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Liars And Perverts Are Usually Forgiven


Larry Craig and the people who want to place him in the Idaho Hall of Fame cheapen the “honor” for all who follow.

Sandy Berger, who stole highly classified documents from the National Archives, and lied to investigators, is now an adviser to presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. News reports say his security clearance has been suspended until September 2008…if a guy will lie and steal from his government should NOT have a security clearance.

Former Boise Mayor Brent Coles is featured on the cover of a local slick magazine which pretty much blames good journalists “seeking ratings” as the reason for his demise. He is off probation for his crimes and is trying to reinvent himself by telling a reporter he made a mistake: he should have fired some of those on his staff!!

Atlantic City Mayor Robert Levy has disappeared and is expected to resign after getting caught falsifying military records and taking a pension he apparently did not deserve.

Look at Barry Bonds and his steroid induced home run record–Mickey, the Babe and Hank hardly compare.

Then there is the betrayal of track star and liar Marion Jones who got religion of some sort and returned her ill gotten Olympic medals after the steroid use became public.

Not to be outdone, Floyd Landis has lost his 2006 Tour de France bicycling title as organizers of the event no longer consider him the winner–another doping victim.

Canyon County was in disarray over paying the prosecutor’s son for more than a year to not work after kiddy porn pictures were apparently found on his computer.

There are almost daily reports of “attempted child enticement” acts throughout the valley as children flee motorists offering them rides.

Even the Boy Scouts of America seek to cover up a history of abuse of two dozen kids by a Scout Leader. It happened in Idaho Falls and the scouting organization got the records sealed.

Catholic Churches are spending millions defending perverted priests and settling decades of abuse charges.

Britney Spears is featured nightly on TV doing something outrageous to her children or cavorting in a drug induced stupor.

All these high profile people have one thing in common: They are NOT victims. They have brought fame and shame upon themselves and made it just a little harder for decent people to have faith in sports, government, politics, religion, or their fellow man.

It is nice to “forgive,” but in most of these cases the bad guys are repeat offenders, were previously caught, yet there are many who tolerate and excuse such acts.

We are a city, county, state, and nation in dire need of HONEST leaders at all levels.

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  1. sam the sham
    Oct 8, 2007, 9:23 pm

    Rename it Idaho Hall of Infamy. That will take care of the problem. Call it as it really is – once Mr. Wide Stance is inducted. However, his name could be changed to just Larry the Liar.

  2. Amen, Amen, Amen

  3. Right_on_Boise
    Oct 9, 2007, 9:38 am

    Amen as well!!
    But don’t forget the biggest LIAR & PERVERT of all time “Bill Clinton” who to this day people look the other way, as well as being praised by the left? & is now helping his wife? or whatever he – sorry, she is, to get elected. Some American people think this is OK! When will the people be disgusted with all the wrong & start looking to people with high morals & standards again?

  4. honest leaders are not electable. Too many deals need to be made to get elected.

  5. Absolutely right on including comments 1-3.

    And let’s not forget the latest “victim” Debora Teel, Borah HS special ed assistant who usurped a parental right by taking a kid to the doctor, getting prescriptions for him and shipping him off to Vegas – all without the parent knowing. And who has been on PAID leave since Aug 30,2007. And whom apparently there was no knowledge of at the District level until recently. Let’s see if the Boise District can beat the paid leave total of the Canyon Co’s prosecutor’s son.

  6. Amazing isn’t it, what is “news” — and it is not jsut the faux news channel anymore, but instead more and more in the main stream media.

    I am AMAZED at how many times I have heard (even in my own living room!) Well good for Jones, maybe with her courage, it will help the entire “industry” of drugs with athletes.

    See if I continue to comment on this, it will become a rant reply to a rant so hmm

    Yes I agree.


  7. The world is full of scoundrels and buffoons but for some reason, people have a much easier time discussing them than the leaders who are honest, effective and committed to doing the right thing. Yes, there are plenty of them out there. You just don’t hear about them.

    All things considered, this country is in pretty good shape, even with the sensationsal misdeeds of a few. Most of us have jobs, live in safety, are well fed, want for little and have enough disposable time and income to debate on message boards. Certainly, some people must be doing something right.

    Not to rain on your angry parade, but who are the people we can look to as models? I don’t think this will be nearly as fun and easy to debate as the rotten apples, but it’s the other side of an important discussion.

  8. Thank you Wonk Vader. I agree with your assessment about the overall shape of the country. I believe that result is in spite of many of our leaders and clearly at odds with the comments of most bloggers, here and elsewhere. We sometimes forget how lucky we are and instead focus on other’s errors or character flaws. Thanks for making my day…now I can go home and kiss my wife…

  9. right_on_boise
    Oct 10, 2007, 9:13 am

    Wonk Vader & Tom Ryder,

    I agree with you 100% – I would like the “drive by media” to help with the positive & let all americans know that all is not lost & we have alot to be thankful for! President Bush has kept us safe, fat & happy, Thank you President Bush!

    Billy Graham has let us know of the good news for decades, Rush Limbaugh who has helped us with the political truth, and all the oridinary people who on a daily basis show that their is way more good in this world than evil. GOD Bless

  10. Thank you, Wonk and Tom.

  11. G-Man, you really shouldn’t be so open and invite people to preach. Wonk and Ryder brought out the rest of the “know nothing party”–we know nothing and it is great! Tell us the truth and we are unhappy.

    Now we have GW and Billy Graham discussed as role models at the same time!!

  12. Actually, Mr. Colic, far from promoting knowing nothing, I invited people here to state who are the good leaders that do their part in holding this country together, so we could all become better informed. So far, you haven’t contributed anything to that discussion – but I’m sure you could come up with a list of people you don’t like.

  13. G-man,
    Way to wind up the whine machine. News a bit slow? You really brought out the Idaho intellectual elite with this one. Too bad the majority of posers on this site don’t have the gumption to get out and expose the daily corruption all around them and actually do some investigative work.

    Oh yeah, work might be involved, I forgot, it’s way easier to rant, complain and whine. What most folks don’t get is the media feeds us the juicy raw meat stories so we forget about what is really happening. Folks these stories have always happened and always will. Nothing is new here, this suff and worse has always happened. Pick up a history book, try reading.

    G-man hope you will refrain from pandering to the pathetic bloggers who surfaced for this bait, by posting articles like this.

  14. right_on_boise
    Oct 10, 2007, 4:01 pm


    No one wants to hear from you-“pathetic blogger”
    Let the people with good news speak.


  15. Who are you people? ROB, Bush has kept us safe fat and happy? You checked the treasury recently? While you were blogging he emptied it, mortagaged your kids’ future to the Chinese and created 2 billion enemies for them to fight. We’re embroiled in a quagmire he lied to get us in, spent a half trillion of money we don’t have, and now refuses to leave despite the wishes of an overwhelming majority of Americans.

    Limbaugh is the purveyor of political truth? I’m going to vomit. You unabashedly get your news from a guy who carries bottles of viagra to a third world country. You think he’s going down there to engage in the family values he advocates in our political leaders? He lies to get prescription drugs and then blames Democrats and Clinton for his addiction. Yeah another victim. That duplicity and your willingness to overlook it makes me sick. At least you’re consistent with his tactics in blaming Clinton for everything wrong in the world.

    Wonk, what is your point? That we’re not dead yet? Or are you yet another apologist for the right wing and their policies when they turn horribly and predictably sour. Is it your contention that everything is fine in Iraq? That 4000 servicemen dead, a hundred thousand Iraqi dead and a million plus refugee problem can be conveiently ignored? That in the grander scheme of things everything in our personal lives is okey dokey so we shouldn’t investigate the mass of misinformation that led to a collossal mistake that you and I really can’t do anything about anyway? Bah! Its that kind of ostrich type mentality that got us in this pickle. We need more personal responsibility not less which I think was the point of the post. Knowledge is power and I for one plan on living a life armed with it rather than relegate myself to the impotent future you and the other sheep so willingly embrace.

  16. How about Rick Yzaguirre’s “use” of state taxes to keep his business afloat.


    Team Dave’s insistence that their ethics policy caught the poop farm felon.

  17. Grumpy ole man
    Oct 11, 2007, 11:54 pm

    OK, my rant. Have you noticed that the Larry Craig story has been turned by some into condeming him as a pedophile and / or a prevert? As it happens gay men are only very rarely either of these things. Those attacking the (very unlamented Senator) seem to do so for many of the wrong reasons. It really isn’t that their young sons aren’t safe in restrooms with the likes of Craig, it IS that the COUNTRY isn’t safe in the hands of the likes of Craig and his myopic me-firstistic attitudes of paying his owners and keepers with the sweet deals while the public can go and be hanged.

  18. Times are just crazy right now.

    Commenting on Bill Clinton.
    It appears some don’t care for him.

    Well I really do not care for Monica Lewiskey.
    Her goal was to bring down a President.

    Larry Craig hires Monica’s Lawyer or Publist’s?

    On Billy Graham, he stated just 3 words his whole professional life.


    Well are ya?

    I added that!!!!!

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