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Depot Doors Opened A Tiny Bit

The door to the Boise Depot is at least ajar for the public to visit.

Team Dave announced today they will staff the historic Spanish Mission-style building on Sundays throughout the summer through September 30 from 10 A.m. to 6 p.m. and admission will be free.

A press release from City Hall made no mention of the two year campaign by the GUARDIAN to allow the public into the building we all own. Nor did it mention a strongly worded editorial in the Daily Paper–and subsequent letters to the editor calling for public access.

Team Dave also failed to mention the rash of calls to the Mayor Hotline calling for the Depot to be open to the public as well as the overwhelming support for public access on the GUARDIAN blog.

Here is how they see it in the mayor’s office:

“Almost any panoramic photo of the City of Boise includes the Depot,” said Mayor Dave Bieter. “It is one of our icons. The citizens of this city have been asking that we allow for more public access. This is the first in a series of steps to do just that and we are very excited about future plans.”

It goes on to say, “In Fall 2006 Mayor Bieter directed Parks & Recreation and the City Historian to explore ways to open the Depot to new and expanded uses. This is the first preliminary step toward that end. This summer, city staff will conduct a user analysis of the facility and seek public suggestions regarding how best to take advantage of its scenic and historical values. A final recommendation is expected to be submitted to the Mayor and City Council later this fall. “

When you talk to the people on any given Sunday, tell them the GUARDIAN sent you!

Petty politics aside, we offer a heartfelt “Thanks” to those who are responsible for opening the doors. Get out of the catering hall business and we will say even nicer things.

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  1. Mike Murphy
    May 29, 2007, 7:31 pm

    However it has come to pass, this is a great thing for Boise. I can’t wait to check it out with my son.

  2. Congrats Guardian and crew. Can’t wait to get inside and check it out.

    I loved where Bieter “said” that “Almost any panoramic photo of the City of Boise includes the Depot.” Really? Pretty much every panorama I’ve ever seen doesn’t include the depot… because it’s not downtown with all the rest of the landmarks. Oh well, nitpicking on my part as usual.

  3. Just a thought.. why shouldn’t the City be in the catering business? They are in the recreation business with all types classes, lessoons, and activities. In addition, the County is in the entertainment business with a Fair and horse races. The county has a trailer park, and I think the City does too. And via the CCDC, the City is in the development business. It doesn’t seem like a stretch to be catering given the other goofy things they do.

    EDITOR NOTE–Shouldn’t be in ANY business. Especially one that keeps the general public from using a public building. Sorta like having a Fairgrounds and keeping the general public out MOST of the time in favor of car dealers. E ven in that example, no one is shut out.

  4. So?? Is it also still open on Monday (as in 2 times a week), or now only on Sunday?


  5. Massive Transit
    May 31, 2007, 1:53 am

    Too bad the the Depot is going to become a massive transit bus station!

    The Mayor and certain city council members want to turn the depot into a massive transit station and have buses and trains running every 15 minutes – at a huge loss – even after huge tax increases. Also wipe out the Catholic offices as well as most of the nieghborhood around the Depot.

    Then the Depot will no longer be much of a place to take your kids or much of a place to take a picture of…unless you just want a picture of buses!!!

  6. If Dave Bieter is “bragging” that he gave the city historian and Parks and Rec.”directions” to study expanding the depot hours and it has taken 8 or 9 months to figure out that the citizens wanted more access to their property, the system is completly broken!

    Just a little observation to the Parks and Rec. people and the city historian. That pain you are feeling with that “Kathunk” sound is the fearless Dave Bieter tossing your politically expendable butts under the bus!

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