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Team Dave To Get Handler

Boise’s mayor and two city councilors recently got reelected, but apparently they aren’t up to the job.

Now they are looking for someone to do what elected leaders in other Idaho cities do as part of their jobs… like maintain relationships with state and federal agencies and elected officials.

Within the past year Team Dave and Council hired a lobbyist along with a consulting firm to tell the state and fed lawmakers what the city lawmakers want. Now they are looking for a guy to “coordinate the efforts” of the people who do their bidding. Do any of these people ever talk to each other?

Based on the job description it is not unfair to say the following job description sounds a lot like what a mayor SHOULD be doing. Word on the street has the job going to long time Democrat operative Ryan Hill, who just happened to manage Bieter’s recent political campaign. If Hill is hired he will likely be known as a FULL TIME HANDLER. They are going through the application process just the same.

Here is the official job description:

“Position will manage a wide range of activities associated with the City of Boise’s ongoing relationship with state, federal and other local government agencies. Position will develop ongoing programs to facilitate interaction and build partnerships between the Mayor/City Council/city departments and the state Legislature and state agencies; Congress and federal agencies; other county, city, and regional government officials; public school districts and higher-education institutions; and quasi-governmental entities such as utilities. Position will answer to the Assistant to the Mayor for Administration but will work closely with all City departments, members of the City Council, and the City’s contract intergovernmental relations firms to ensure a coherent, productive strategy that benefits the citizens of Boise.”
–Directs development of City’s legislative agenda at the state and federal levels, working with the Mayor, City Council and City departments to generate priorities and coordinate efforts.
–Develops and directs a program for maintaining regular, productive contact with legislative and political leaders, and coordinates staff efforts to fulfill the City’s legislative objectives.
–Identifies opportunities for collaboration with governmental entities at every level and formulates recommendations for those partnerships to positive fruition.
–Works for early recognition and resolution of conflicting agendas between the City and other governmental jurisdictions.
–Advises the Mayor, Council and City departments on relevant legislation, policies and budget decisions, particularly when such decisions hold direct implications, positive or negative, for City services and the citizens who depend on them.
–Maintains direct and frequent contact with the City’s contract intergovernmental relations firms at the Idaho Statehouse and in Washington, D.C., working with those firms to develop and respond to legislation of direct concern to the City of Boise.
–Coordinates special projects at the direction of the Mayor.
–Reports back regularly to the Mayor, City Council and departments on all aspects of intergovernmental affairs.

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  1. Aw, you’re just jealous cuz you ain’t rich enough to hire flunkies to do all your work for you so you could claim credit for anything good they do and deny responsibility for anything bad they do.
    Isn’t that the reason pols and various execs hire assistants?

  2. FYI, from this morning’s Statesman:

  3. Mike Murphy, Bull Moose Tenor
    Nov 29, 2007, 5:19 pm

    Had not an untimely death put the kabash on my brief Mayoral Bid and Hell had Frozen Over, I don’t think I could’ve mucked things up any worse around here if I were Drunk, Stoned and TRYING to!

  4. This must be part of the cities growth plan,
    more houses, more city goverment.
    interesting how the city has the money for these

  5. Well, isn’t that just special! Now, instead of the legislature kinda smiling at Beiter and telling him ” we’ll get back to you”, they can look at Mr. Hill and tell him “go tell your boss to pound sand!!”
    Damn! I am glad I supported Tibbs!!

  6. costaprettypenny
    Nov 29, 2007, 11:58 pm

    Whew, now its a tie between Rod Beck and his flock of 70, Dennis Mansfield’s prisoners for profit and Team Dave’s Team! If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

  7. We pay folks to talk to us on behalf of elected and appointed officials. I guess it’s not much of a stretch to pay someone to talk to help them talk to each other. “My people will call your people.”

  8. right_on_boise
    Nov 30, 2007, 8:51 am

    You get what you vote for! or what you don’t vote for!

    Looking forward to 4 more years of Team Dave in action. I’m sure it will be a weekly horror show!

  9. Rod in SE Boise
    Dec 4, 2007, 1:30 pm

    You should all know that 100% of those who voted in the recent Boise City elections for Mayor and several City Council members, voted FOR more growth (and in particular for wide-open, un-restricted growth), regardless of who (or whom) they voted for. In other words, the voters were not offered any choice.

    The population of Boise and the surrounding area will continue to grow, the budget and size of city government will continue to grow, and your property taxes will continue to increase. And if the elitist governing class has its way, your sales tax will continue to increase (in the form of a local option sales tax for mass transit). And the voters were not offered any choice at all, so there is nothing we can do about it.

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