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Old Manure Causes Stink

A lot of the barn yard odor at the Idaho Ag Department is apparently left over manure from the previous administration. We also hear the guys at the top didn’t get along well.

Our sources were pretty much correct in what they observed, but some of their conclusions were off–by about 24 hours. The bonus pay was authorized by the old director, but PAID two weeks into current director Cecelia Gould’s term of office. She did NOT authorize the bonuses, but they were doled out during the pay period following December 31.

Seems former director Pat Tagasugi authorized bonuses for 32 agriculture employees–on December 31, NEW YEAR’s EVE! (his last day in office) We have the list of all those who got bonuses and noticed a glaring example of why bonuses are not a good thing.

Most were for $150, but Tagasugi’s “management assistant” (who was described as his secretary by a staffer) was paid $2,000 and she no longer works at the agency.

We also found four staffers who got $1,000, three received $750, six were paid $250, eighteen garnered $150. Interestingly, some of the temporary positions got the same as permanent staffers.

The Legislature and or Guv need to take note of this fiasco as well as the blanket redistribution of wealth that took place at the Education Department. We think rewards should be be made known to all who work in a department and those who excel should be seen as an example of what makes a good worker.

The GUARDIAN was tempted to publish the names and amounts of those who got bonuses, but enough damage has already been done at that agency. Many good people are feeling slighted and seeds of distrust have been sewn.

Let’s hope this disclosure turns that manure into fertilizer that will stimulate healthy growth.

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  1. Publish the names

  2. Just another example of why there is mistrust with upper management. Did they really think no one would find out and care. For the one’s who questioned your so called “rumors” here’s egg, or should I say Ag on their faces.

    So a person who is no longer at that Department got a $2000 exit bonus? Boy does that seem like shut-up money or something of a strange mystery. Is that normal procedure with state offices?

    Your readers are requesting that you print the names. Please do it.

  3. I thought it was only those tax and spend liberals and Democrats who did stuff like that? Next time I’m in Wendell I’ll thank the Dept. of Ag. for the stink because I’ll know it’s just money.

  4. Well,dadgummit, blazing saddle, you can’t have it all ,even in spudabowl! Sounds like the government made all the moves you needed to make you’se a rich cattleman at taxpayers expense. I think the G-Men is bringin’ the ” big,bad wolf” back to give you ” Gabby Hayes types” something to groan about.

    The genius’es in the Idaho legislature should be able to help you out. Why not contact them and suggest a ” Kill em’All Day” so’s you hairy cowboy types can have a special time to kill anything you want ( citizens will be cautioned to stay indoors-to avoid accidents?)

    Why we could have Bill Sali chair the opening celebrations!

  5. More Stink..

    Good job on your post concerning those secret bonuses that were put through at the Ag. Dept for the exiting Director’s buddies. Looks like you were right on the money(or our State’s money) with your comments. You even got credit in the Statesman today. I bet that doesn’t happen very often.

    I think it’s funny that the directors at different agencies are saying that these bonuses were promised. If Gov. Risch said you can’t do it, why were they promised to people while he was in office? Sounds like more secrets were going on behind HIS back also. So what are the present Directors going to do behind Otter’s back?

    From what I hear, the agencies are not so concerned about the fact that their secrets got out, but who leaked this information to you. I’m sure that’s why e-mails are being watched so closely as you reported. I bet the average state employee at these places are worried about retalilation.

  6. Clancy and Sis–
    You guys need to say something nice to the G man now that the Daily has made the bonus business “official.” I find it interesting how the blog phenomenon in general has evolved. These blogs offer a voice to insiders and eventually the mainstream media picks up on them.

    Not only were the state bonuses featured at the top of page one in the Daily Paper, but they also did the editorial on city surveys and lobbyists–long after the G revealed those items.

  7. Publish the names and dollar amounts. Include all state agencies. It is our tax dollars, not the State’s or the cities’ or the counties’ or the feds’.

  8. Mr. Logic, The paper probably ran it after the Guardian for two reasons: The Guardian scooped the stories. And the daily has an obligation in publishing true and factual stories (they hate running corrections). The Guardians original post was from an inside sources(hearsay) and were not verified at that point (FOI not completed).

    I appreciate the Dave’s effort and this page for making these stories available, but it still needs to be kept real and out of rumor central. That being said, Nice job Dave and it looks like you will a continuing outlet for “inside sources”.

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