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Kudos To Statesman, Craig Should Go

Under the managing editorship of Bill Manny, the Idaho Statesman–affectionately known at the GUARDIAN as “The Daily Paper” has acted with restraint and decorum throughout the Larry Craig ordeal. Manny and veteran reporter Dan Popkey appeared on ABC News NIGHTLINE show last night. Both conducted themselves well and made no comments beyond what they had […]

Gay Comment From Minneapolis

THIS POST COMES FROM AN OPENLY GAY GUARDIAN READER LIVING IN MINNEAPOLIS Sex in bathroom stalls is incredibly disgusting and typically involves note passing and whatever signals indicate that a person is available. Public bathrooms have become quite risky for guys on the prowl, gay, straight or bisexual. According to a (gay) friend, there is […]

Good Clean Fun

Double entendres and crude puns aside, the saga of Larry Craig and the toilet cop has been a welcome relief from stories of endless forest fires and hot summer days. One local office has a set of “rules” posted on the stall of the men’s room which include: –Wide stance not permitted –No toe tapping […]

Decider Craig Makes Wrong Decision

Without regard to Senator Larry Craig’s potty training–you don’t use a “stance” so wide that you encroach on your neighbor’s space–the entire debacle in the Minneapolis airport toilet has shown the world Idaho has a “decider” who decides wrong. We don’t know if the man is gay, nor do we care. That is not the […]

Craig Arrested In Mens Room Incident

Chances are pretty good Idaho senator Larry Craig probably won’t seek re election, ending speculation and maneuvering by Republicans, following today’s revelation he was arrested in June and fined in a Minneapolis court August 8. Seems the Senator had a “misunderstanding” in the men’s room of the Minneapolis Airport in June. According to a report […]

Raping The Land For Profit

ANOTHER IN OUR SERIES OF POSTINGS FROM GUARDIAN READERS By MATT CIRANNI I was up Hideden Springs in the foothills recently and I was shocked at the flagrant destruction of open space that has taken place. Foothills developments seem to have been escalating recently despite popular opposition, and despite city and county planners paying lip […]

Judge Nixes Ada EMS Ordinance

The GUARDIAN is a little late on this one, but an August 17 decision from 4th District Judge Kathryn Sticklen could cause the Ada County Paramedics to seek some first aid. In what apparently was billed as a “test case” law suit, the county filed suit against the Kuna Rural Fire District for running their […]

Courthouse Answer Prompts Questions

An escrow account funded by Civic Partners to protect Ada County and the CCDC will “cease to exist” after eminent domain proceedings are completed against Civic Partners for the commercial space on the first floor of an apartment building adjacent to the courthouse. In the previous post yesterday, former commish Roger Simmons told us of […]

More On Ada Courthouse Dealings

Yesterday’s posting prompted some comments from Commishes past and present. The GUARDIAN wants to make clear at present we don’t see any illegal activity by the Commishes with regard to purchasing the first floor commercial space in the apartment building to the east of the courthouse. We think it is ill advised, probably not needed, […]

Ada County Courthouse Too Small?

Ada County Assessor Bob McQuade is looking forward to improving public access to his office when it moves out of the court house, but the GUARDIAN’s radar went on high alert when we got the tip. Seems the new Ada court house on Front Street is just too small to house all the agencies currently […]

Mayor Hotline August 11 to 17

–NOISE, NOISE, NOISE! –Bad cop, bad cop –Beware, Vigilante at 10th and Franklin –Mayor playing in traffic?! 🙂 8/15/07 Anonymous Disregard of Four-Way Stop Intersection: As a follow-up to the 10th and Franklin, in the 15 or so minutes I was able to run and grab a piece of paper and come back out, I […]

From France Another View

In response to recent GUARDIAN postings from Europe this transplant offers a different view, By JIM V. There is a difference between visiting the continent and living there. Today, I write from a veranda, leftover glass of Merlot in hand, while I look over a vinyard to the hills about a mile to the south. […]

Stinging Facts About Vespula Vulgaris

It’s yellow jacket time in Boise and due to a mild winter, dry conditions and warm temps, the nasty critters are joining alfresco diners and picnickers uninvited. They come in several models, but the nasty ones are called Vespula Vulgaris and because of their scavenging behavior, they tend to come into contact with humans on […]

Signs Of The Political Times

First it was the ethics flap with Team Dave’s PR firm doing business with the city. Now someone on the fourth floor of the Washington Mutual building–that’s about eye level with Mayor Dave’s City Hall office window–has installed TIBBS FOR MAYOR posters in their window. Almost as annoying as those darn yellow jackets! The Tibbs […]

Mayor Hotline August 4 to 10

–No way halfway (still) –Good Cop, Bad Cop –Down on Tibbs and Popkey –Cheers for Team Dave 8/3/07 Mary Anne Murphy Campaign: I wish to direct my comments to Mayor Dave Bieter. I always believed you were a man of integrity. Now after hearing Councilman Tibbs file accusations against you, I am certain you are […]

Peddlers Proliferate In Paris

As a humble public service, the GUARDIAN has explored the Paris low rent bicycle plan which has been in operation less than a month. We offer this account so the rest of you can make suggestions for a workable plan. Pictures show the bike ranks with electronic locks, a biker, and the credit card self […]

A Look At Amsterdam Biking

For those wishing to see a bit of Europe, the GUARDIAN is offering a photo essay on a small slice of Amsterdam biking. We rented a simple cruiser for about $8 at MacBike and set off along the canals, busy streets and humpbacked bridges exploring. We found not only a total accommodation for bikes, but […]

Catching Up On Local News

The GUARDIAN, in the context of expediency and seeking facts will share some e-mail subjects which came in while we were on the Continent unable to research the tips. This, in the hope of stimulating factual responses from readers. –JAZZ COMBO got shut down by cops for playing without a permit at Goody’s Ice Cream […]

Tibbs Offers His Response

Here is the text of a Tibbs statement issued Thursday. Maybe the self-inflicted gunshot to the foot has potential of healing. “I am responding to an Idaho Statesman Opinion Dated August 3, 2007. To be clear: Had the resolution to pay $65,000.00 to the Gallatin Group been decided on the date scheduled by Mayor Dave […]

Tibbs Needs Political Lessons

We’re back on the ground in the city of trees going through recent press releases, news reports, and e-mails from readers. Looks like the most pressing GUARDIAN issue is the Tibbs-Bieter flap over ethics. From everything we can determine Tibbs has shot himself in the foot with allegations of ethics lapses on the part of […]

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