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GUARDIAN Alive In Brazil Jungle

Dear loyal readers–

The Guardian editor is alive and well, but really hot and humid in the jungle of the Brazilian Amazon. We will get back in action in a week or so, but had to make a living shooting pictures throughout Brazil.

We have some great shots of IN FILL developments which should cure that problem once and for all! Also alcohol fuel is big here. Sorry to let you folks down, but this year I have to “take care of business” so I can afford to keep our beautiful Idaho and Boise from going the way of the world.

WARM regards,

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  1. To Dave
    Stay gone as long as you like.

    Signed The City of Boise

  2. bert farber
    Jan 23, 2007, 4:44 pm

    Noble Guardian…
    Watch out for cannibals. You’d make a great value meal.
    Hurry home.

  3. Dave ;
    Brazil must be beautiful so snap on. I’d love to see some of those Pics! The small-time political crooks here are lovin their vacation from the guardian but ” WE’ll be back!!!!” Joe

  4. No dout I miss reading this Bog, but I do understand having to make a living. You haven’t missed much, cold, yellow alert’s and politicans blowing their horn. You’ll be welcome back when you get tired of the Jungle.

  5. Fear not Guardian. We will try and keep their feet to the fire until your return.

  6. Guardian~
    This would be a great time for you to read, “River of Doubt” by Candice Millard. After an unsuccessful bid for reelection as an indepedant, Theodore Roosevelt set out on an ill-prepared expedition to map an unknown tributary of the Amazon. Have a glorious time and watch out for the candiru!

    I think I read it years ago as well as a great yarn by the father of a Boise lady whose name escapes me. He worked for an oil company I believe. Today the natives all have cell phones and satellite dishes!

  7. Editors note. Modren tech has reached every part of the world. I gotta quit believing National Geographic. Cell Phone’s, satellite dishes?
    Sure your not in the City and it just looks like the jungle. Oh the City is a jungle.

  8. I loved Robert’s comment about cellphones in the jungle. I was watching a program about Malaysia some time ago, which said that country had the world’s best truck stop – places for Muslim worship and everything. So I checked it out and found that millions of young people run around talking on their cell phones just like they do in LA and New York and London. Thanks to National Geo I thought everyone there still walked barefoot in rice paddies. Wow, what a revelation!!!

  9. Say dave I’ll bet you feel safe as a local down there with all the anacondas,spiders, blood-sucking fox-bats and 1000 lb. crocs. I knew some griz’s and bull elk in Montana that I felt a lot more comfortable around than the Idaho state legislature!the tropics have got to be a relief from exposing to the public the back-stabbin’,mud slinging,health ruining Boise political soap. We want you to get all rested up with your nature friends so you can come back here and really raise some hellaballoo!!

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