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Mayor Hotline March 17 to 23

Last week we posted a single "attaboy" for Team Dave on the mining issue and duly noted there were 16 more. We took heat from Team Dave for not listing them all. He has his own blog where he can post these self-serving compliments. This week there were 8 more and they were all similar to the first Hotline Entry. We don't post Graffiti reports either. 3/19/07 Keith Barnes 1330 Dundee St. Boise, ID 83706 Mining: I would like to thank the Mayor and City Council for opposing the Atlanta Gold Mine. That was a very good decision and I greatly appreciate it and your show of support for the importance of the Boise River. M/CC See if you agree that Team Dave needs to hire Jan Petersen to work in the Code Enforcement department. At least the GUARDIAN doesn't call! 3/20/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 Misc: I’m looking out my back window watching little kids sneaking around the neighborhood. Who knows what they’re up to? I thought I would give you another call and let you know what we expect from our Police Department. We expect crime prevention, we expect stopping crime, and we expect solving crime. We also expect restitution from the crime doers, not necessarily in the form of jail or prison time, but real dollar for dollar restitution. Thank you. M/CC 3/20/07 Jan and Andy Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 BPD: We wanted to call and commend the police officers who had a pursuit going through our neighborhood tonight. They called it off and were able to satisfy the situation right quickly. We appreciate this kind of police work where our life is in jeopardy. Thank you. M/CC BPD 3/21/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 Graffiti: Yesterday one of our neighbors sustained some damage caused by graffiti spray paint. We’ve located their address at 3314 Tucker St. Please contact them and ask for their cooperation in removing that spray paint by painting over on their shed that rests on Gerard between N. 33rd and N. 34th Streets as soon as possible. Thank you very much. 3/21/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 BPD: We’ve just reported to police yet another graffiti incident in our neighborhood at Gerard and Hill Road on some railroad ties using tan spray paint, as was used yesterday on Gerard at 33rd and 34th Streets as reported to Officer Jacob Norman yesterday with the Boise Police Department. We believe this is gang related marking of their territory. We noticed that in front of our house on Mr. Rank’s fence at 3311 Hill Road, a fence post has been spray painted blue as though that is another parameter of this gang activity. We would appreciate your bandit unit protecting our neighborhood. BPD 3/21/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 PDS: In checking our neighborhood for extra graffiti today, I find that somebody has plastered our neighborhood from Hill Road and Harrison Blvd., all the way up beyond Hillside Junior High and in every direction known to man up 36th, etc. with gold signs and green lettering that read “New Homes” and arrows. This pertains to a housing development you allowed behind Hillside Junior High. I guess you would call it free advertising. Since these homes are advertised on television on the weekends, range pretty close to around the million dollar mark, we believe these people can afford advertising and should do so the proper way. We would like our neighborhood restored to just the neighborhood without all these obnoxious signs. We would appreciate your effort with Mike Malloy in Code Enforcement to take care of the matter. Thank you very much. PDS 3/21/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 Hi, this is Jan again. Aside from the natural esthetic beauty of our neighborhood on Hill Road and all its off-shoots, and liking it back to normal without all the graffiti as well as the signs, we would like you to know that people come along, rip these signs out of the ground and off telephone poles, power poles, and the like, and throw the parts onto the road creating a traffic hazard. I pick them up, I bag them, and I’m tired of it! Okay? Got it? Thanks. 3/22/07 Gina Woodgerd 2451 N. Keystone Pl. Boise, ID 83704 PDS: I’m having a problem with Code Enforcement. I’ve got a neighborhood behind me that is located on West Cory Court, one block north of Northview and a block west of Milwaukee. I’m not getting a response from Code Enforcement; I’ve called them three times, the last time was March 1, 2007, so I called the abandoned vehicle number and spoke to an officer named Derek; his phone number is 941-6190. He went out to the site where I’m having the problem; it’s located right on the opposite side of the fence from my yard. It is a vacant lot that is private property and belongs to a neighborhood association called Three Trees Neighborhood Association. There is kitchen trash all over in that; I’ve got rodents in my back yard, and animals bringing it into my yard. There are 18 or more vehicles on the lot with expired tags or they’re not registered. They’re leaking automotive fluids, gas, oil, transmission fluid all over on that lot. One gentleman passed away two years ago and his vehicle is still in this lot. I would really appreciate somebody helping me out with this. Code Enforcement has not been real helpful with this, but the officer for abandoned vehicles did go out there and check the site. It is private property; however, I think that we need to do something about it. Thank you very much. PDS 3/23/07 Jan Petersen 3361 Forsythia Boise, ID 83703 ACHD: I pressed a complaint regarding a pile of trash at 36th and Hill Road on a vacant lot on the southeast corner of Hill Road and N. 36th. The trash on this vacant lot has not been picked up. It’s full of brush, pipes, and paper garbage that are being strewn all over Hill Road as we speak with the wind. We were told by the highway district that they owned the property, that they have a work order to pick this up, and that the reason they didn’t do it before is they didn’t have the equipment available. I’m wondering if someone will give me a call and tell me when that will be achieved. ACHD 3/21/07 Doug Peterson I wouldn’t be calling you if this wasn’t a last resort. I’ve been looking all around town trying to find an answer, but I can’t seem to find one. I have a dog; the dog’s name is Gary. I can’t seem to tell if Gary has four legs or two arms and two legs. If you get an answer, I’d love to hear back from you. Thanks a lot. Humane Society 😉

3/22/07 Annette Hanson 2061 E. Feldspar Ct. Boise, ID 83712 Recycling: I know that in the fall we have the leaf pick-up for about a month with the trash, and then at Christmas time we have the Christmas tree pick-up, and I really think we need to look at having a yard waste pick-up. In the spring I watch just tons of yard waste being put out in the garbage (branches, leaves, etc.). It really seems like this is something we should be doing, especially because it takes up so much space in the landfill. I talked to Pamela in Boise Environmental Public Works and she told me I should talk with you guys about this. I know that other cities do this kind of stuff; in Seattle, my sister can’t mix garbage because they won’t pick it up. It’s something I think we need to pay for; we need to deal with this. I would like a little more information and hopefully the city will look into something like this. MZ 3/22/07 Darlene Sullivan 2703 Smith Avenue Boise, ID 83703 PDS: There are many new developments going in around town in the city and I understand the private property rights, but I wish the city could somehow rethink the lot size and the minimum requirements because they certainly are the minimum requirements. No one is going above and beyond for anything nicer and better. I think it is degradating our quality of life here in town where we used to have more open spaces. I think it is something that the Mayor should consider rethinking. Thanks PDS 3/19/07 Pat Leonard 6927 Hummel Dr. Boise, ID 83709 PDS: I’m wondering why we can’t seem to get any response at all in doing away with the kennel on Hummel Drive. The address of this kennel is 6915 Hummel Drive. We’ve called the Humane Society and the Police, and everybody shifts the responsibility. The latest call to the Police told us to contact the Humane Society; we called them, they said contact the City Prosecuting Attorney; it’s been going on for one year now. If you don’t believe it’s a problem, come up here and smell the “roses”. The stink is so bad nobody can go in their back yards. At one time the Humane Society agreed she had 45 dogs there in that house and yard. There are at least 20-some now and the stink is so bad that we can’t even go close to it. The Prosecuting Attorney said she has an eviction notice and she’s moving to Caldwell, etc. but it’s been a year now. I would think somebody would accept responsibility for getting rid of this. Give me a call, and if you don’t believe me, I’ve got two neighbors here on either side of her that are even more upset than I am. One is at 6907 and one is at 6921 on both sides and they’re highly upset. Give me a call. PDS/City Clerk 3/19/07 Arin Arthur Boise, ID 83712 Misc: I would like to know when the Mayor’s open office hours for citizens are; I know he does that occasionally. I would like to be able to come in and talk to him about some animal control, and spay and neuter issues that have recently come to my attention. I would like to come in and discuss that and some other things with him. Thank you again. Action Taken: contacted 3/23/07 Susan Adams 2930 N. Rosedale Ave. Boise, ID 83704 PDS: I have had an on-going problem with the Code Enforcement people. They don’t return calls; they haven’t addressed an issue that has been going on since May, 2005. I wrote them a letter in January, 2006 with no response. There are two items in there – one is regarding a lot at the corner of Settlers and N. Rosedale. It is now an empty lot but there is still a pile of dirt at the corner and every time it rains, it floods the street. The property owner put the pile of dirt there; supposedly the city was going to come and investigate which they never did. I would just like to get a response from somebody that this is going to be looked into and taken care of. Thank you very much. PDS 3/21/07 Verna Snider 12551 Smith Ave. Nampa, ID 83651 ACHD: I work at Oppenheimer Company in Boise. I often park and walk to work, and I park by Downtown Storage. The last three days when I walked past on 9th Street, just past the connector coming into town, on the east sidewalk (right behind Hapenny and Simplots offices) there has been grease all over the sidewalk probably about 5-10 feet wide all over the sidewalk going down into the road and into the drain. I almost slipped the first night because I thought it was water. Even after I got through it, my tennis shoes were very slick. The foot tracks, bicycle tracks, whatever, are all over. Over the six years I have worked here, there have been other times that there has been some there, and they seem to have powdered it and taken care of it almost immediately. It’s been three or four days now and I’m really concerned that someone is going to slip and fall. I just thought I would call because I didn’t know who else to call. Thank you. achd Action Taken: contacted her 3/22/07 Cheryl Zollman 3130 Crescent Rim Dr. Boise, ID 83706 Misc: I just wanted to register my sincere embarrassment over Mayor Bieter’s not being present at the Milton Creagh presentation last night at the Nampa Center. I just was embarrassed that he was not there. It was just such an obvious absence and it gives the message that he thinks he’s too good for that kind of activity and doesn’t have time to be bothered with the problems that we have here in Boise with drugs, because there are problems here in Boise as well as Nampa, Eagle, and Meridian. I was just embarrassed and ashamed that he was not there and I don’t understand his reasoning in not making an effort to be part of that good presentation. I think he owes us an explanation as to why he wasn’t there; there wasn’t even any mention of him. I would like to at least see an explanation as to why he wasn’t there. I don’t think there would be any excuse that could be good enough in my opinion. That’s all I have to say. Action Taken: left msj 3/19/07 George Dentone 4301 W. Quail Point Ct. Boise, ID Misc: I’m enquiring about the Boise’s e-mail memo which he started I guess a few weeks ago. I think his return address indicated was too long for the computers to take care of it, and I had written to him about that, and I wonder whether or not he’s going to continue or what he’s going to do. I enjoy the e-mail memos and wonder whether or not they’re going to be continued. Thank you very much. MZ Action Taken: MZ

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  1. Is it possible to put a link to the mayor’s blog in the link list?

    EDITOR NOTE–Not, I need to think about it. It seems more self serving than the GUARDIAM ego postings. HEre it is just for you.

  2. In the 10th post down, Doug Peterson writes;

    “I wouldn’t be calling you if this wasn’t a last resort. I’ve been looking all around town trying to find an answer, but I can’t seem to find one. I have a dog; the dog’s name is Gary. I can’t seem to tell if Gary has four legs or two arms and two legs. If you get an answer, I’d love to hear back from you. Thanks a lot.
    Humane Society ;)”

    I don’t know if this is funny or not.

  3. This points out a major flaw in City Code Enforcement – that all complaints must originate from a citizen. A code enforcement officer could drive by the most hideous situation every day, but without a citizen complaint, nothing will be done. Jan Petersen is not on the City payroll, but she’s certainly performing a service, that according to most surveys, addresses a top concern for residents – trash and other code enforcement issues. She may need a hobby or something, but I know she’s not imagining things.

    The City has recently enhanced Code Enforcement with an additional officer (I think), and added several positions to the BPD that are intended to deal with code issues and nonviolent stuff. But, they also moved from accepting an anonymous complaint to requiring contact info for “legal reasons”.

    Although I believe that people should be willing to be open about complaints (and ideally deal with them directly with neighbors before they get to that point), it’s not always practical or desirable. Many people feel intimidated by this and will endure horrible situations with recalcitrant or hostile neighbors before posting an official complaint.

    Neighborhood security and cleanliness shouldn’t be based on whether or not there is someone like Jan Petersen around to complain. Why have ordinances on the book if they are not uniformly and adequately enforced (I hear some of you libertarians say, “exactly”)

    Anyhoo… that’s what we pay the City to do, take care of garbage and stuff like that – actually create and protect basic elements of that so called “quality of life”, rather than simply use it as a marketing phrase for the Chamber of Commerce.

    And yes, Doug, Gary has arms and legs, one of each, at each end.

  4. Okay, who here is messing with Jan Peterson? I am surprised she still calls the mayors hotline and doesn’t have Dave’s direct line.

  5. So I went by the Peterson house, hey, it’s all public record now, and guess what? They have a junk car in their front yard on the grass. I think I’ll turn ’em in to code enforcement tomorrow.

  6. Boisecynic, drove by on the way to the dump(sanitary landfill for Nonlibrary types), 36th and Hill looked fine. The vacant lot contains no weed and there is a pile of brush that looks not bad. Didn’t see much graffiti either. No wonder code enforcement isn’t cooperating. I wonder if she has ever heard about the little boy that cried wolf.

  7. Yeah, this is why code enforcement has made themselves somewhat unavailable. WAY too many people are abusing the system. The right way to do it is just email them with a picture. Also, it helps to know exactly what the law says regarding any given situation.

    One officer told me he’s been to numerous reported violation sites only to find NOTHING.

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