Motivation For Special Olympics?

With the President of the United States (and enough congressmen to prevent a veto override) against putting up Federal money for the 2009 Winter Special Olympics in Idaho, the future looks anything but bright.

The event has been touted as a “profit center” for Idaho and that doesn’t sit well with the GUARDIAN. If memory serves us, promoters claim the cost of the games for people with special needs would cost about $28 million, but they forecast it would bring in $40 million to the local economy.

We seriously doubt those figures. Regardless of the numbers, the reason for anyone to host such an event should be because you have the ability to do it–in terms of finances, facilities, and dedication. We seriously doubt the Special Olympics dumps much cash into local economies. Hosting the games should be a humanitarian gesture–not a financial incentive to profit from handicapped athletes.

Places like Lake Placid, Salt Lake and other former Olympic Winter Games venues would make a lot more sense. They have existing facilities and experience dealing with events, crowds, and transportation.

The real proof will come if the games ultimately end up in another location. If local supporters continue their financial assistance–regardless of the venue– they will bring as much honor to our city and state as they would holding the games here.

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  1. BG,

    The profit motive is the only way to get a “community” to act behind any such event of such magnitude these days. Otherwise the NOMBA (Not out of my bank account 🙂 ) crowd raise so much stink, such worthy events would never get done.

    To think otherwise is naive and putting to much credit in the general public and not enough understanding of the vocal (and Bah-Humbugish) minority.

  2. shealyisnottheantichrist
    Nov 16, 2007, 7:38 pm

    $28 million is a lot of money. Will we be building structures that we actually want and will use long term?

    Boise is fiscally conservative, but there are a lot of compassionate, hard working people here as well.

    The goals of wise money management and compassionate conservatism can be accomplished at the same time.

    For instance, how many people and churches from the Treasure Valley assisted after Katrina, by going there, giving money and supplies, and helping people resettle here?

    If we could only clone Bob Kustra, it could happen. This kind of thing needs a leader who can draw all kinds of people together to get the job done, not just a bunch of rich people from Sun Valley.

  3. Dave…have you every dreamed about anything? Have you every extended your energy and efforts into accomplishing anything that expands rather than things that contract or limit?

    It is through the dreamers and the do’ers that we expand and brighten our horizons and grow. I would encourage you to explore the flip side once in a while. Who knows…with a few more dreamers, maybe we will even get a much needed parking garage built at BOI. Oh, wait, you crushed that dream already. Never mind.

    EDITOR NOTE–Your remarks should be directed to The president of the United States and Bill Sali, your congressman–THEY voted against spending for the Special Olympics. We freely admit questioning the motives. Is it to benefit the local economy or to truly sponsor an event for people with special needs?

    As for the airport parking, Team Dave will soon put it before the people in a a legal manner that complies with the Idaho Constitution. I am told the proposal will be an honest request and not a cover to use public money to benefit private business (like the rental car companies). I will probably support it. I hope your message was not one of blind loyalty to “good causes.” Those causes often have hidden agendas.

  4. All this is for naught! We all know that the 8 million will arrive, albeit in a diffrent form. The current “posturing” is simply for political advantage.
    Guardian, embarrasing as he may be, he is still your congressman too.

    EDITOR NOTE–I honestly live in the Simpson district and fortunately I don’t mean Bart.

  5. I’m with Dave on this one. Why should taxypayer money be spent on a “special” olympics? Those of you who are altruistic and can afford to be, go ahead, donate to your heart’s content. Meanwhile, college education continues to be priced beyond the reach of many people.

  6. Looks like the special olympics is allot like a rail system…..without the feds funding the deal we get soaked and a very very few profit.

    No tax payer money should be spent on the olympics.

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