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Two Wheelers Get 15 Free Parking Sites

Chalk up a big win for GUARDIAN reader Hillary Haymond.

Team Dave’s parking czar John Eichmann today announced a massive downtown parking plan for two wheelers–in response to CITIZEN REQUESTS spearheaded by Ms. Haymond and GUARDIAN readers.


In a press release Eichmann said, “ As a result of last year’s citizen requests to city hall for increased consideration of two-wheeler parking needs, the City of Boise has identified 15 locations which are exclusively reserved for motorcycle parking. Each location has multiple spaces.

These parking spots are offered at no charge to motorcyclists and scooter operators, and are marked with signs indicating one hour of free parking. As with any other time zone, however, vehicles must not exceed the limit, or their owners will face a $15 fine.

The special locations were created throughout downtown, extending roughly from 4th Street to 12th Street between Washington and Grove Streets. Motorcyclists should back their vehicles in and park perpendicular to the curb.”

First the Depot and now this response to GUARDIAN readers! Are we to believe someone downtown is listening? Good job Hillary and Team Dave. Election years are sure fun!

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  1. G-Man, you have to hand it to Team Dave. They have taken away most issues for Mr. Tibbs and now they are slowly eliminating your pet peeves. Next thing you know they will have an election for the Airtport Parking Garage and a police HQ! The G may be the best that has happened for Team Dave. They now have “accomplishments” to talk about.

    Could you just maybe be a closet member of Team Dave?

  2. Free Parking? I think you mean subsidized parking. The cost to provide those parking spaces still exists, the expenses for the city were not reduced by offering free parking. Those who must pay for parking downtown will be covering the cost for the “free” parking others get.

  3. Mike Murphy
    May 30, 2007, 1:28 pm

    Brava and Bravo to Miss Hayden and Mr. Eichmann!

    Hmm… I think I remember some Irish Bull Tenor fiercely advocating not only that, but also:

    Better parking for the handicapped.

    The clearing of Emergency Lanes (somedays you can’t get a greased needle up 8th Street with a Jackhammer).

    Re-establishment of Taxi Stands.


    Or maybe it’s just my imagination. 😉

  4. Now all Tibbs needs to do is show how Team Dave is supporting scooter hooligans downtown by giving them exclusive “free” parking. If Tibbs runs on an anti-scooter/mc, bicycle friendly city platform he is sure to get all the SUV happy Sali-simp voters out on election day. Tibbs ought to get a monster truck to run over a scooter and crush it in a downtown parking space for a TV election ad to show how he is Not Team Dave.

  5. two words: election year.

  6. Should there not be free parking for people who have fuel efficient cars, like Hybrids? Say, any car that is rated to get over 40 mpg gets to park free. That would encourage energy conservation.

    I’m joking. This kind of thing is so clearly pandering, symbolic, political nonsense. I hate it when politicians resort to this kind of stuff. It’s like crack cocaine to bureaucrats and politicians.

    EDITOR NOTE–You are of course correct. It all started because they issue tickets if more than one “vehicle” occupies a parking spot. Silly to force 4 or 5 scooters to take up as many parking spots.

  7. Wait a minute! Wasn’t Boise Guardian an advocate of the proposal by Hillary Haymond to get the special parking spots downtown to encourage the switch to scooter and cycle travel? Now that she’s successful (for which you give a kudo in your initial comments) you jump to the other side of the scale and are critical (in the James Bond editor note) of Team Dave for doing what you had pushed for in the first place. In the past BG has called that being wishy washy — and been something that’s criticized when someone else does it.

    EDITOR NOTE–Does this mean you support the GUARDIAN push for free parking for two wheelers?

  8. Yes.

  9. Yeah G-man. You’re either for us or against us. Why do you hate being American? I heard you go to France sometimes. What’s with that?

    EDITOR NOTE–I like the fact France helped us become a free nation against the oppressive Brits and they gave us the Statue of Liberty. I also like their fries.

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