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GUARDIAN Predicts Tibbs Bieter Race

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Just under two years ago the GUARDIAN ran a story about Jim Tibbs gearing up to run for City Council. We speculated he would be in position to run for mayor.

Our humility is awesome and everything the GUARDIAN predicted has come to pass right down to Tibbs defeating Jerome Mapp, Police Chief Mike Masterson in the employ of “Councilor Tibbs” (they are skiing buddies), and now we say he will run for mayor.

When the tulips begin to peek through the ground be ready for an announcement that will see Tibbs on the City election ballot when the leaves fall next November. We scooped the mainstream media by months last go around and figure it will happen again.

Tibbs, 59, has been making the rounds at the service club noon luncheons and neighborhood meetings a whole bunch more than his paltry councilor salary demands. We figure he is laying the groundwork for a run at Mayor Dave Bieter’s seat.

As the new guy, Tibbs currently sits on the end of the bench at council meetings and Bieter calls the plays. Tibbs, the Boise High and BSU grad is about to schedule a game with Bieter who counts Bishop Kelly and U of I as alma mater.

It should be a great contest. Both players are gentlemen and have a history of public service. Team Dave has worked hard on the public image of the coach, but our sources say Tibbs has the edge at speaking to groups and on TV and radio.

Like all the U.S. Senators running for president, Tibbs will keep his seat on the council if he loses. The added advantage if he moves from the end of the bench to the center is that as Mayor, Tibbs gets to appoint his replacement, with council approval.

We hear there is a pretty strong hint of what is up with Tibbs on Walt Baker’s Eye on Idaho show Sunday morning on KBCI TV 2.

Finally! Something interesting to watch at City Hall.

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  1. Guardian. I smell a record for posts on a topic coming! By the way, If we all got together and bought the other Dave a ticket to Tahiti,would you possibly introduce him to a friend I have there? I know it would be a lot to ask to sit for 10-12 hours with him on the way there, but you wouldn’t have to worry about the flight home. His ticket would only need to be one way.

  2. The only question about the Tibbs/Bieter mayoral race is whether Chuck Winder will jump in too. Either way, I predict Tibbs will win, hands down.

  3. And in other news tonight, the sky is blue, there’s snow on Bogus Basin, and Boise City Hall is made of brick.

  4. BrianTheDog
    Feb 24, 2007, 2:53 pm

    I have said it before on this page. Everyone I know will vote for Tibbs. I might even get another identity just to vote more then once for him. Bieter should not even waste his $$$$ on a campaign. It is tough to beat a “movie star”. The man is known everywhere with a hook and a smile. VOTE TIBBS!!

  5. While I supported Killeen in the ’03 election, I think Bieter has done a good job in some things, like expanding parks and libraries, particulary in the long-overlooked Bench area.

  6. Wonk, prostitution is still illegal in Idaho. Why do you keep trying to turn tricks? You always suck up to whomever is in office, including the old jailbird mayor. “Good job” in libraries? You gotta be crazy. Team Dave openly pushed to support a bond proposal that was outdated and when it failed he came out and said, “We didn’t really need the money because we can sell excess land and store fronts are cheaper anyway.” I will be glad to make you a deal on some old mail trucks if you want to pimp your ride.

  7. I have to agree, Tibbs will wallop Bieter at the polls, I would not waste the money if I were him. I don’t believe Winder will make a run if Tibbs is in the mix, he won’t go down in another three way race like last time. But I would like to see him throw his hat in for Council, that would be great. Maybe he could unseat Clegg or Shealy, sure would be nice to see them go. I have yet to hear either of them utter an intelligent statement.

  8. All Jim Tibbs has to do to be mayor is run. I believe that he has the experience, know-how and positive connections to make Boise an even better place to live. Go for it Jim,this city needs you.

  9. Quick. Someone tell me the platform on which Tibbs will run. After visiting all the service clubs in town (i.e., the business leaders), is he then going to satisfy those people by taking the anti-growth stance Boise Guardian followers beg for? I just haven’t seen enough of what he has said he’s “for” compared with what he’s been against so far (that is, primarily against anything Bieter has pushed). Seems too early to predict a “hands down” win without knowing both sides of this story.

  10. Jim Tibbs is a limelight-hungry fake “people’s person”. Bieter told him specifically he wouldn’t be eligible for the Chief job when he accepted the interim position and then he went around him and tried to subvert the whole process.

    Bieter may have fumbled at times, but he certainly hasn’t done anything specifically to make himself look good!

  11. FUMBLED? Bieter couldn’t hang on to the ball if it was super-glued to his hands. Tibbs will listen to all sides, as he should, and then he will make a decision based on what the majority of the citizens want. And when he tells you what he is doing, he will be looking you straight in the eye.

    What you want 100% of the time? Certainly not. But he will be fair and make decisions based on logic and common sense. That’s good enough for me.

  12. I hope Winder does not run if Tibbs runs. That would split the vote, and the city would be stuck with Dave dead-beater again just like the last time when Kileen pulled Winder’s votes away. I agree with Chester, though. I’d like to see Winder run against Clegg. He’d win hands down over her.

  13. Sure, he will run. And, sure, he will win. But, other than proving, one more time, that in this town a brick followed by an R on the ballot can beat just about any democrat, what it the point?

    I would think even the republicans would want to run a candidate that had more on their mind than being Dave-not.

  14. Sorry, but I have personally seen Jim Tibbs stand behind Don Pierce and smile, as Pierce lied about events surrounding a student protest.

    Tibbs gleefully and assertively backed up that lie. And, as far as I remember, Tibbs supported Pierce even after the security video showed Pierce toting out City property with then Mayor, Brent Coles. Too much history for Tibbs and guilt by association with disgraced former City personnel for me to want to see him as Mayor.

    What specifically has he done since he’s been on the Council that makes him so much different than the others?

    I’m not terribly impressed with Bieter’s performance, but I do know that when I go to City Hall, the employees are happy and friendly, and the black cloud that hung over the facility, ethically and emotionally, seems to have lifted. So I’m not anxious to see an alum from the dark days take the helm. And definitely not a Boise cop.

    But gee, it’s hard to dis a guy with a hook.

    If folks are really worried about Winder or others “splitting the vote”, we should demand that the City adopt instant run-off voting. That would eliminate the idea of a “stolen” election while still allowing a wide field of qualified candidates. It would also NOT require costly run-off elections to be held at a later date.

    We’ve got to do SOMETHING to get more qualified candidates to run for public office, especially at the local level. The current system leaves us few choices other than candidates with money or with a family name. And given the current state of affairs, I wouldn’t say that 20+ years of experience in the system is necessarily a ringing endorsement.

  15. “Wonk, prostitution is still illegal in Idaho. Why do you keep trying to turn tricks? You always suck up to whomever is in office, including the old jailbird mayor.”

    And you suck up to anyone who supports your anti-community views, Mr. Colic.

    Every time I show up, without fail, you launch into profanity and name calling. Do I really unsettle you that much? The next step in your well-worn tactics is to feign injury, start calling me “Sir” and saying what a meanie I am. Then you start in with the personal attacks again.

    Truly, you are a Master Baiter.

  16. Like I asked earlier: Quick. Someone tell me the platform on which Tibbs will run. After visiting all the service clubs in town (i.e., the business leaders), is he then going to satisfy those people by taking the anti-growth stance Boise Guardian followers beg for? I just haven’t seen enough of what he has said he’s “for” compared with what he’s been against so far (that is, primarily against anything Bieter has pushed). Seems too early to predict a “hands down” win without knowing both sides of this story. And now I see there are Guardian readers who would oppose a Tibbs for Mayor run — which also tells me there may not be a “slam dumk” if info starts surfacing on his career and comments. (Besides, voting for someone just for the sake of being against Bieter seems like a pretty questionable way to be sure you’re going to improve city government).

  17. Cyclops, if all Tibbs does is make decisions based on what the majority of people want then he won’t be doing his job. We elect officials to do what they think is best in any given situation, not to cater to the majority will. If leaders only did what the majority wanted then this country would be a backwater.

    EDITOR NOTE–but we would not be in Iraq!

  18. What’s Qualfify?
    Some one who name you know?
    I don’t think either one is Qualified.
    Dang we need some fresh blood.

  19. Tibbs will put on a great race, but he stands little chance, if any, of beating Dave Bieter.

    That makes me sad.

  20. Idagreen, The only thing you need to do is pay your filing fee and start campaigning. Just a small bit of advice. When your on the stump, lose the “definitely not a Boise cop” line. It REALLY speaks to your prejudices and a propensity to make dumb statements. I look forward to hearing your vision of the future for Boise.

  21. bert farber
    Feb 26, 2007, 9:56 am

    Dtrain writes: “Jim Tibbs is a limelight-hungry fake “people’s person”

    You gotta be kiddin’! Tibbs is the real deal and has the life experience of dealing with adversity to back it up. And some other writer says it’s hard to “dis a guy with a hook”

    I figure Tibbs would want people to look beyond the hook and focus on the man. There’s the story. And it’s a good one.

  22. This won’t be easy for Tibbs. Things have gone “well” for the past while. There is no open scandal at city hall. Several Boise districts went Democrat last Fall. Tibbs will have to create an issue, or expose some of the power plays going on at city hall. Campaign Non-stop and out work Mayor Dave’s group. Even still… will be a horse race.

  23. Ray, Stephen and Idagreen make some good points. Mr. Tibbs did not exercise good judgment in the Matthew Jones affair while interim chief. What has Tibbs done on the Council to distinguish himself? How will he do the job better than the current Mayor?

    I’m fairly pleased that Mayor Bieter is opposing the heap leach mine but I wish he would use the bully pulpit more to change the law to allow Idaho’s largest city to have more say in the actual approval process, particularly when its drinking water supply is being endangered. Why Boise has no say in that process is mind boggling.

  24. “Someone tell me the platform on which Tibbs will run. After visiting all the service clubs in town (i.e., the business leaders), is he then going to satisfy those people by taking the anti-growth stance Boise Guardian followers beg for? I just haven’t seen enough of what he has said he’s “for” compared with what he’s been against so far (that is, primarily against anything Bieter has pushed).”

    Good point. However, Tibbs may not need to give many specifics, although he should anyway, just because voters deserve that information. In 2003, Bieter gave few specifics on his positions or what exactly he would do.

    Also, every legislator with a district in the Boise City limits is a Democrat and the mayor is a Democrat as well. Tibbs has steered clear of any definite partisan affiliation and that should help him as well.

    I don’t know to what extent the 10 Commandments issue will figure into the elections. I have a feeling no candidates will want to push it, although the religious right will keep trying to bring it up and get some mileage out of it.

  25. Just a quick comment about the lack of anything going on at city hall that would help Tibbs. We the police union also see a “lack” of anything going on…like the last year with minimal pay raise offers while trying to reduce our health benefits. 36 months under Mayor Bieter and we have had a contract for a total of 8 months of that. Wow…lets support him! Not! Although to be fair we aren’t really sure we are supporting anyone right now until we get to meet and visit with all the canidates. I can say I am glad we the police have the silent majority support of others rather than the anti BPD voice of idagreen. Sure, we don’t always make everyone happy but the officers are willing to put their lives between you and those who would hurt you…but hey, what do I know, Im just a native Idahoan from rural Idaho with tons of family in law enforcement and fire service here and family ties over 100 years in this valley, what do I know? I must also agree with the other posts about Sheely and Clegg. They are not only anti employee, they think they are smarter than everyone else by a factor of 10. If you know any good canidates get them to run!

  26. Powder to the People
    Feb 27, 2007, 4:32 pm

    Jim’s a skier. Nuf said. Never seen Bieter up at Bogus. If you can shred powder at Bogus, you can shred politics at City Hall. My vote has already been cast.

    Pow Pow

  27. Perhaps Kip should tell what the PD union has for health benefits and what they pay for them. Then let Joe Private employee who has a 2000 dollar deductible, a 40.00 office copay, no orthodontia or vision coverage and no medical savings account and pays 800.00 a month for his family of 5, decide whether the PD is well enough off. Or would that swing the pendulum in the wrong direction?

  28. My comment was not meant to be anti-law enforcement in general. I mentioned specifically, and meant exclusively, that in this case, a person with years of inside experience in a troubled department with a less than stellar record would not be my choice for city leadership.

    The Boise Police Department has had some serious problems that may not necessarily reflect on the quality or valor of the individual officers that work there, but rather on the administration and leadership, of which Tibbs must claim some institutional responsibility. I would not rule out voting for a police officer, but not for someone from the BPD leadership.

    So take a deep breath Kip, it wasn’t meant to be a slam. You have my respect, and my support for your efforts to get fair treatment from the Mayor and Council on wages and benefits (Go Local 486!). Bieter has definitely been a big disappointment there (though he’s happy to take union money during the campaign). As far as I’m concerned, it would be hard to pay police and fire fighters too much for being willing to take on such difficult and dangerous work.

    I still haven’t heard folks elucidate Tibbs qualities, other than he’s an OK guy and he’s not Dave Bieter. Anyone?

    And, as I’ve mentioned before, we can open the field to more candidates through public financing and/or instant runoff voting. Sorry, Cy, takes more than a filing fee to run a campaign for Mayor. The last race set a record for money spent (and wasted, apparently, by Winder and Killeen). Besides, are you suggesting you have to be a candidate yourself to criticize those who are?

  29. Tam…you really want to go there?

    Instead of being ticked off about their benefits, or more to the point, what you think they have for benefits, and get after YOUR boss to provide a better benefit.

    And please, don’t give me that crap about how the boss can’t afford to pay more – it is a lie and you know it.

    Idahoans have fallen for the tired old song and dance about how hard it is for business to provide for their employees. It is total BS.

  30. Maybe Tam you should compare your salary when you worked for Brent Coles and Gary Lyman to that of a rank and file police officer. Maybe that might swing that pendulum all the way back again.

  31. Tam, Tam, Tam…
    Here you go again with your quasi-vendeta against all things BPD… and I’m still trying to figure out how you fit in with BPD. (after years of reading your posts I’m still torn between ex-disgruntled-civilian BPD employee and ex-disgruntled-civilian City employee. Maybe you’re a fired cop?). But I digress:

    1. Your post is off topic – as you didn’t mention anything about a Tibbs/Bieter race. Kip’s post was also a little off-topic too, but at least he attempted to tie his agenda in with the article.

    2. Kip never said BPD has a bad healthcare policy. He said Bieter is trying to take away a good benefit & offering a paltry raise. So in essence, Bieter’s offering the officers a pay decrease.

    3. You throw those #’s out like they’re some kind of national average for healthcare insurance. While I’m sure there are many companies that have horrible insurance plans, there are also many companies that offer better plans than the City of Boise gives their police. But I reiterate my above point: no one said BPD’s insurance plan was bad (although they don’t have any vision coverage). If this forum is about throwing out meaningless facts, try this one: Canadians get free healthcare! (should we become socialists?)

    4. So that I might stay on-topic…. Bieter’s time in office has been rather blah. I suppose that after the Cole’s administration, that’s a good thing. However, I think the time for blah has passed & Boise needs a vibrant, outgoing Mayor. Tibbs wins in this category hands down. As far as substance though, I haven’t seen much from Tibbs the Councilman. So I too want to know what his vision for the City will be.

  32. Ida, sometimes who a candidate “isn’t” has to be enough, and my votes and support will go to anyone who “isn’t” Bieter, Shealy or Clegg. Remember Brandi? She picked up a lot of support as an “isn’t’. Yeah, it’s a sad commentary but you have to start somewhere.

  33. Tam,
    That would be a brillent barginning position for the city to take with BPD. At a time when qualified police officers are in High demand an hard to find. Offer them your bad health care package and less pay…..wait, that’s what mayor Dave wants to do…..Tam, You aren’t Mayor Dave are you?

    36 Months, 8 with a contract! I think that should be top on the list for Mayor Dave!

    Maybe jamming the budget surplus proposal down our throat with no public comment is an issue. Or sweeping city waste under the rug, i.e. Poop Farm fraud should be on the table. (Thank You Dave F. for bring Boise’s poop to our attention)

  34. Just a couple of questions. Why are some of those who post on this topic so bloody determined to make a “NON_PARTISAN” race absolutely partisan?
    Why do you have to be either “anti-growth” or “pro-evil-developer”? Isn’t it just possible that a mayor can be for “managed, logical growth” that pays it’s way and minimizes the impact on the community? If Bieter is the “flaming liberal” that he seems to be, why does Jim Tibbs have to be the “maniacal conservative ” that some paint him to be? I just don’t understand how some of us want to completely polarize this community in order to be happy.

  35. All of you should run.

  36. xbcemployee
    Mar 6, 2007, 8:55 pm

    Tam isn’t fooling anyone that she is the felony former employee. Her comments are so full of her skewed view of the City as to be laughable. As for the real intent of this article, the more the merrier. The better debate is had by lots of points of view

  37. Tibbs voted YES while on the council for The Cliffs Subdivision. He’ll need to fix that problem before he gets a consideration of my vote.

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