Guerber Dodges Bullet

Embattled former Idaho State Historical Society Director Steve Guerber dodged a bullet Wednesday when Ada County Prosecutor Greg Bower declined to press charges related to alleged travel spending irregularities.

Guerber had been subject of some pretty intense investigations within state government as well as in the media. He always maintained his innocence, attributing the problems to sloppy record keeping on his part and fiscal staff problems within the agency.

In a statement Bower said, “This office has reviewed the evidence gathered by the Controller’s investigation and the applicable case law including the decision of the Idaho Court of Appeals in State v. Pruett, 143 Idaho 151 (Ct.App.2006) and decided that no criminal charges will be filed against Mr. Guerber.”

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  1. BrianTheDog
    Mar 8, 2007, 7:12 am

    Steve for Mayor!!! Go Steve. Oh wait, I already said I would vote for Tibbs, dang. Humm, Hook or Crook? So many choices.

  2. Hey now....
    Mar 8, 2007, 1:45 pm

    All you cry babies need to let up. How about offering the guy his job back.

  3. Hey now has a point. Since the guy hasn’t been convicted of anything, or even legally charged, he’s legally innocent.

    Yep, Steve screwed up bigtime. I dunno whether it was burnout, plain ol’ carelessness or what, but I find it very difficult he’d have done all that on purpose.
    And BTD — Steve’s been a mayor before, but not in Boise. So no reason he couldn’t do it again.
    Tibbs and Guerber just might work together real well to get a couple of cities to cooperate on something. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

  4. Steve Guerber might not have been CRIMINALLY charged, but he should NOT be offered his old job back. If nothing else, he was guilty of gross negligence with regard to the State Historical Society’s finances. That doesn’t really make him Executive Director, or for that matter Mayoral, material in my book.

  5. If any of us peons did what Grubber did, we would be in jail.

  6. But he has a park named after him, so will be forever known in local history. Seems like people who have been active in Eagle government tend to be rather incapable of handling money responsibly. But, Mayor Merrill has stated that Mr. Guerber is a “man of integrity.” Guess I no longer know what that means.

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