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MAYOR HOTLINE February 12 to 18

Rick Munson
1037 Warm Springs Ave
BPD: Mayor Bieter, I would like to commend the Motorcycle Patrol Division for an outstanding job. I personally today got to meet Officer Christensen on the connector, or right by the connector. I think the City Council and you should take a long strong look at the amount of money invested in the benefits received thereof. The motorcycle patrol is doing a fantastic job and I think it’s well spent money. It’s something to consider. I appreciate your time. Thank you for your time, sir. Again, motorcycle patrol rocks, good investment. Bye
Action Taken: contacted

Steve Hill
CC: I also have one for Mr. Bisterfeldt regarding Rivendell Estates. Mr. Bisterfeldt is not living up to what the City Council told us with these lots. He has his son selling them and they’re passing stuff off on these lots to buyers which is not true. I need to talk to Mr. Bisterfeldt. If he could call me at 371-1880, I would appreciate it. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: Vern left msj

Gary Hartley
Qwest Communications
AT&T Bldg. across from the Capital
PW: I work 4:00 p.m. to midnight. My concern is that every street light around the park is out; every street light but one at 619 Bannock is out; there are lights out on Idaho Street. These street lights have been out for a good month. I have been looking forward to someone to replace these street lights around the capital, around the park, around the street, yet no one seems to show up to replace these lamps. My biggest concern is the park is completely dark for the people walking through the night, for the safety, and for other reasons. I don’t see why it takes so long to replace one street light, let alone ten street lights. So, could you just find someone to give this message to, to get these street lights replaced. Thank you

PDS: I would like to issue a complaint about your code enforcement policy where you require neighbors to have to provide their name and address for a code violation, which is an easy way for your organization to not have to go out and do investigations because people are going to be fearful for retribution by their neighbors for the complaint. You should be able to report enforcement violations and you can go out and do the investigation without jeopardizing neighbors. I think that’s pretty ridiculous and a pretty lousy way to conduct business for public safety purposes. Thank you

Cynda Bain
United Water: I don’t have a number for the Idaho Public Utilities Commission for after hours, and we’re having a problem with the water company. We’re trying to get the water turned on and we called yesterday and they said they would be out today to turn it on. They came out then they just drove away. When we called, they stated to us that we would have to wait until Tuesday and go into the office. We have children and a pregnant woman here and we can’t flush the toilets, we have no running water. We have nothing and nobody will deal with us or talk to us. We can’t wait until Tuesday, so if someone would please call us back and let us know what we need to do to get this water turned on. Thank you.

Jenifer Whitewing
1450 W. Highview Dr.
PW: I just wanted to comment that Boise should be a solar city, especially downtown. I think it has tremendous solar potential; I’ve already left a comment about rooftop gardens and how much energy and water those can conserve. I know that there are some of those in progress and that’s excellent, but what about glass panels on the outsides of all of the buildings, specifically windows that have passive or reflective solar properties. That technology is fairly simple to transition to, given the building structure you already have now. It could be an inspiration for other cities in the state and also around the nation. I think Boise is an awesome place to live, a beautiful place with incredible people and a lot of potential for creative energy and compassion.

Steve Hill
PDS: Regarding the bid with the city Building Department – when you apply for permits, any business can get that information, get your phone number and keep harassing you about it. I wish to speak to somebody about that. Thank you very much.

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