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The GUARDIAN, in the context of expediency and seeking facts will share some e-mail subjects which came in while we were on the Continent unable to research the tips. This, in the hope of stimulating factual responses from readers.

–JAZZ COMBO got shut down by cops for playing without a permit at Goody’s Ice Cream place in the North End. Those law and order types don’t let much get past them. In another era, they could have faced a PUC commish with an ax.

–COUNTY P& Z commish Martin is having trouble with timing when it comes to recusing himself on Avimor issues. It is supposed to be BEFORE you vote.

–DENNIS MANSFIELD and his “convicted drug offender for a neighbor” program doesn’t set will with lots of people. Same is true for “sex offender in your back yard” scheme. We have had unsubstantiated complaints of rape and crime as well.

–MOVIE STAR (used to be?) Val Kilmer made an appearance at a local film theater, boored his way in without paying (on “star power?”), maybe got some free treats and before he left came back to the ticket window with $16 cash for the tickets and a comment, “Word apparently spreads fast around here.” The blonde on his arm should have been proud.

–JASON PIERCE, 35, will run for mayor in Eagle. To his credit he hasn’t seen a community project, commission, club, or team he didn’t want to join or run. Lots of energy for a guy who has lived in Eagle for about 4 years!

–BOISE COPS leave their cars running with the A.C. to cool flat screen computers according to an inside report sent to Chief Mike. The I.T. guy took the oral temperature of his squad car at 150F and that approaches the limit for the flat screen. No problem with batteries, computer crashes, quick starts, dead babies, or greenhouse gas. Chief has security concerns about vehicles left unattended.

–NEW LANDFILL ribbon cutting featured a “ceremonial trash drop” cooked up by the county Spinmeister Rich Wright. Thank god the county didn’t open a sewage treatment facility!

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  1. Try as I may to be open-minded, I already know I won’t vote for Jason Pierce. I think we have too many new transplants from Southern California and Arizona who left their previous communities for the relative peace and quiet of Idaho, then turn around and try to recreate what they’ve just left behind. I am hoping a mature person who has spent at least a decade in this area will run for office. Better yet – a native.

    My husband and I felt we were pushed out of the North End by the traffic and overcrowded conditions – we are natives, by the way. We hoped when we bought a home in Eagle that we could have a few peaceful years before growth took over.

    Eagle needs to stop putting public notice signs on every bare piece of ground and those who vote on land use issues need to quit approving zone changes from agricultural to residential (or commercial). Eagle is already overbuilt. Of course, with the slow down in real estate, perhaps the developers will be leaving for greener pastures. One can only hope.

  2. FYI, regarding Jason Pierce:

    Kevin Richert
    editorial page editor, Idaho Statesman

  3. Hey Treva, regarding your transplant idea, you are no more a citizen of Eagle than Jason. You are in fact by my standards a transplant too. I think you need to take your North End Closed Mindedness somewhere else, maybe the new North End (the Bench). I think compared to the current leadership Jason is a breath of fresh air. I hope he does well. Look at the current mayor, she has lived in Eagle for a long time, didn’t make her any better now did it.

  4. Geez, Snoop, I didn’t mean to rile anyone. My position is similar to the Guardian – I just do not like to see continued growth – either in Boise, Eagle, Meridian or Kuna. I worry about air quality, water availability, and traffic, valley-wide, not just in Eagle.

    Perhaps you are right about Jason. He sounds like an energetic young man with lots of ambition. I will wait until I hear what his plans are before I make any more remarks. It will be interesting to see who may run against him.

  5. Anyone interested in seeing & hearing Jason Pierce can do so anytime at an Eagle P&Z meeting, or by looking at some of his posts on–an “all Eagle, all the time” blog with lots of info. I’m not sure at all what Snoop was trying to say…Pierce “is” part of the current leadership. I don’t see where the breath of fresh air is coming from, unless it’s hot air caused by more developers flapping their wings to swoop into Eagle and start building.

  6. I just think, and I say think because I do not know for 100% sure, but we are always quick to judge someone based on where they are from. I just get riled when comments are based purely on locale as apposed to someone’s track record. I live in Eagle and have for a long time and have seen really good leadership and really bad leadership. I think that Pierce is, contrary to Sleuth, a breath of fresh air. He hasn’t sat on the council for so many years like the rest of them. He really seems to be trying and for that I applaud him.

    I appreciate people like Treva, because we are all free to make comments, but after looking at them a little closer we realize maybe we need to look at a person or issue from a different angle.

  7. Just a comment about Val Kilmer—geez, give the guy a break! He’s a more-or-less regular visitor to Boise as he has friends here in the area and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t even consider intentionally try to avoid paying admission to a movie, for heaven’s sake! I’ve met him several times and he’s unfailingly cordial and friendly, but like anyone, values his privacy, which should make him MORE welcome in Boise, not less. And Dave should know, at last count, he was STILL one of the more in-demand actors around.

  8. TransplantsUnite
    Aug 15, 2007, 9:08 pm

    Treva – “pushed out of the NE by traffic and overcrowding” ???? What too many Subarus and fat seat cruisers for you liking. So you somehow decided Eagle was the solution? I am really having trouble following any part of your logic. Much less the suggestion that a “newcomer” like Pierce could do worse than the culative prior efforts of you natives? Yeah you and the rest of the natives have done such a great job of funding and planning growth thus far…NOT! God forbid somebody with fresh ideas wants to come in and take a swing at it. Give me a break.

  9. Transplant – reread my first paragraph. I said too many move here and then try to recreate what they were moving away from. I am antigrowth no matter where the newcomers are coming from.

    The north end was built when each family had one car, or no car. Now almost every family has a car for every person over the age of sixteen. Since most homes have, at best, a one car garage, that means all those extra cars are parked on the street, making the north end a one-way zone. It’s hard even for bicycles to get around except on those few streets that were built extra wide like 24th.

    Pierce may be a great guy but if his vision for north Ada County means doubling the number of homes in Eagle then I can’t view that favorably. Once again – think air quality, traffic, and water availability. These are pretty basic arguments – not hard to understand.

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