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Arlen Potts
10921 Montana Ave.
Boise, ID 83713
JD Park towing: I’m calling in regards to the towing of BSU tailgaters from Julia Davis Park. It seems to me that the Parks Department has gutted the citizens of Boise again and I’m not sure how much more of this kind of action must take place before there’s an uprising to the Parks Department. Why does the Mayor’s office stand for this kind of abuse from the Parks Department? It just blows me away. Actually I’m a concerned citizen. Thanks.

Recycling: A suggestion please for the Mayor and City Council. We are the City of Trees or so they tell me. It sure would be nice if we could have a program in this city that would run year around where yard waste, tree trimmings, etc. etc., could be picked up curb side and taken obviously to a place where they would be beneficial, as opposed to being put into our dump. I’m not necessarily saying it would have to be every week, but maybe once a month if we could have a pickup similar to the curbside leaf collection that we have in November. I know how many people in my neighborhood alone trim trees and branches, and I see them out at the curb and they’re going into the dump. It sure would be great if the Mayor would spend some of that surplus that we’re all paying and do something to beef up the recycling program in the city and expand it. Thank you very much.

BPD: I’m a Boise State fan and I’ve been hearing all the things that people have been going through just tailgating, having fun, and not causing any problems. Now the Boise Police Department is harassing everybody. People have been tailgating for 20 years and nothing like this has happened. This is really terrible and is a bad thing for Boise. City cops are really getting a bad reputation; people are up in arms about this and something has got to be done. Thank you.

Stillman Anderson
11337 Aldershot Dr.
Brookhollow Subdivision
BPD: I’m calling this morning to offer you and the City Council, as well as the Boise City Police Department, a way to make money without having to do a lot of cold calling to houses begging for money. You have a very, very lucrative opportunity on Aldershot Dr. in the Brookhollow Subdivision, as well as the Rivendell Subdivision and also on Brontein the Rivendell Subdivision, and you could also add Amaia to that, if you would have your police out there in the morning starting at about 6:00 in the morning until 7:30 – 8:00 a.m., and also in the afternoon at about 3:00 – 4:30. Actually if you extended it to 6:00 you would pick up a lot more speeders. This is when we have the traffic problems. As far as additional traffic, that’s no big deal, but when they’re going through doing 30 and 40 miles an hour, and using Aldershot as a race or speed track, you really could make some money if you would get the police out there during those times. I just left the house and I had to stop because there was a car coming around and he was not doing 20 miles an hour, because when he hit the bump at Aldershot coming off of Wickham Fenn, his car bounced, so I know he wasn’t doing 20. So, if you really want to make some money for the Police Department that might be a good place to put some police in the morning and the afternoon.

Scott McGavin
Skateboards: I recently learned that there is an infraction for skateboarding in the Boise city limits that is treated as a misdemeanor for a first-time offense. This is something that very much concerns me as I know that skating in a “No Skate” zone can be an accident; and certain for a first offense to have this become a criminal record type of issue does not seem like the kind of message that we want to send to our youth, that they’re bad people and they’re criminals if they make a mistake. I think a new way of doing it should be considered such as maybe giving some warnings. Certainly it can be a problem if it’s abused, but I don’t think that every case is one of abuse and I think that a warning system with minor infractions for repeat offenses is probably a more appropriate way of using our tax dollars in treating our youth. I would like this to be considered by the Mayor.

JD Park Towing: This message is for the Mayor’s Office and the City Council. This is over the vehicle towing in the park by Bronco Stadium. I understand there were a lot of cars towed away and from what I hear and in talking to the Parks Department, this was a lady in the Parks Department who made this decision to have cars towed off. Besides being expensive, this has never been done before. Games don’t usually last this late and a lot of people got their vehicles towed and they were stranded sitting out there late at night. They have towing expenses and cab expenses. They had plenty of time if they were going to enforce this rule during games at that particular park to notify people, to put notes on the cars that are parked there. There was no fight, no argument, no hassle or anything; it was just that somebody at the Parks Department took it upon themselves to do this. I had called that Department and they told me that all she is doing is obeying the City Council and the Mayor’s Office.

Nobody from City Council, as I understand, authorized any of this. This lady took it on her own to authorize this herself. Boise State does a lot for this community; ESPN was here; we got a lot of good publicity and it seems like somebody in the Parks Department has an attitude about Boise State football games when nothing was disturbed. She was complaining about the cans being filled with garbage; they put the stuff in the cans they were not throwing it on the ground. I don’t understand what the big problem is over there; this only happens so many times a year especially with late games. This game was late because of overtimes; I’ve been a season ticket holder for BSU and my car was not involved in the towing, but I have heard from a lot of people.

A lot of people are upset; there are 30 some thousand Bronco fans and on Paul J’s program on the radio a lot of people are really upset and want to clean house in the Mayor’s office and everybody else who has anything to do with it. There are 30,000 voting people out there in that stadium and this is sure not a way to make friends. If you close that off, then you’ve got parking problems. The person at the Parks Department told me that it wasn’t the city’s responsibility to worry about BSU parking. Well that’s a real poor attitude for a paid official in the Parks Department; they need to lose their job. Somebody from the Mayor’s office or someone needs to get out and talk about or put this on because this is all being dumped in his office.

Roy Lee Ray Snider
3105 Cherry Ln.
Boise, ID 83705
Safari Park: I’m calling today to talk to the City Council, the Mayor, and the individuals who run the Boise Zoo. I’m calling once again to restate the importance of a secondary zoo, perhaps what might be called a wild animal park or something that can house some of these animals in a larger venue. It would provide two great options; you would have the cute little zoo downtown then you would have a wild animal park. I would encourage you, encourage you to contact the San Diego Zoo and get information as much as possible on how they do it. I think we could call it the World Famous Boise, Idaho Animal Park and I think that we can use some great promotional ideas to get the point through. I understand that the zoo has received a sum of money, and I would like to encourage that sum of money to be used to purchase the land, a multi-thousand acre property that is within 30 miles at the extreme. I believe here in Boise there are plenty of locations where we could purchase thousands of acres within 5 or 10 minutes from downtown Boise. I think this is going to be an important venture for Boise. We have so many tourists coming in, and this will allow one more revenue of taxes to be paid by people coming into our state and city. I know, for example, when you buy a zoo pass at San Diego Park, if you purchase a family pack, you also get access to the animal park, and that’s what I’m encouraging we do here. We could do something on the line of the 49th parallel, animals that are accustomed to the space in which we live, maybe geographically around the globe on the same parallel. In addition I think once the larger animals, the giraffes, zebras, because of the larger areas, you’re going to have a great breeding opportunity. That’s going to grow the zoo tremendously because once every year you have four or five new babies coming from the existing species; after 10 years that’s a substantial amount of animals. The key here is, the downtown zoo is cute, quaint, and very adorable, but to be totally honest you would need the entire Julia Davis Park and something more if you’re ever going to have a responsible zoo that has the animals in a humane environment where they can breed, run, jump, etc. I think there are many people here in Boise who would donate to a land purchase and/or an understanding that we’re going to increase the size of the zoo by buying thousands and thousands of acres. This would be one more opportunity to create revenue for the city that would provide an income that would eventually pay for itself, and after it’s done paying for itself, that’s going to be revenue for the city, state, and/or zoo. I really hope that you will take this with great understanding and the excitement it could create for the zoo itself and for the new animal park. I think the section between Mountain Home and Boise is going to be such a growth area in the next 20 years, and it would be a great chance to get land. Understand that between Ontario and Mountain Home, it’s going to be totally filled with houses and people. If there’s anything more that you would like to talk to me about this, I would be available most any time.

Joel Cruiz
Community Benefits
We are putting on a show at Boise High School this Saturday and they informed us that we needed to have two police officers as security. We don’t have anything in our budget to pay for those, so we were wondering if the After 3 program has some way we can get time donated from the Police Department to provide security for this youth event this Saturday. Please call me back.
Action Taken: called Pete Ritter to contact him

Linda Marins
1138 S. Hilton
St. Lights: I’m so sorry that the citizens of Boise have to put up with graffiti. I’m putting up with a murder and three attempted murders within a block or less than a block from my home and I’m very, very concerned about it. Continually the street lights are missing in this neighborhood. I don’t know who is responsible for putting them up, but they’re out a lot. That might help the police and everyone else, and I would like to know what’s being done. I’m very pleased to know that the shooter was found for those three young men who were shot on Security Lane, but the murder in Hillcrest Shopping Center is just too much. I want to know what’s being done. Please call me. I want to know about the street lights; I want to know about the patrols that have been beefed up; I want to know what can be done. This neighborhood is neglected like so many others and the people who live in wealthy neighborhoods get everything taken care of. I need to be called after 3:30 in the afternoon. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted w/ info

Roy Duggins
JD Park Towing: I’m a loyal supporter of yours. I just wanted to voice my opposition to the city Parks Department towing all those poor folks’ vehicles that went to the Boise State game. They said in the paper it was before 11:00 that they had to be out and the game was over at 10:10 p.m. and when the people got to their vehicles, they had been towed away. I used to park there all the time myself, come early and stay there until the game was over, then I would take my vehicle home. I can’t believe that the city, under your direction, would allow that to happen since you are so conscious of how the folks in this area are treated. I know it’s not you doing it, but maybe you could lift a hand and stop that action on the night of a Boise State game. I would appreciate it, and I am one of your loyal supporters.

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  1. A meeting has been scheduled for ANNEXATION REFORM!!

    Citizen voices ARE needed!

    SENATE AD HOC LAND USE PLANNING MEETING Scheduled for Thursday, October 25th at 12:30 at the OLD Court House, #117 Boise.

  2. sam the sham
    Oct 24, 2007, 6:50 pm

    Perhaps the tailgaters need to learn to READ and follow the posted laws. Any one who can read when they park their tailgating party rigs, would notice that the signs in Juliea Davis Park warn people that there is a time limit to using the park as a parking lot. Or do the tailgaters just think that they are above the law? Obviously Roy does (or he just cannot read).

    I support JD Towing in this matter. It’s good to know that the laws are for everyone, even BSU tailgaters. Too bad that the Boise Cops turn a blind eye to tailgaters taking up parking spots. Their blindness does not lend itself to others.

    I am amazed that more tailgaters are not hauled off. They park their party vans in the park and the street a day or two before the games making it impossible for students to park on the street – (BSU does have students taking classes, people!)
    Then BSU kicks the students, who have paid for their parking, out of the student parking the day of the game, so that fans can park for free.

  3. I agree with Sam above. Park rules are posted. They could have waited an extra hour for a game night though since this was so obvious where every driver was. I live near BSU and the fan parking has been out of control for years. There should be a happy medium here.

    EDITOR NOTE–Seems they have plenty of cash for stadium expansion, luxury boxes, indoor practice field, but nothing for parking.

  4. Mike Murphy, Bull Moose Tenor
    Oct 26, 2007, 9:13 am


    Don’t ignore Parking Signs and/or Damage Public Property (Park Grass is made for Playing, NOT Parking) and your vehicle will probably be waiting for you where you parked it.

    We are Very Fortunate to Have a Parks & Rec’ Department of Such High Calibre, and They Don’t Deserve Being Skewered Because a Few Knuckleheads Had Their Vehicles Towed.

    As Far as the BPD Storm Troopin’ Tailgater’s…

    Forgive Me, But… Wasn’t it MUCH More Civil (Jovial Even) When The Ada County Sheriff’s Deputies were the Campus Cops at BSU?!?

    Lowest Bidder. Wasn’t That the Reason BSU Switched to the BPD for Campus Cops?

    Well… They Say You Get What Ya Pay For.

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