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Parking Enforcement: I’m calling to complain about a parking ticket I got last night at 5:09 p.m. I went to dinner at Lock Stock & Barrell over on 11th and Jefferson. I came out and had a ticket on my car. There was nothing on the meter that gave me any time of when to use and when not to use the meter. Apparently the time has changed from 5:00 to 6:00, but boy there was no need for enforcing people to move their cars from a whole block of meters. Anyway, that’s what I was calling about.

Art Royce
Allied: I just had one of those big garbage cans delivered. They said it was a test project and I think it’s the dumbest thing I ever heard of. It will take me a month to fill that garbage can. Good bye.
Action Taken: contacted

Mrs. Howard
1817 Harrison Blvd.
Allied: I called the garbage company on Saturday morning because they didn’t pick up the garbage on Friday as usual. He assured me they would pick it up Monday morning and it would be out of here. It’s still sitting there and it’s now 1:30 in the afternoon on Monday. This is the first time it’s happened to me and I don’t know why they didn’t pick it up this time. If you would like to call me, my number is 342-7468. Thank you
Action Taken: contacted

Jan Petersen
3361 Forsythia Dr.
Boise, ID 83703
Misc: We just got home from a walk and see that it looks like kids have been out doing some damage to mail boxes all over the neighborhood. It looks like it’s happening while they’re on foot due to the direction of the swings to the mail boxes. I don’t know if it happened at night or in the day time. I wonder if the Mayor and the City Council have a solution for this kind of behavior along with graffiti in the Boise neighborhoods. What do you suggest we do? We’re both fed up; what do you suggest we do? Thanks.

Dorothy Christensen
2019 N. 10th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Mayor: I just wanted to let you know that I heard you on the radio this morning and I want to say I think you’re doing a great job. There’s no one who can do a perfect job the way things have exploded. I think you’re doing great; God bless you, my prayers are with you my dear. I’ve been around for a long time and I’ve watched you from a little one on up, so I know what’s going on a little bit. Thank you very much.

Julio Bilbou
Mayor: I’m just calling to say I see you’ve got some competition here for the next mayoral election. I for one, and I know that a lot of my friends are very appreciative of the job that you are doing. I don’t think we need a change, and I would like to visit with you sometime about that and how strongly we feel about your leadership. I just want to say job well done and keep up the good work. I’ve got a couple of checks I would like to get to you from my Aunt Dorothy and myself, so hey, keep up the good work and we’ll be talking to you soon hopefully. Bye

Ronald Fuehrer
Parking: I have a disabled issue with parking concerning the local Shopko Store on Fairview and Milwaukee. If you could, please call me and let me know how to resolve this. Thank you.
Action Taken: F&A

Erin Shaffer
3040 E. Boise Ave.
Boise, ID 83706
PDS: I’m right next to the Talivera Subdivision, file #CAR000045, CSH0500039. I’m very upset with the damage that the developers of this subdivision are doing to my property. I have a huge mound of dirt that they put in here last summer and said it was backfill for the fence and now they’re not doing anything with it. It’s on a section of my grass that I need to mow and I don’t have a backhoe to move the dirt that’s been left here on my property. Two weeks ago I came home and they had smashed my mail box with the arm of either a big backhoe or one of the big things; it wasn’t hit by a car because of the way it was smashed right down the center of it; it looks almost like somebody took a sledgehammer to it. I came home last week from work and they had splattered concrete all over a motor home that I have sitting at the end of my driveway for sale. There was concrete splattered all over it; we were able to get that cleaned off. Now today I came home and they have poured concrete to set some posts, and again they have back hoed huge mounds of dirt right into the motor home, right up to its tires. I will never be able to move this dirt with a shovel and I don’t own a backhoe. I have lodged complaints with Planning & Zoning and I have never heard back from anybody from the city. Finally during one of my complaints they told me one of the things I could do is call the Mayor’s Hotline. I’ve suffered one indignity after another from this development. We spoke in front of City Council in January 2006 to try and get a stub street. We understand that we couldn’t get that. I’m beside myself due to the indignities that I keep suffering from this development. I’ve tried to work with Mitch Armith; he’s misled me on many things; he’s lied to me about many things, and as I’m looking at this long dirt pile down my driveway, if I had to move this thing with a shovel, it could take me a week or better because of these huge mounds of dirt that they’ve just left here, and it’s supposed to be backfill for the fence. I really need somebody to contact me because I don’t even know what to do anymore. Thank you for your time.
Action Taken: PDS

Toni Breese
8050 Crestwood Dr.
Boise, ID 83704
Mayor: I am calling to say that I have the greatest, absolute greatest admiration and respect for Mayor Bieter and his work and the work of his staff. I feel that Boise is one city in America that it would be difficult to improve on. Things only go as well as the person at the top, and I think his performance has been stunning. I would be honored to participate on his campaign and to devote time to it. Please contact me at your convenience regarding any assistance you might need. I would like to see Mayor Bieter continue his fine work. Thank you very much.

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  1. Seems LOGICAL that radio appearances and a convenient website would generate checks. Why would Julio and Dorothy feel compelled to send checks to a city official? Care to run that one past the ethics commission?

  2. To be accurate: Dorothy said nothing about checks and I think that Julio is wanting to contribute to Bieter’s campaign. I agree that the Mayor’s Hotline is not the place to conduct campaign business, but you can hardly hold Dave responsible for someone else leaving that message on the line. The most I could see the mayor’s office doing with calls like and not getting in trouble ethically is referring the caller to the campaign directly, and explaining that this is not the forum for that sort of thing.

  3. The mayor and his staff (and campaign people) KNOW the mayor’s hotline ends up on the Guardian website so I wonder if it WAS the campaign that generated the pro-Team Dave calls!

  4. “Anonymous,” complaining about a parking ticket, says, “… boy there was no need for enforcing people to move their cars from a whole block of meters.” [S]he must not understand that a major reason for having parking meters is to raise revenue. (One can argue whether that’s a legitimate reason.)

    I propose a bond election to build a police substation over on Forsythia Drive. Based on incoming calls to the Mayor’s Hotline, THAT seems to be the epicenter of criminal activity in Boise. In the meantime, perhaps Ms. Petersen could hire some poverty-stricken gangstas to do freelance insurance/enforcement work for her. (nudge nudge, wink wink)

  5. I’d like to comment on ” dorothy& Julio” and thier sycophantic devotion to a mayor WHO HAS DONE LITTLE OR NOTHING for the people of Boise since he’s been in office.

    He has catered to the developers ( his business buddies along with his county commish cronies Tillman and Izaguirre) who are turning Boise into a concrete jungle and he assists CCDC to become a separate government in which the People have no say.He refuses to cater to the needs of the Citizens-there is still no de-tox center as people suffering in poverty die from drugs .

    The bus system has gotten worse,downtown Boise resembles a polluted parking lot while downtown road construction is like driving thru a hazard course full of mad hatters behind the wheel ( as they talk to Alice on their cells.)We need a change and I am convinced that Jim Tibbs would be a DEFINITE IMPROVEMENT over our current Mayor. Jim has made serving Boise a careeer; let’s give him the chance to lead Boise…believe me,he will do the same excellent job.

  6. What make’s anyone think Jim Tibbs will be any better. He’s always been drawing his payroll from the tax payers, and his main concern is to better his retirment program. We need new blood! Lets quit passing the same useless thoughts around. He’s a do nothing person, just ride the wave’s.

  7. I just received the initial fund-raising letter from the Bieter campaign. At the bottom it says “exciting and innovative proposals coming in the next few months” and it references the city of Boise web-site for information. Why are our tax dollars being used to promote a political campaign?? Just wondering.

  8. I feel bad for Mrs. Howard and Art but this situation is hilarious. Is the local garbage co. trying to tell us something when they leave huge bins outside your house or refuse to pick up your trash? I know I’ve been getting a lot of “great deals” on funeral expenses and ” final resting places” in the mail… I’m scared Art! Can you help me…it’s either the garbage man or the funeral director telling me I’m a goner..what’s next…will they turn off my frig while I’m sleeping ? Is that D— toilet going to flood the place again? Mrs.Howard, it’s a conspiracy, they’re out to get us,and it starts with the “GARBAGE MAN!’

  9. I’m with Joe Moran, item #5. The bus system is a joke. Bieter has done NOTHING to upgrade the mass transit situation in Boise. I think the reason they won’t build more waiting shelters is because more seniors won’t use the bus, with their discounts, so the bus makes more money——not.

    Why? Seniors are probably the biggest potential riders on Boise bus, but the total lack of interest in building benches with roofs over them so seniors can wait without getting rained on or dying of sunstroke, prevents most of us from using their ridiculous bus. I was told by a nearby business that such bus bench shelters are paid for by nearby businesses. Well that’s just peachy. How ridiculous and short-sighted that the city bus company doesn’t build them. This town and this state obviously care so little for the taxpayers (except the rich corporations) that it’s utterly laughable and also despicable.

    In general, IMO Bieter has done very little for the city as a whole. He encourages increasing sprawl while trying to act like he’s against it.

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