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A Capitol Idea Saves Capital Funds

Once again a GUARDIAN reader has a solution for a major state issue. This from Gordon–

Gov. Butch has suggested putting up tents to house some of the rapidly increasing prison population. But prison officials say you just can’t trust some of those
cons; they might simply cut a hole in the side of a tent and escape.

So, how about putting Butch’s tents up for our overflowing Capitol population?

They’d be a lot cheaper than the proposed underground digs, even cheaper than school-type portables, could be taken down at the end of each session and stored until the next one, and surely we could trust our honorable lawmakers not to cut holes in the sides and try to escape.

And, unlike at the prison, we wouldn’t need to install any heating systems, since our solons definitely can supply plenty of hot air to fend off the chill.

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  1. Prison officials said “they might simply cut a hole in the side of a tent and escape”?

    Where was the Butchster advocating they be erected, in Ann Morrison park?

    If perimeter security is that bad at the pen I am more than a little concerned. Don’t they have a big wall around that place?

    If I didn’t like taking my annual tour of the old pen on Warm Springs I’d say that would be a great place to house some of those folks.

  2. Gordon, you are a genius! Then again we all know that we can trust those cons a lot more than we can the Idaho legislature. Say, Butch,why not use tents for the legislature, the old pen on Warm springs for the Cons ( after some serious refurbishing)and sell the governors mansion (Americans don’t like castles for their so-called politicians!), giving the proceeds to Idaho’s homeless?

    In a serious vein the Old County Courthouse should be used to house the overflow from The Id. legislature. Its architecture is beautiful and could be updated and would cost the taxpayer a lot less than their underground bunkers.

  3. Hey if the school-type portables are good enough for our studends and cold old tents for prisoner’s then why not for our leaders? Makes a lot of sence to me. What make’s them think they need more.

  4. curious george
    Feb 20, 2007, 5:17 pm

    What’s the rate of recidivism among politicians?

    Maybe tent-housing is the cure to return them to the exhalted status of “citizen”.

    Editor Note–Most are repeat offenders.

  5. The old Ada County Courthouse has a jail right up at the top! The ACLU might not be too happy about the conditions for prisoners, but it has been and still could be used – either for prisoners, or for legislators who don’t vote with the people’s best interest in mind! 😉

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