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Agnes Miller
309 Howe St.
Boise, ID 83706
ACHD: The comment I wanted to make is I thoroughly agree with Mayor Bieter’s letter that was in the Statesman this morning regarding ACHD. I see no reason why Boise city should subsidize county roads and have no control over the growth that’s taking place there. Thank you.

Glen Jones
2700 Lemp Apt. 5
Boise, ID 83702
The Hole: Concerning the lot down at 8th and Main, How come the city don’t take that over and make a park out of it and transplant some of the trees from the Capital in there (a couple maybe).
Action Taken: contacted

Rick Munson
1037 Warm Springs Ave.
Boise, ID 83712
Motorcycle Patrol: Mayor Bieter, I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend. I just wanted you to know that your motorcycle patrol was out in force doing what they do best. Saturday, approximately 2:30 p.m. I saw them out on Maple Grove. They had a vehicle stopped that was bee lining down Maple Grove. Sunday, approximately 10:20 a.m. down by Veterans Park highway, they had a vehicle stopped there. Yes siree, the motorcycle patrol is economical, reliable, is good money well spent, and is harder to find than a black cat on a moonless night. I tell you, if you want to keep us from turning into a California super express way, beef up the motorcycle patrol. This is your quarterly report; thank you for your time.

Leone Strite
5221 N. Samson Ave.
Boise, ID 83704
Sex Offenders: I’m calling in regard to a sex offender house on our street. I just heard on the news that sex offenders are no longer allowed at the Mission or Community House. I just want you to know that we really don’t want them spread out into our neighborhoods. We live in a nice neighborhood and we have lots of children on our street and lots of grandchildren. By overcrowding a house with people that we don’t feel are the neighbors we would like to have, we just think we want people to know about it. So, please don’t let any more of these big sex offender houses come into neighborhoods.
M/CC Legal
Action Taken: left msj

Heather Wolf
5376 N. Samson Ave.
Boise, ID 83704
Sex Offenders: I heard that there are efforts going into creating a city ordinance that restricts where sex offenders can live. I just wanted to let you know that I, as well as my husband Sam Wolf, am in support of this city ordinance for restricting where they can live, to be like a thousand feet from schools, pre-schools, day cares, parks and anywhere that children congregate. I am in support of this ordinance, but also I am aware that sometimes sex offenders are charged like if there’s a 20 year old dating a 16 year old, and they have sex, and the parents are upset and press charges against him. I think it would be good if we knew what kind of sex offenders, why they were charged with that; I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to people in that case, where the person they’re dating is a relationship kind of thing. It would be good to have this; I know there’s a couple of houses in our neighborhood where there are a bunch of them residing together and it makes me very uncomfortable, and I don’t feel it’s appropriate to have people living together who share the same weakness. I just don’t feel like that’s a very good idea. So, I’m in support of this and my husband is as well. You can contact us if you have any further questions. Thank you.
M/CC Legal
Action Taken: left msj

Laura Hicks
5503 S. Dovetail Way
Boise, ID 83716
Park: I am calling to ask for funding and development for the Bolder Park which is going to be planned near Surprise Valley by Trinity Presbyterian Church. I think it would be just wonderful for all the children in southeast Boise. I strongly urge the Mayor and City Council to please consider developing this park in the next year, which would be enjoyed by all of southeast Boise. Thank you

Mr. Williams
Utility Pole Signs: I own my own business here in Boise and I’ve struggled very hard to maintain a good business. As I drive around Boise, I see telephone poles with signs that say – we buy houses, we clean houses, lawn care. When going to the mall, there are about 40 signs that say – bass outlets, 40% off. They’re all over the place, on Federal Way, out by the Outlet Mall. I don’t see how people can get away with this; it clutters the city; it makes it look like a cheap crap all over the place. I hope someone does something about it. The mayor’s a great mayor and I hope he understands that this is the wrong direction we need to go. We’ve already got billboards all over the place, and neon signs all over the place. Someone needs to do their job. ACHD offered me absolutely no help at all; they’re the most worthless agency I’ve ever dealt with in my life. Thank you and I hope the Mayor gets re-elected.

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  1. Normally I believe in giving anyone a chance to make good on past problems they have caused. Just a few days ago,however, one of these offenders and friends moved into my neighborhood. I said hello,was not hostile,and then… this individual started bringing their DRUG BUDDIES into the complex. Then They would harass the whatever out of my neighbors esp. when they were zapped on speed. There are children here and there is no way that they should be exposed to that kind of garbage. I would like to thank the BPD for the excellent job they did in cleaning up this mess!

  2. Today a very confused nation chose to kill a young boy for a sex offense.
    A child who committed a sexual act is now going to be murdered by a nation.
    How is that possible?
    The very same reason that humans are cutting off the heads of people in the middle east. These combating nations are parasitic of one another, and can not survive without each others hate.
    The one thing they need is your guilty feelings about sex.

    The one thing that is shared out of love between two people has become the thing the world wants to kill children with because they are good god fearing people.

    How can people in this nation feel their choice has any merit to god or bring any sense of pride to themselves, of course on this race to the bottom Americans Like John Walsh feel the taking of a life is OK.

    Children’s lives who have yet to determine who they want to be in life have their lives taken by fools in Windsor knotted ties, playing war for political gain.

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