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GUARDIAN Inspires Caldwell Offspring

The Boise GUARDIAN has inspired a sister blog site to the west known as the Caldwell GUARDIAN.

“We plan to be a government watchdog in Canyon County in the same fashion as the well established Boise GUARDIAN,” said Paul Alldredge, editor of the new on line publication.

Alldredge cited a timidity on the part of local media to uncover questionable–or even illegal–actions by local government. He said it makes for better government when elected officials know there is someone looking over their shoulder who is not afraid to tell all.

While not officially affiliated with the Boise GUARDIAN, Alldredge has talked frequently with Dave Frazier, editor of the well known Boise blog.

Stories currently on the site include:
–Taking the Canyon commishes to task when they moved licensing offices out to Caldwell Blvd. where parking is at a premium.
–A developer proposal to build a city hall in a shopping mall in downtown Caldwell…like the BoDo library scam in Boise.
–A Caldwell city councilor attends city council meetings via phone FROM HAWAII.

Check out the new CALDWELL GUARDIAN.

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  1. ‘Tis said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    So congrats, Fraz: You’ve inspired someone else to pick up some two-by-fours and whop a few officials upside the head when they get too far out of line.

  2. I would have liked to have seen it be the “Canyon County ” Guardian, as there is plenty of fuel for the fire in NAMPA as well as Caldwell. Otherwise I will reserve judgment and wish it best of luck.

    EDITOR NOTE–Paul’s coverage area will be unlimited. The New York Times and Washington Post don’t have coverage limits.

  3. HO boy. Just what we need. A cheap knockoff of a cheap… well… something just cheap.

  4. Not Dave – Yes, isn’t it amazing what a positive effect the GUARDIAN has managed to have on the accountability of Boise City government, and perhaps to a lesser degree Ada County government, with something as relatively inexpensive (albeit time consuming for him) as a blog?! It’s just too bad more people aren’t out there who are willing to make the commitment to doing something like the GUARDIAN.

    By the way, what have you done to improve local government lately?

  5. Yes Sharon, I voted against you in the last election.

  6. Way to go, Not Dave: You came up with only a negative. Is that the best you can do?

    If we had a few thousand like the Guardian (ain’t never gonna happen, of course), we could throw the bums out and really work at shaping up the comish, council etc.

    Still, as long as Guardian and a few others keep pushing on the electees to do their jobs, and even experiment with doing them legally and constitutionally, there will be at least some progress.
    Now, if we could only remind them it’s governent of, by and ***for*** the people ….

  7. I actually don’t mind BG. I think Dave’s a bit misguided from time to time, but no more so than the Statesman. And at least he says up front that his “news” will be “opinionated.”

    Because I’ve hurled enough sludge at Sharon in this thread, I’ll take my momma’s advice and say nothing at all on that topic. Fortunately, the voters of Ada County are incredibly smart.

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