “Never mind; I just shot all three of the ^&&(*&s.”
    Herds of cops showed up, caught the bad guys stealing, then went to the caller and said, “I thought you said you shot them?”

    Guy said, “And I thought you guys said nobody was available.”

  4. Welcome to Idaho!

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