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September 8 to 21


Ryan Fisher
1917 N. 33rd St.
Boise, ID
Depot: My fiancé and I were planning on getting married in front of the Train Depot on October 20th; we’ve had it reserved since this spring and we were given a call yesterday that there’s going to be some construction in front of bell tower during that time period to fix some problem spots in the bell tower, which I understand needs to happen, but this should have been planned accordingly not to affect my wedding. We were planning on getting married in front of the bell tower; this adversely affects the wedding and it’s got a huge black eye. I don’t see this as being fair; we’ve had this reserved since the spring and we were told about this yesterday. We would have never reserved the Depot if we had known there would be construction going on at this time. I would appreciate some follow-up on this; I did call Ginger Jewell and leave a message with her. I’m extremely disappointed in this decision. If you would get back to me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Tony Keen
8155 Andy Ln.
Boise, ID 83714
Baby Bear: I just wanted you to appreciate the Fish and Game today. That was an excellent deal on that bear. That was a lot better than the way the Boise City police handled that elk. You should pass that on to the Fish and Game. I love Idaho, I love hunting, and I appreciate you all.

Rhoda Zaff
8911 W. Duck Lake Dr.
Boise, ID 83714
Boise School District: I’m calling because I’m concerned about a huge grassy area where kids play soccer almost daily, and especially on the weekends. It’s on the corner of Milwaukee and North View. I don’t think it’s part of Fairmont Jr. High nor St. Mark’s; I believe it’s city land. There’s no fencing on any part of it so when I happened to be driving by one day, one of the kids kicked the soccer ball, the ball went out into Milwaukee, and another child who happened to be there ran out into that traffic to get that soccer ball. It almost made me throw up it was so frightening. I decided to call and suggest that somebody take a look at it because for a few hundred dollars a chain link fence could be put up at least on part of that so when the kids kick the balls, they won’t go out onto the road. I would really appreciate somebody taking a look at it. Thank you.
Action Taken: School District

Tashi Dondup
[email protected]
After 3: I am the founder of a new arts and education organization on 4th and Idaho called Community Benefits. I am very interested in this Clear Initiative after Three program that I read in the Mayor’s ememo and have been checking it out. It’s funny because our organization is basically coincidentally doing exactly the same thing that this After Three Clear Initiative is trying to accomplish. In my opinion, we’re doing it in a much more, how do I put this diplomatically, accessible and maybe a youth-friendly manner. I was hoping that I could maybe talk to somebody in your office, or figure out how we might collaborate given our similar goals providing opportunities for youth education. I just thought I would give this line a buzz, who knows who will get it? I’m very passionate about what the Mayor is trying to do here, and I think it would be beneficial for us definitely to be associated with the Mayor’s office, and even more so, I think given the goals, aims, and ambitions, and the fact that we have already established ourselves and are very hip and incredible with teenagers and kids young and old, we might be a good program for him to get involved with as well. I’m hoping to talk a little bit more about that. Thank you.
Theresa McLeod

Diana Cox
Oakridge, North Carolina
Credit Card Scam: I would like you all to know that there is a cell phone number based out of Boise, Idaho, the service provider being AT&T, often known as Blue Licenses Holding. The phone number is (208) 890-7522. They are trying to do a credit card scam, so when you ask them details, they hang up on people. I just thought you being the Mayor of Boise…. (it cut her off)
Action Taken: BBB

Jen Whitewing
Boise, ID
Solar Energy Proponent: I just wanted to encourage the public and the Mayor, through his leadership, to move us into the solar age. There’s really no excuse for people not using a lot of solar energy to power everything in the city. We have solar potential. Thank you.

Margaret Tuttle
Storm Drains: As I drive around Boise I notice that there are quite a few storm drains that are totally clogged up. Maybe you could get some people who are in jail to come out and clean up these storm drains so the roads don’t flood.

Rick Munson
1037 Warm Springs Ave.
Motorcycle Patrol: Mayor Bieter, hey, I saw the motorcycle patrol had somebody pulled over today on the connector and it reminded me that Labor Day, sure enough 11:45, motorcycle patrol out there on the connector had ‘em pulled over. You just can’t beat those guys. I’m tellin’ ya, good bang for the buck; motorcycle patrol; they’re ruthless, highly support ‘em. Hope you had a good Labor Day, I know they were out there. This was your quarterly motorcycle report.

Helen Jones
Hyde Park Street Fair: I’m calling about the Hyde Park Street Fair. Everything I’ve read says it ends at 10:00. Last night the music was until 11:00. I called the police dispatch last night and they said the permit was until 11:00 and that is nonsense. The music came right into our bedroom window; it kept us up and they should not be allowed after 10:00. My complaint is that the music was on until 11:00; the cops would not do anything. This is now Saturday, the 15th and it better not be the same tonight because you’re going to have a grumpy citizen who is sleep deprived. We’re right on top of Camels Back and it’s utter nonsense that they allow it to go this late.

Charles Petrock
442 Thatcher St.
Boise, ID 83702
Hyde Park Street Fair: It is approximately one mile (according to the map) from Hyde Park to my house. It’s 11:30 in the morning and I have to listen to music that is over a mile away. I think that’s pretty lame; I think the committee needs to do something about it and the Mayor needs to do something about this. Last night the police thankfully managed to get it turned down a little bit at 10:30 at night. I should not have to sit in my house and still be able to listen to music a mile away. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I will not give you my phone number because it’s unlisted and I do not want it made public record. You have my address; please feel free to return anything you like by mail. If you people can’t resolve this, I will do what I can to find new people in the next political election and rally people around those who do care about taxpayers’ rights and being able to have a nice quiet Sunday morning and not have to listen to something over a mile away. This is inexcusable; when you make a permit, you should have something like that in mind. You should consider the neighborhood and the impact it has on others. It’s absolutely ludicrous that I have to listen to this over a mile away and that the police have no ability to enforce this. I just called the police department and they said they cannot do anything because of the permit. The founding fathers in their lack of wisdom did not bother to regulate noise and how it impacts others. So, please do something so that I don’t have to get involved come next political season. Thank you.

Larry Norman
2095 S. Five Mile (former address)
Boise, ID 83709
Utility Billing: I’m calling because I cannot seem to get the trash and utilities refund sent to me and I’m running out of patience. If there is anything you can do for me, I would appreciate it. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
Public Works
Action Taken: Utility Billing

Amy Fleshman
1821 S. Crimson Rose Ave.
Boise, ID 83709
Code Enforcement: I’m calling because we’ve got a field right behind our house and it’s full of weeds. The weeds are starting to come up in the grass in our back yard. The other concern is that the other night we think we saw two raccoons back there and we have two cats, so we’re concerned that they will get hurt. We’re hoping somebody can get hold of whoever owns this property and have them take care of the weeds that would be wonderful. The number that I have tried calling is 384-3845, Code Enforcement. I’ve left like three or four messages but I’ve never heard back from anybody. I would appreciate a call back.

Glenn Miles
1306 N. 26th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Drugs & License Plates
Reference: Drug Problem
Reference: Ombudsman with no criteria to evaluate police inactivity on the question of drug problem.
Now, if one were to ask the average junior higher, the average high schooler, you would discover that almost every one of them knows somebody who has been solicited to buy drugs, or they themselves have. I have been solicited walking around my block by people asking whether I wanted to buy drugs. Now, frankly, we see vehicles in our area that have deficiencies in their license plates. I have called in to the police department eight Sundays in a row, people using the population of the mass near St. Mary’s to hide, and since this is the year in which we’re using white decals, people have had a white empty slot in their license plates. Calling that to the attention with a specific license number, and telling them where the car was parked has elicited eight Sundays in a row, nothing. Now somewhere along the line, the Ombudsman has to set up criteria for inactivity or policemen looking the other way. We are not looking effectively at drugs in our area.

Renny Hoobin
1121 Willow St.
Caldwell, ID 83605
Railroad: Last week when the railroad caught fire and burned some brush and burned some cars, I started thinking about that corridor. I called up and found out that the mileage that Union Pacific pays in Ada County that is split among the various groups is $108,857.90. As valuable as that corridor property is, I think the Public Utilities law should be amended to make an exception for Canyon County to Boise railroad that Union Pacific still owns, to charge them a little higher taxes or clean up their weeds so it doesn’t create an eye sore, an abatement proceeding essentially. $108,000 is pretty cheap; at least it’s a talking point. You could probably get a lower price from UP… (it cut him off)

Andy McClelland
Legal: I’m calling because I received a ticket and I wanted to try to get a bond forfeiture for that ticket. The case number is T0739275 and my case was assigned to attorney Sarah Miller. When I was finally able to get hold of her, I was told that she did not do bond forfeitures and I was just curious as to why there are attorneys out there who will do bond forfeitures and there are some who will not do bond forfeitures. I am in a special circumstance where I’ve just become someone who my driving record is very important. I was late for a training meeting for this job and having this ticket on my record could affect my effectiveness at this job and I would like to get it off my record. I talked to some friends of mine who are police officers and they told me a bond forfeiture is a great way to do that. I talked to the city attorney who was assigned to my case, again that’s Sarah Miller, and I do not understand I know other people who have gotten bond forfeitures, and I am not allowed to because of the attorney that was assigned to me. If someone could get back to me and explain it to me, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Myra Thompson
2603 Mountain View Dr.
Noise: I also placed this phone call with the Parks and Recreation people. I am calling at approximately 6:15 Saturday night. I am complaining about the noise from the independent contractor who is working on the tennis courts at Winstead Park, approximately 2 blocks from my place. They have worked after hours from approximately 5 until 8 on Thursday night as well as Friday night. They have been here since 8:00 this morning on Saturday to refinish the tennis courts at Winstead Park. I went over and talked to them to find out if there was anything they could do about the noise; we have been completely unable to use our yard during the duration they have been there. We were treated in an unprofessional, uncooperative manner. I’m hoping on Monday you can reach these folks, it was Hella’s Sports Finishing according to the logo on their vehicle, and discuss with them courtesy and proper cooperation with the noise abatement laws in the City of Boise. Thank you.

Glenn Miles
1306 N. 26th
Boise, ID 83702
Misc: Forgive my sarcasm, but for the sixth week in a row, a Honda Civic, green has been parked out on the junction of 26th and Ellis. Now we have seen vehicles repeatedly, usually with illicit license plates, sometimes with Canyon County, in which they have obsolete recordings on their decal. They’re using the church population and the attendance between Masses as a cover. The other cover they’re using as they go down the back alleys in the morning delivering their little drugs, particularly on those back alleys that are paved rather than having to go through the bump, bump, bump of the regular street. Now so help me, the City Council has got to start acting pro-actively. I’ve got my “Eberle for City Council” sign out in the front yard, and we’ve been paying taxes since 1943, and the drug trafficking is within a line of sight to both Lowell School and St. Mary’s. Now the City Council needs to wake up. This is a question of doing your duty and making sure that the police force is doing its duty and not people who work for EMT and looking at the records of somebody who has been deceased and has called for an emergency vehicle then going out and hitting those houses. I would like a letter from the President of the City Council, Elaine Clegg, and I would like a letter from the Mayor, and I would like them to know that the city of police is getting enough heat on them that they stop this drug activity. Being propositioned by one of the contractors in the area, asking if I wanted to buy drugs from somebody that he has hired to work on a roof, is not my idea of a greater neighborhood. Now that there is a city election coming along, will you guys kindly get with the program and turn the heat up on the druggers. Thank you very much.

Nancy Little
421 S. Latah
Boise, ID 83705
Neighborhood Association: I have a comment on the Depot Bench Neighborhood Association Legal Ad in the paper. You will meet on Tuesday; I have a problem that will not allow me to do meetings any longer. My kidneys do not function like they should. I will not allow being included in that association. I have a right according to the constitution, of imminent domain. They may not include me in this or any other association without my signature. I would appreciate you stopping people who are making power grabs. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted
She doesn’t want to belong and wants protected from the Assoc.

Kate Suza
8840 W. Duck Lake Dr.
Garden City, ID 83714
Airport: I just arrived at the Boise Airport at 11:30 p.m. on Northwest Airlines from Minneapolis and our flight was on time, it’s been on the ground for 45 minutes and the baggage has yet to come off. We were told by the airlines that this is the city’s problem not the airlines, that they don’t staff the airport this late at night. Let me tell you, it’s pretty bad PR for the city when you arrive at a beautiful airport, but you leave very upset because you’ve been waiting so long for your luggage to show up. I contacted airport operations they said some airlines, Northwest being one of them, don’t have a lot of traffic so they band together with several other airlines and contract out the services. However Boise has the worst baggage wait time of any airline in America. La Guardia, which has 50 times the business gets luggage unloaded, in 10 minutes. I have many business associates that fly to Boise and refuse to check their luggage because this always happens.
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. oh my!

    elk, bears and raccoons — you would think that we lived in Idaho!

    shakes head


  2. I’m TOTALLY sympathetic to Ryan Fisher, who made Depot reservations 6 months ago. I’m guessing if he got an attorney, he could prevail in a breach-of-contract suit.

  3. Do you really think it’s a good idea to display the addresses and full names of the people?

    EDITOR NOTE–That is their choice. We delete phone numbers. With similar names etc. is eliminates confusion. If they testify at a meeting they have to give their names and the hotline is a public record.

  4. Mike Murphy, Bull Moose Tenor
    Oct 2, 2007, 9:58 am

    Dear Mr. Miles of N 26th,

    I faced a similar problem about 8 years ago. The BPD and School Resource Officer would do absolutely nothing about it, despite hard evidence of a meth’ lab across the street from a high school.

    A Certified Letter/Return Receipt (CC’d to then Mayor Coles, and both U.S. Senators) to both the FBI and US Marshal’s Service asking for help under FEDERAL Drug Laws (I.E. within a school zone) resulted in a visit by the Fed’s to the landlord in question, and VIOLA!… Problem solved in DAYS.

    Much like if you want in-depth reporting on Idaho issues you need to pick-up a copy of the New York Times (New Yorkers aren’t afraid to piss people off), you can no longer count on local authorities to solve local problems!

    Knowledge is Power!

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