C Of I Grant No Factor To CWI

When the Albertson Foundation ponied up $50 mill to the College of Idaho and apparently endorsed dropping the family name off the college letterhead, at least one GUARDIAN reader voiced concern about the future of the new College of WESTERN IDAHO Community College.

We did some checking and were assured by both the Albertson Foundation and the College of Western Idaho–the still in the womb community college–that all is well and the new baby will be born next fall, despite the big gift to C of I.

At issue for our reader was $10 million the Albertson folks had pledged as start up money for CWI. Albertson Executive Director Lori Fisher said they are still good for the pledge, but the folks at the new school have a bunch of “budget issues” they need to get settled before the check is cut.

Acting Pres. Dennis Griffin told the GUARDIAN the new baby will be nursing at the breast of BSU for a while, but will be weaned as soon as the institution gets accreditation–without it students can’t transfer credits to other institutions of higher learning.

The GUARDIAN questioned some aspects of the financial relationship with BSU–like paying rent on buildings already publicly owned–and we were told those matters are being addressed at the “highest levels.” Griffin told us BSU has been “very good” about allowing the newborn child to develop on its own, even though the umbilical cord is yet uncut.

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  1. sam the sham
    Oct 13, 2007, 9:09 am

    It is my understanding that this so called “new college” is just BSU getting rid of their old “technical” college ie Selander, so they can have more space for deeper thinking – or for their football department, whichever helps them most.

    So this new college being helped along by BSU is just really BSU getting ready to eject an old part of itself….the old shop department if you will.

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    Oct 13, 2007, 11:22 pm

    The State “charges” some of its agencies rent for the building / space which they occupy, even if the State owns the building / land in and on which the State Agency is housed. Now, that’s weird!!

    Also Sam, it isn’t Selander, but Selland, after Larry Selland, former Dean of the Technical College and much respected BSU Administator. Glenn Selander is a retired BSU English professor and Boise City Council member.

    EDITOR NOTE–Two well known, but apaprently not well identified men. The GUARDIAN missed the reference as well. Our thanks to Grumpy.

  3. Hmmm – this is concerning. So, what are the budgeting issues? I’d like to know. Can someone on the CC board clarify?? So, is the Albertson’s Foundation holding back the money?

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