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The GUARDIAN editor is working in Mexico at the moment–voted absentee prior to departure.

We have had several requests to urge people to vote and this just came in.

“It is too bad more mention is not made of the fact that you can get the list of
campaign contributions off the city site. With all the concern about growth,
pollution, traffic and such, it is notable that many contractors, realtors, and out
of state entities are supporting the incumbents with large donations.”

You can link by clicking CITY PAYOFFS at right. If that doesn´t work try the city link and work through the clerk´s pages. It is kind of rough with PDF files, but the info can be found.

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  1. When ya’ll see those great big ads in the “rag” this weekend praising the job Bieter’s done with the “Arts” just remember most of that money comes from Sun Valley / Hailey. Glad to know they are SO interested in our election. But I have to wonder why?

  2. Damn! We’ve even outsourced the Guardian to Mexico?

  3. Grumpy ole guy
    Nov 2, 2007, 9:44 pm

    The nature of conservatism is to be wary of change, so it is no surprise that incumbency attracts more contributions that do challengers. Please note the use of the lower case “c” in conservatism. Change is just plain old scary to those who have money invested in a place or concept.

    But, thanks for the link, it is fun to try to follow the money. Wish it were easier to know the “who” behind the “what”.

  4. right_on_boise
    Nov 3, 2007, 8:46 am

    Imagine That!!

  5. This link will get the 2007 results thus far..Why do people in other states care about our election?? Hidden motives??

  6. I find it humorous that Vern Bisterfeld gave BOTH Tibbs and Bieter $300.00. I guess he wants to cover all his bases.

    EDITOR NOTE–Wisdom from the GUARDIAN says Vern has a fair amount of cash in his political war chest and has no plans to run again.

    He can dole it out as he sees fit and he would tell you, both candidates are friends of his and he respects them both. Ask the homeless guy with a new winter coat if Vern expected anything in return. There is a lot below the surface that exceeds politics on that one.

  7. shealyisnottheantichrist
    Nov 4, 2007, 4:43 am

    I plan to vote against everyone who is seated simply because I do not like the direction we are going.

    If only Ron Paul were running for mayor.

  8. Here, here! I’m the same…OUT with the old and in with the NEW! The old Council clearly DOES NOT care for Boise’s citizens…albeit, they do care for the citizen’s money! Do you think the Developers who give gifts to our Council will ever come clean?

  9. So – who does the Guardian endorse? It’s easy to complain about people if you haven’t stuck your neck out to pick someone….

    EDITOR NOTE–Nice try. We have established a policy of not endorsing anyone. We whack them all if they need it, but really try not to play favorites. If you like what you have, vote incumbents, if not try another flavor. The Daily Paper did a nice round up and Katie Kreller did an especially insightful piece on the Bieter-Tibbs contest.


  10. I thought it was VERY SLEEZY that the mayor just happened to send out a “survey” on public saftey a week before the election. He even hired a “consultant” – Most likely even used TAX PAYER money to do it.

    It is time for these guys to go.

    It was also a joke about how the Statesman handled the “voter guide”. They did a great job of saying that several “did not respond” yet they never sent out a “voter guide” survey.

  11. The voter guide was e-mailed at 9 in the morning with the statement that they needed the response from the candidates by 11. (They said they “forgot” to mail it.)Sleezy doesn’t quite cover it. Now let’s ask just when the decision was made to close some polling places for today’s election and when was the public notified?
    This is getting WAY past having an aroma and is starting to really stink!

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