“Positive Momentum” For “At Will Workers”

Interesting note from the Ada Commishes on the “at will employee” ordinance they rushed through on December 27.

The commishes ordered a policy handbook be developed. Well, in the past two months the Human Resources Staff has the book “99.9% complete,” according to a county press release.

The HR folks are now laying down the rules to the little people who now pretty much work at the pleasure of their boss PERIOD.

We find some of the most creative writing in government press releases–like roving ambulances that don’t move, but park near high call areas. Here is the gem of the week for the story about worker bees getting news about mites in the hive:

“In an effort to preserve the POSITIVE MOMENTUM generated by this employee involvement process, the Board has instructed its HR staff to continue to work with employees to develop an Ada County Procedures Guide that will accompany the Employee/Manager Handbook.”

Which means they will prolong the misery for another three months until June 1.

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