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GUARDIAN Birthday Party May 4

IF you want put a name with a face or just say “howdy” to a fellow GUARDIAN reader, we are going to have a party to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.

Several readers put it together on their own. It will at the Pizza Hut near Capitol and University at the entrance to Ann Morrison Park.

Drop by and chat up some of your best friends, worst enemies, or just see who the wackos are with names like Sisyphus, Luddite, Treva, Snoop, Depot Bill, and Sara.

Some of you who are deep cover operatives will probably have to pass on the pizza and drinks, but everyone is welcome. No doubt there will be some government types taking license numbers and photos in the parking lot, but who cares?

We welcome politicians, candidates, readers, citizens, and of course anyone eager to have the depot opened to the public. Be prepared to talk, listen, and share ideas.

TIME: 5:30 pm

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  1. Congratulations Guardian on being one of the most truthful,responsible,citizen oriented web sites in Idaho! You have demonstrated to the people of Boise that it is still possible to expose and effectively challenge entrenched govt. corruption. the internet is a tool for freedom ,and freedom is what america is supposed to be all about. The local mass media is a joke and an insult to that idea while sites like yours demonstrate that freedom and responsible govt. can still be a goal for all!

  2. I think this meeting would be better held behind closed doors-perhaps at the Arid Club, that’s pretty private –or behind ‘locked doors’ like the Depot.

    If it were warmer weather, I would suggest the swimming pool at the ‘poop farm’.

    Congratulations for the fine first year of ‘watch-doggery’ to the Guardian editor. I hope readers realize just how much effort the Editor puts into this completely open public forum. Isn’t it simply a breath of fresh air to be able to get the facts along with honest commentary? Thank you Guardian! Thank you Editor!

  3. I have to agree.. a meeting where just anyone can just show up seems almost dangerous. Perhaps the Chamber can set something up in Sun Valley for you and invite only the chosen.

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