Craig Bungling Continues

On “America’s Most Wanted” television show, suspects often get identified after their pictures are aired. Such was the case when Larry Craig’s daughter, Shae Suzanne Howell appeared on ABC.
Shea%20%20Howell.jpg craigmug.jpg

Craig can add the arrest of his daughter to the list of unintended consequences he is racking up. This sad event proves that “no good deed goes unpunished.”

After her national TV appearance, a GUARDIAN reader put two and two together and sent this little unsolicited nugget late Wednesday from the Ada Sheriff’s warrant list:

“You would think the Boise police would go ahead and arrest the “stand up” character witness’s Larry had with him Saturday!”

adasheriff.org warrants
BOISE, ID 10/11/70 M0615800 4/18/2007 1 M CONTEMPT OF COURT $500 BOND

(The GUARDIAN has removed the address printed on the Sheriff’s site at the request of Shae Howell’s ex-husband who said he has no connection with Shae and wishes to distance himself from the entire situation. We will not entertain ANY comments on the subject of divorce or details of any pending criminal matters.)

We checked with officials at the jail and according to their records the contempt of court warrant is active. It will be difficult for the coppers to ignore such a high profile wanted person–especially after she appeared on national television defending a U.S. senator. Chances are she may not have been aware of the warrant and until she became a television personality, few people (including the coppers) linked her name to Craig.

Advice from the GUARDIAN: a quick visit to the jail with five crisp “Big Ben” $100 bills will prevent Shea from being arrested and keep the publicity to a minimum. We suggest she surrender quietly at Barrister Street unless it is her “intention” to pay a fine and face possible jail time.

We offered this advice August 30, “Urge your man to QUIETLY resign and remain out of the public light. Love him, get some medical and mental treatment before he does further harm to himself. Be pro active and forget about a “wait and see” strategy.” They didn’t listen then, maybe they will now.


Shae Howell has appeared at the Ada Jail and posted $500 bond. She is no longer “wanted.”

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  1. Revise the Topic. Guilty by association only works when your mother holds you to that standard. Yes the younger Craig might be on the laws wrong side, but does that have anything to do with Larry Craig?

    Good scoop but more detail would be needed to to connect Larry to his daughter’s “misdeed” whatever they may be.

    As for Larry, someone please take away the shovel.

  2. Colleen Fellows
    Sep 6, 2007, 12:54 am

    Family secrets die-hard, or rather hardly die. The Craig clan can certainly attest to that. Now, one could assume that if Larry Craig failed to tell his family about his arrest, Shae may have opted to withhold her predicament from her family as well. Pretty close knit group I guess. It appears that Shae may have not been the best character witness for dear old dad. Her apparent impulse control problem may not serve her well under a heated Congressional ethics inquiry. Malicious injury to property and unlawful entry? Not your everyday jay walking charge….Senator Mitch McConnell may need to watch himself.

    One could argue that Shae Howell’s guilt and her father’s are not related. That is likely the case, but not the point. The point is that in dragging the “intended” resignation out in the press and courts, Senator Craig has put an undue spotlight on his family as well as himself. Had he quietly resigned, Shae’s arrest warrant would have remained relatively undisclosed. Instead, the Ada County Sheriff’s office will have to move quick to avoid the appearance of favoritism, and the national media will eat this up like yesterday’s leftovers.

  3. What is her misdeed? Now really, if this woman were your daughter or mine, would she not be in jail at this moment? Would she not fear going on national TV because she KNOWS better than to be “seen”?
    Don’t worry girl, your big daddy is above the law….he has a name and money. This is what one needs in this country of dual standards. There is the law for the rich, just as there is medical attention for the rich.
    then there is the law for those nasty little common people……
    and their “medical care” lol
    those nasty little tax payers
    the “employers” who have forgotten that they pay the salaries of their oppressors.

    opps! I am waxing Orwellian.

  4. BoiseCitizen
    Sep 6, 2007, 5:55 am

    Sorry, but in todays world when you go on national tv to defend a convicted criminal who happens to be a U.S. Senator,(as well as her father), then you become fair game. Besides,of course they will defend him at all costs. Which in this case, will be at least 500 bucks. Do you think she will be smarter than her dad and get a lawyer before she appears in court?

  5. I just love hypocrisy. I thought it was doctors that took a hypocritic oath, not politicians and their family members. I just love hypocracy.

  6. Jiminy, Jiminy God. Please put us out of our misery .

    Just when you thought it was safe to open a paper or watch a cable channel without being subjected to a high whiny voice or a creepy old man with a wide stance, this guy goes and hedges his resignation, which only opens the frenzied feeding doors once again.

    I believed it at the first and I believe it now, this clown is too stupid to continue being a senator.

    One question I would have for Suzanne is How much longer are you going to let yourself be humiliated and how much (okay two questions) are you going to let your family be hurt before you say enough is enough – resign already.

  7. I think Larry Craig is just helping Idaho live up to our Idaho reputation. The Boise Chamber of Commerce could never afford a spotlight on Idaho this big. Thanks Larry.

  8. Depot Bill:

    The Doctor’s took a Hippocratic Oath, not a hypocritic oath, and the oath has absolutely nothing to do with hypocrisy.


  9. Sara, You think Craig is too stupid… I note that Dane Watkins is on the shortlist. He is too dumb to even be a placeholder.

  10. What she was arrested for isn’t as relevant as her not appearing in court. That can’t be tolerated–well, not outside the Bush White House, that is.

  11. hey Depot Bill, that would be the Hippocratic oath that the Dr.s say…


    Hope you like all the french benefits…

  12. I wonder if her stance is as wide as his.

  13. I’ve said it before and will say it again, the only place a public figure and his/her family can expect any privacy is at home with the drapes drawn.

    Isn’t it wonderful that Mr. Craig has been our “family values” guy all these years?

    Unlike main stream media which goes to great lengths to avoid uncovering any unfavorable information about our politicians, the Internet gives us the eyes of millions of watchdogs. This ought to encourage our leaders to learn that honesty and openness are the values most of us want to see in our political system. Not some fake slogan like “family values” whatever that is supposed to mean.

    In other words, don’t do anything in the public arena that you don’t want to watch on YouTube tomorrow.

  14. I think that Larry needs to have a chat with Mayor Coles. Even if this moron does end up using his political clout to get his guilty verdict overturned in court (maybe having to go to trial then) He is unelectable at this point. He just needs to take it like a man(again) and realize his career is over.

  15. First things first … The Hippocratic Oath and Hypocricy have NOTHING to do with each other BUT it does go a long way towards explaining how Idaho could elect such a stallion of deep thought.
    To look deeply at anyone in America is to find warrants, secret lives and morons. We are a nation that is faking it till we make, it and a bathroom quickie is but the tip of the iceberg.
    I would argue that by having a mission statement involving only the acquisition of cash and power, America has spent no time either developing a moral center or a culture beyond the Blues and because of this, the center is unable to hold. To be clear, I’m NOT talking about religion but instead about personal accountability for actions that are unacceptable. Taking sex public only adds to the areas where our kids are forced to grow up far too early. This is about a buffer between public and private behavior which if unchecked defines a hedonistic and shallow society; no better than the Bonobos. The good news is that we are doomed, just as Rome or the Minoans were. Perhaps the time capsule of Larry Craig or Paris Hilton or Bill Clinton will teach others that no matter how prescious you believe that you are, NOBODY wants to see your moneymaker… EVER!

  16. Personally, I like the ballet parking.

  17. millsapian87
    Sep 6, 2007, 11:10 am

    Wait a second–unlawful entry and malicious damage to property? Is this Shae Howell or George P. Bush?

  18. Drew's #1 Fan
    Sep 6, 2007, 11:16 am

    I have a warrant out for my arrest so I’m really getting a kick out of these replies.

  19. Drew's #1 Fan
    Sep 6, 2007, 11:16 am

    I have a warrant out for my arrest so I’m really getting a kick out of these replies.

  20. The only good that ever came out of Idaho is “Boise State” and the “POTATO”.

  21. When Barney Frank resigns for running a male prostitution ring out of his apartment, then you can talk about Larry Craig.

  22. Poster #1: Shea’s misdeed is the same as her father’s. By covering up her OWN arrest (Craig’s people would NEVER have let her go public if they’d known about it) and disregarding a court date, Shea’s credibility is no better than her father’s–and that’s something the public had a right to know.

  23. A note about the original charges – “Unlawful Entry” is a term used for entering a property without permission, where no force is used to enter. She evidently messed with something not hers in a place she someone asserted she had no right orpermission to be. The property charge is vanalism, and while someone says it was his stuff and not hers, that might be in dispute.

    I suspect a domestic dispute is behind both charges, but you never know….does anyone have access to the police report or citizen complaint?

  24. Hey Bill,
    Its a Hippocratic oath.


  25. Mommy of two
    Sep 6, 2007, 12:53 pm

    Wow…this story just gets sadder and sadder….This family needs to all get group therapy and deal with their issues of keeping “secrets”. It seems that not just Craig but his daughter too are in deep denial and also have the hubris of thinking that they are above the law. Also, Craig has clearly shown that he is unfit to represent any elected office with his poor judgement (excluding his actions that got him in trouble in the first place) and the fact that he had 6 weeks to sign a plea, agreed to that plea (along with waiving a right to counsel) and then to not tell anyone and then since then claiming he’s innocent (even though he plead guilty and agreed in that plea that you can’t plea guilty if your innoncent) then he states he’s going to resign, but now is or isn’t? He also shows stupidity in leaving a message on a machine thinking its his lawyer, but it isn’t. Then he shows up at a conference and has his kids going on the media shows to be character witnesses and his own daughter didn’t tell him about a “little matter”? Sheesh, this family must have even more secrets they better all sit down and figure out. I think we have an example of the kind of hypocrisy and angst that comes from people who try to claim the moral authority and yet are clearly not what they claim to be. If Craig didn’t disgust me so much as a hypocrite, I actually would feel sorry for him. He’s an emotionally tormented person who is clearly so deep in the closet and is self-loathing and hurting and needs to figure it all out. His continueing denial only serves to hurt him and his family further and meanwhile his kids are clearly in distress too. Someone help this family!

  26. I heard this on KIDO yesterday afternoon, so I was surprised someone did not get her down to the courthouse to get this taken care of right away. Do these people think they can make the legal system just go away? This too could wind up getting national attention…. GREAT!

  27. A lot of idiot comments. The girl stood up for her father like any daughter with spunk.
    As the Guardian stated, she probably is unaware of the warrant. If she were, then she elected to stand up for her father, regardless. Good girl.

  28. Rocknation, I realize she is in the same situation as her father as far as credibility. Her credibility only matters in a court of Public opinion. If Larry goes to a legal court, what she has done or said does not matter in his case.

    For the record when I posted my original response, the particular charges against Shea were not included in the BG’s article. I would certainly hope she takes care of the legal and personal side of her problems.

  29. To: depot Bill
    Doctors take a “Hippocratic Oath” not a Hypocritic oath.
    Spelling was not your best subject I guess.

  30. Colleen Fellows
    Sep 6, 2007, 1:30 pm

    Ms. Howell didn’t disregard a court date, if she had, the warrant would have been for “FAILURE TO APPEAR”. In this case, she was first arrested for “UNLAWFUL ENTRY and MALICIOUS INJURY TO PROPERTY”. She went to court for that charge already, and was either convicted of the crime, or pled guilty to the crime.

    From that point, the current warrant would have been issued based on the failure to fulfill the requirements of the court, hence the “CONTEMPT OF COURT” charge. This second charge could have been issued for a number of reasons, say for instance, the failure to fulfill probation requirements that may have included not coming in contact with the individual who’s property she damaged in the first case, or not checking in with a probation officer, etc.

    At the age of 36, one would expect Ms. Howell to have better judgment than she has shown. Temporary insanity could have been blamed for a single disruptive binge, although still a crime and bad decision, but to persist in illegal conduct after the first instance suggests a more serious behavior problem. As in any court case, a jury is required to weigh the credibility of character witnesses. In this case the public is currently the jury, and the character witness’s credibility is proving to be problematic.

  31. Very interesting indeed.

  32. You’d think by now the Republicans would have a staff of pros ready to move in and take over in these recurring situation – kind of like the “cleaner” in that famous Tarantino movie that I can’t remember the name of.

  33. frgough – Mr.Frank was easily reelected in his home district. Do you think the same will happen with your buddy? NO!

  34. Who's Peeking at Me?
    Sep 6, 2007, 2:55 pm

    Well….Depot Bill……this isn’t working out to well for you today, is it? By chance, are you Larry Craig’s adviser?

  35. Who's Peeking at Me?
    Sep 6, 2007, 2:55 pm

    Well….Depot Bill……this isn’t working out to well for you today, is it? By chance, are you Larry Craig’s adviser?

  36. I visited the Sheriff’s warrant page and the scandal here may be all the warrants that are outstanding in this county. If you look at the charges, it’s things like failure to appear, contempt of court, failure to obey, probation violation – only infrequently does one see like a real crime.

    If this junk was cleared out it could be very likely that the warrants division would have almost nothing to do.

    What is failure to obey citation anyway?

  37. Another news story has Senator Craig interviewing possible replacements. One hopes he is using an office and not a public restroom.

  38. John–
    To paraphrase TV’s Lou Grant to Mary Tyler Moore in the newsroom, “You have spunk…and I HATE spunk!”

  39. Oh, this just keeps getting better; Senator Craig, do the right thing and STAY resigned, can’t you see, it was not meant to be…?

  40. Anne American
    Sep 6, 2007, 4:30 pm

    When are you people going to understand??? Senator Craig is a member of THE GOVERNMENT. He is a member of THE RULING CLASS. Duhhh… We OWE him our allegiance, as we owe our allegiance to THE PRESIDENT and the CHRISTIAN God that WE ALL serve.

    Neither Senator Craig, nor any member of his family, or anyone under his protection should have to answer to anyone, especially members of THE PUBLIC.


  41. frgough:

    Barney Frank’s live-in lover was running the ring & Frank evicted him on discovering it. Frank was never charged with anything and did not plead guilty to anything. Frank also was never a leading promoter of anti-homosexual hatred.

    BTW, Frank told NPR that he thought a) the focus Sen. Craig compared to the Louisiana Senator caught in the DC Madam scandal reflected a double standard, b) that Craig should not resign but should leave it up to Idaho voters, and c) that he expected Craig would lose if he ran.

    The big pressure on Craig to resign is coming from the R side, so they can continue with hypocritical gay-bashing that works well for them electorally. I say hypocritical not only in terms of closeted guys like Craig, but the libertarian Rs who go along with this nonsense from the authoritarian wing of conservatism.

  42. Hey, Idaho bozos. The rest of the USA isn’t even surprised. Idaho is always been considered a center of hypocrisy and abject stupidity. The fact that you good citizens of the Famous Potato State have sent this moron to the Senate again and again speaks volumes on the intellect of the typical potatohead voter.

    More, more, please more. I cannot wait for Sen Widestance’s (R, Notgay) guilty plea to be overturned so we can have an open trial. My heart simply leaps at the thought of this idiot on the stand.

    Thank you all for the week’s entertainment. Keep up the good work back there in FAMILYVALUESLAND ™.

  43. shealyisnottheantichrist
    Sep 6, 2007, 5:08 pm

    I used to say that I loved Idaho because we were not like every other place. Now I can say that we are not like ANY other place.
    This is going to be a very interesting 30 days. Something about it reminds me of voting machines and Florida.
    Is someone singing the Jeopardy theme song?

  44. I enjoyed your comments, Diego. While I live in Idaho, I promise on a stack of Bibles, or your religious book of choice, that I have never voted for Larry Craig, or any other Republican. Consequently I always vote for the loser.

    If any Republican uses the term “family values” in the 08 elections he should be tarred, feathered and driven from the state.

    We used to have Frank Church, an upstanding man, with a great family. He was a Democrat. I hope we have a statesman of his integrity represent this state before I die of old age.

  45. xpat..it wasn’t Tarantino, it was Luc Besson, and I think you may be referring to The Professional.

  46. eric…

    it was Harvey Keitel in pulp fiction

  47. Milan…play on words…even mis-spelled words. Lighten up, Find the humor-or take another ‘quiet world’ tablet. There is no need for namecalling…besides, you already know that I have misplaced my dictionary. I think I left it in an airport bathroom. I’ll have to go check.

  48. I think we’ve found a new replacement for ‘Mr. Whipple’ the former Charmin T.P. squeezer, should the good Senator re-change his mind.

  49. Colleen (Post #27): The warrant does state that she failed to appear. A copy of it is now at:


    The incident sounds relatively trivial–she entered a house and tore up some photos. (And I do mean “relatively”–the victim appears to Shea’s estranged husband.) So I don’t think that hard time was anything she had to worry about. Also, note the dates: the incident took place in June 2006, the trial date was set for this past April. Did she simply forget, or did she uphold the family tradition of not telling anyone what had happened?

    At any rate, you were dead on target about her irresponsibility. She’s thirty-six? Her behavior sounds more like the work of someone half that age. I understand that Sen. Craig has nine grandchildren–if any of them are Shae’s, I hope they’re not old enough to realize that they could have seen their mother taken away in handcuffs at any time during the past five months!

  50. If Craig is typical of the breed, he makes a great case for all those lobbyists that march up to Capitol Hill each day and tell our senators and congressmen how to vote.

    Left to his own devices, Craig couldn’t dump water out of a bucket without drowning himself.

  51. It’s a sad day when people think character assassination is Ok by the media or anyone else. The ends never justifies the means, it’s how you get there that counts! Leave his family alone and let the voters decide, not the media.

    EDITOR NOTE–Brian, we certainly agree with you. For Larry Craig to drag his daughter into the spotlight (or for her to inject herself into it) blurrs the line between family and politics. Had they left her out, no one would ever have known who she is.

  52. So what kind of values does the Craig family have?

    Wow, I have to feel sorry for them all. But, I don’t want any of them to represent me in Washington, D.C.

  53. Treva, you need to do a little homework on the late Mr. Church. History has shown him to be one of the most ruthless “insiders” that ever made the trip to DC. However, if you want to hold one man up for admiration, I would suggest good ol’ Cecil. He is an excellent example of someone that has represented our state consistantly well. I may not always agree with him, but I have to admire him.

  54. 0700 hrs Boise

    Well, ill try the post again and leave out the part that hurts-your head with thought.
    re: Craig’s daughter’s warrant: Who, what, when, why, where and perhaps how! If you think satire is your mainstay, it isnt yet. Just the facts.
    Pre-editing reader’s opinions to protect your niche is to trivialize journalistic integrity–and it is further, a Cannibal’s Dance around Language,,,to quote my hero Fowler.
    story was: Craig’s (sen, leadin) daught has warrant…warrant is…with ada…amount. Next is: adasheriff confirms warrant.

    ourioni in Boise

  55. Boise Banker
    Sep 7, 2007, 9:29 am

    At the very least Senator Craig is a liar, but is he really any different from anyone else in Washington? I highly doubt that there are many clean hands or clean consciouses anywhere in D.C.

    I am reminded of an old saying, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    None of us in any state have a representation that is upstanding, honest, or having “true family values”

    The United States is a Representative Republic not a Democracy. We were modeled 100% from the Roman Republic, and it failed for the same reason ours is today. Corruption, greed, lust…gee after 2000 years you’d think we would have come up with a better system and learn from our own mistakes.

  56. shealyisnottheantichrist
    Sep 7, 2007, 9:29 am

    I do not think that a daughter standing up with her dad at a press conference like that and lending her love and support is in any way inappropriate. It doesn’t matter what her own police record, or even her political opinions might be. Dave, I think you missed it on this one. I think our daughters would stand with their dad on the Titanic as it went under.

    EDITOR NOTE–We debated it quite a while and made the decision to publish as we did with the”tone” we presented. Does it matter that a GW Bush girl is getting married or that one (same?) got busted for DUI? It was THEIR choice to hold a public event. GUARDIAN had suggested a quiet departure if you check back on postings.

  57. Thank God everyday for the Constitution, which has not, as yet, been completely shredded. And thank God for mid-term elections and the internet.

  58. Unless I missed it, the Daily Paper has said not a peep about the Craig daughter. The story did run on Channel 6 yesterday.

    Cyclops, I agree about Cecil, but have to disagree about Frank Church. My father and mother actively supported him throughout his career. Dad sent many letters to Sen. Church and always received a prompt reply. I still have those letters. My parents were totally ethical and would never have supported anyone even remotely “ruthless.”

    I am curious about your sources.

  59. Treva, I hope you cherish those letters because they remind you of your parents. I am equally sure that they felt Church was the same person as he appeared in front of the “folks”. My point is that Church , all to well, realized that his #1 priority was to raise MONEY! It is the sad truth with all senators and congresspersons. That didn’t make him ruthless but it certainly amde him realistic. His “back room negotiating” is legendary. And ruthless describes him to a “T”
    My sources? First hand experience! I was working for another senator at the time.( please don’t tell anybody, it was a democrat!) There goes my image with Cope!

  60. Looks like the daughter turned herself in on Thursday. If you check http://www.adasheriff.org and then follow the link to arrests and the page showing the arrests ending 0700 on 9/7 you’ll see her.


  61. Leave the kid alone. She can stand up for her dad. Her dad can stand up for her. This is not news. It is counting bodies and shooting the dead and follows the style of that awful Spokesman Review spokane newspapaer.

  62. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

    Have you heard the latest? Yesterday, I said that there was no way that the Craig camp would have let Shea go on TV with her brother Michael if they’d known about her domestic violence incident and outstanding arrest warrant. Well, guess what!

    “At least two women have sought restraining orders against Michael Craig…One…was issued by a former girlfriend after he was arrested in 1993 for committing an act of battery against her that broke her nose…He pleaded guilty…and was ordered to have no contact with her…The other order was sought after his wife, Stephanie Craig, who charged him with an act of battery in November 2003…(H)e pleaded guilty in March 2004 (and) was ordered to have no contact with his wife…and…to undergo counseling.”

    A fine example of family values this is.


  63. Thanks for the update. Great small town gossip! Keep us posted as to her trial, etc.

  64. This must be what Christmas, birthday, and Easter all boiled together is like for libs. I don’t realize why so many people are having such fun kicking someone that is already dead.I believe that if ya’ll were on the stone seats 2700 years ago, you would have been the ones screaming for Caeser to give the “thumbs down.”

    Boisebanker is spot on. The system corrupts even good people when they get back to DC. when we talk about the good that our representatives have done for us, is it the monumental legislation they sponsored, and then pushed through? It is almost exlusively the local pork that they steered to our communities.(go back and look at some of the posts) If we want lower taxes and less intrusion in our lives, then we have to start sending people to DC with those instructions. As long as we measure our representatives success by what kind of “pork” they deliver, we will continue to have this type of representation.

  65. ROLMAO….The rest of the world is laughing!

  66. Dave from queens
    Sep 9, 2007, 2:39 pm

    Conservatism is inherently corrupt and often is the last bastion in life for scoundrels who long ago lost their inner humanness.

    If the people of Idaho want better government, then start electing either progressive, liberal, or moderate Democrats or moderate to progressive Republicans.

    People get what they deserve with their elected officials.

  67. …..ourioni at 1:18 pm Boise Idaho…..>Craig (now “lawyered-up” so they will whine about that too) has begun the process to overturn the LAW in Minnesota. The charges may have to be fought higher-up as Min. stands to make Craig a very rich man should they lose at the city level. Great news, watch what happens soon in DC! ourioni

  68. True Guardian
    Sep 10, 2007, 4:01 pm

    Keep looking. More than one of Craig’s “kids” has been in serious trouble with the law.

  69. Michelle Sura
    Sep 10, 2007, 5:54 pm

    The reason that nobody but nobody has suggested is that Craig voted with the Democrats to rescind the Patriot Act–and that pissed off the white house

  70. Hey everyone, I have just one question…how many innocent people live in fear and panic about something they know they are completely innocent of?

    What a boorish, pathetic fool Mr. Craig has become. All of these conspiracy theories are annoying. Who really cares about a senator from Idaho anyway? Only those whom he directly affects. To put forth somthing so pathetic as a conspiracy theory is a sad comment about who Idahoans really are.

    Enough is enough.

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